Prepositions used with "consumer"

"of consumer", "to consumer" or "for consumer"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases consumer of is used

I enjoy the lack of consumer distraction.

There should be 50% of consumers participation.

There should be 50% of consumers participation.

An excellent hold ought to be particular about the level of consumer they already have.

He started 1967 to work in KF, the Federation of Consumer Cooperatives as an economist.

Another example of changes in the equilibrium point is in the changes of consumer's income.

To develop economy fairly is the most basic safeguard for the interests of consumers, and the most insurance way.

The last MasterCard Index of Consumer Confidence showed an improvement in sentiment for only 5 out of the 14 markets.

And in the situationism of Guy Debord and others, we have to wake up from the sugar-coated spell of consumer society.

The vast majority of consumers find that getting out of debt is about more than just paying back bills that are owed.

In 19% of cases consumer to is used

They make money by selling shoes to consumers.

This does reduce the options available to consumers.

This does reduce the options available to consumers.

Where markets are accountable and more responsive to consumer's needs and interests.

What Type of Loan Do You Need? There are many types of loans available to consumers.

I've inform them I'll go to consumer forum and court then also no reply from any one.

What will that do to consumer confidence? The exchanges between MBC and Wes George at #2 hit the nail on the head.

Coming close to the upper limit of even the lowest rate -- for hydro -- would feed into higher rates to consumers.

The MSM response is to lash out at those it has so far failed to corrupt by reducing them from citizen to consumer.

The categories describe four different ways in which the WWW can be used to market goods and services to consumers.

In 18% of cases consumer for is used

Not only in a business sense, but it's good for consumers too.

Check with the local Better Business Bureau for consumer complaints.

This allowed for lower prices for consumers and more jobs for workers.

The good news for consumers is that at least one study has already been initiated.

But for consumers, it's critical that the experience is quick, seamless and simple.

Even with the failures, Android devices represent a much wider choice for consumers.

Mis-labeling of seafood makes it difficult for consumers to make eco-friendly choices despite the will to do so.

Extended Warranty Buying a used vehicle can be very confusing for consumers, particularly for first-time buyers.

When food prices increase sharply, the ability for consumers to spend money on other goods and services is reduced.

An interesting thought and for consumer facing law it rings true (although not an area I have much experience with).

In 8% of cases consumer in is used

Food products stand above all in consumer products.

The result has been a nice lift in consumer revenues.

Yes, there has been an increase in consumer spending.

A big wind down in consumer spending could bring business activity crashing to a halt.

As per some advice, I should file this case in state court of Chandigarh, not in consumer court.

And these are being reflected in consumer purchasing choices and increasingly within legislation.

The breakout in consumer sentiment implies that GDP growth is likely to exceed the 2010 and 2011 highs of around 2.

Funds that invest in consumer goods stocks are up 91% since the Bank of England began QE, according to Morningstar.

Sometimes, the price rise of essentials like groceries or fuel will cause a near instant slowdown in consumer spending.

Another court order directed Trudeau to pay $2 million in consumer redress and banned him from pitching products in infomercials.

In 6% of cases consumer with is used

Personalize the correspondence you have with consumers.

This is illegal and I am taking it up with Consumer Direct.

We really need to clean house and start new again with consumer advocates.

But who is taking the credit with consumers? For the most part, supermarkets are.

Regardless of where the Dad-as-game-hero trend came from, it's resonating with consumers.

It's about Ballmer's long-term aim to make Microsoft back into a hit brand with consumers.

It is getting more and more difficult to predict the next product or service to gain rapid traction with consumers.

This amount is set to increase with consumer confidence in buying high priced products in the coming months, it said.

The iPads immense recognition has built a fresh trend associated with consumers: ones which never ever leave the house.

The possible steps could be: Periodic re-orientation programmes for workers who come into daily contact with consumers.

In 5% of cases consumer by is used

Copyrighted content should be paid for by consumers.

Pay the Toll -- All these items are bought by consumer.

The promotional activities also were fuelled by consumer insights.

But in China it is considered a serious problem and a reason for rejection by consumers.

Job application organizing issuer carries on application furnished by consumers for her servers.

The complexity and prevalence of security threats continue to grow, bolstered by consumer IT and mobility.

This mainly occurs due to non-payment by consumers to power distribution companies and bad account of PIA and Railways.

This will not be viewed favorably by consumer advocates who understand that fares will increase with higher concentration.

With a range of around 100 miles, this has left the vehicles largely used for short journeys in towns and cities, limiting their uptake by consumers.

Laws which protect your rights as a consumer Anyone buying goods and services in New Zealand is protected by consumer law, to make sure you get a fair deal.

In 5% of cases consumer on is used

He shares his adept knowledge on consumer and.

The impact on consumers, contrary to the opinion of p.

Impact on consumer achievable within a reasonable time.

Impact on consumer positive changes daily monitoring of activity, is published in all media.

Education debt probably has almost as much of an impact on consumer behavior as credit card debt.

Impact on consumer positively allows mediaves, realizing the marketing as part of the production.

A substantial number of companies across the nation use data mining in order to collect information on consumers.

I think every industry that is dependent on consumer spending patterns should have a closer look at this new indicator.

In what doesn't seem to be much of a surprise, the nations that have spent most on consumer cybercrime is China and the United States.

The European Consumer Centre in Dublin is available to offer advice on consumer rights when buying goods or services in another European country.

In 4% of cases consumer from is used

About 17m of this would come from subsidies from consumers.

The mindset has to change from consumer middle class mentality.

New faults and complaints from consumers are cropping up on almost daily basis.

In response to the consultation paper, 110 submissions were received from consumers, academics, healthcare professionals and industry.

The effect we A somewhat different abandoned, since their earnings from consumer when we pour Rational Expectations from current costs of.

Bee pollen reviews are popping up all over the internet from consumers who have experienced the wonderful health benefits that these supplements provide.

Most unfortunately, that's why 8% of our GDP is under tax and that too we snatch from consumers of goods and services- the poor people through indirect taxes.

MBNA had penciled out that the new law would increase its profits $85 million a year, by extracting an extra $100 a month on average from consumers in bankruptcy.

While Trina Solar has more revenue and profit from consumer oriented solar panels, we believe that First Solar is engaging in a strategic retreat from this segment.

In 2% of cases consumer as is used

Then, we as consumers and corporate clients can plan and budget accordingly.

We are being urged to regard ourselves as consumers and producers rather than as citizens.

It's muddying the waters, and it's prosperous to get confusing to the politicians as well as consumers as to what it all means.

Since people in a society are both producers as well as consumers, any development process should consider the demographics of population, i.

It also has some way to go as consumer spend remains low and the omni-channel environment requires fewer but larger and more ' dynamic ' stores.

We as consumers waste way more on other things, like the silly products on the shopping channel, packaging, gas guzzlers, one sided printing, etc.

If only there was some way that we as consumers could somehow stop their supply of income so that the were unable to continue their attacks and corruption and lies.

In 1% of cases consumer at is used

Next week we will be looking at Consumer Troubleshooting: Behaviour from the Shopping Floor to the Online Store.

People may want to buy local for all sorts of reasons, not just economic and that should be a choice at consumer level.

Most of the new features are targeted squarely at consumers, which is the same formula that got Microsoft into trouble with Vista.

Rather than the single screen that consumers have come to know as a tablet, Courier would have had two screens, each about 7 inches diagonally.

David Porteous of Bankable Frontier Associates kicked off an FAI series on regulation with a provocative look at Consumer Protection in Credit Markets.

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