Prepositions used with "consultation"

"of consultation", "for consultation" or "after consultation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases consultation of is used

This leads to the question of consultation.

The period of consultation ends on 10 January 2013.

This will be presented for feedback at the next round of consultations.

Validity of consultation as a principle is based on such verses as the following:.

In New Zealand it took many years of consultations with the people before adoption.

The annual plan describes the planning process undertaken and the extent of consultation with senior management.

Consultation There is no formal legal requirement of consultation in New Zealand before delegated legislation is made.

A process of consultation with civil society took place in all 27 states, and culminated with a proposed PPA in August of 2003.

A process of consultation with Government Departments and groups likely to be affected by the Bill will have taken place beforehand.

In 19% of cases consultation for is used

Requests for consultation on the same day should be made before 12:30pm.

What plans for consultation when these are prepared? Oops, blank comment.

The database is available for consultation by researchers on application to the office.

From preparing lessons to catching the lazy students to sit down and do work and weak students for consultation.

They need to be requested in advance to be available for consultation in the Special Collections Reference Reading Room.

The question of how we can deliver financial incentivisation is one of the issues for consultation, and I should welcome my hon.

In addition to being available for consultation with agents on tough cases, he is an advocate in working with home office underwriting departments.

From the migrant perspective, this episode is pretty interesting because GP's are not yet not specialized, although they can be at the ward for consultations.

Please consult our online catalogue and newspaper database for the most up to date issue available for consultation in either hardcopy or microfilm surrogate format.

Also, provision should be made for consultation with the regulatory authority for the financial sector so as to ensure appropriate liaison in relation to the banking sector.

In 17% of cases consultation after is used

Exceptions may be made after consultation with the BMJ editor for international editions.

Over the counter medication is also recommended; however it should be taken after consultation with your doctor.

Each time we received information, we put it on the Internet promptly, but only after consultation with Gao's family members.

Exceptions may be made depending on local market conditions after consultation with the BMJ editor for international editions.

It is suggested that this should be carried out by the judge after consultation with counsel, but counsel not be permitted to question the juror.

The said regulations were framed after consultation with the Reserve Bank of India and were published with the previous sanction of the Central Government.

Following an investigation into the distant past of Justin, and after consultation with magazines on the biography of the teen star, experts have discovered this.

In all of these cases, if a decision has to be taken to break confidentiality, it will be done only after consultation with a Supervisor or member of the Management team.

Fewer than the agreed number of advertisers may be allowed (on a short term basis) after consultation with BMJ Group editor/publisher for international editions, again depending on market conditions.

In 8% of cases consultation without is used

Without consultation, without our consent, against our will.

Even without visual inspection, we already did not like the idea that we were blindsided and was decided for without consultation.

There is a major difference between the use of a two third majority to pass such legislation with consultation of the people and without consultation.

I must point out that since no-one asked for all this nonsense it is just one more example of our leaders governing us without consultation, a point of relevance to.

Such a decision should not have been made without consultation with the stakeholders -- both society committee members and general membership, of both SF Soc and Gamers.

As a person who worked as a journalist for several years, Andy, you probably crossed the line in reprinting e-mails without consultation or atleast warning the individuals.

It's been methodical and relentless and every aspect of it has been marked by three telltales - they've all been without consultation, without our consent and against our will.

In 7% of cases consultation in is used

But rather needed Somaliland inputs in consultation to contribute by helping Somalia like other 50 participants.

Syria: Jeffrey Feltman, USG for Political Affairs, briefed the SC this morning in consultations on Syria and the efforts by Lakhdar Brahimi.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) also sets India's exchange-control policy and administers foreign exchange regulations in consultation with the GOI.

The Magistrates after a few minutes spent in consultation decided that there was no case against the prisoners, which could justify them in binding to the peace.

Neither in any writings or remarks of Dr Brown B who supposedly asked to meet him in consultation B not by Swanson or McWilliams, nor even by the Gentlemen of the Press.

We look at how government has used social media in particular for listening to people, explaining policy, engaging people in consultation, curating discussion and convening community debate online.

In 6% of cases consultation on is used

Survey Responses on Consultation About Catering Contracts 5.

Survey Responses on Consultation About Laundry Arrangements 5.

Survey Responses on Consultation About Cleaning Arrangements 5.

Survey Responses on Consultation About Waste Management Contracts 5.

Survey Responses on Consultation About Building and Equipment Changes 5.

Heavy emphasis is placed on consultation with all stakeholders, including the private sector.

Commercial terms used straight by the resort are changed every now and then on consultation for the director of business and then promoting.

In 6% of cases consultation through is used

The JD(U) categorically maintains contentious issues like the Ram temple be decided by court or through consultations - that was.

The only solution is to gather together in councils and decide through consultation such as accepting the vote of the majority or drawing lottery etc.

At the same time, it is required that the Khalifah carry out his duties as Khalifah through consultation and taking into consideration the views of the members.

At the same time, project risks will be easier to ascertain through consultations and social assessment activities conducted jointly with all affected stakeholders.

In 5% of cases consultation to is used

However, empowering provisions often contain requirements relating to consultation.

The National Government has selected the Iwi Leaders Group (ILG) as their Maori vehicle of choice when it comes to consultation and access.

For further information concerning the principles relating to consultation, see Wellington International Airport Limited v Air New Zealand 1993 1 NZLR 671.

In 3% of cases consultation with is used

There is a major difference between the use of a two third majority to pass such legislation with consultation of the people and without consultation.

It would benefit the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association in dealing with consultations on major developments in the area by giving them a more powerful voice than they have at present.

In 2% of cases consultation by is used

In practice, agreement is always reached by consultation and negotiation.

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