Prepositions used with "conspiracy"

"of conspiracy", "with conspiracy" or "for conspiracy"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases conspiracy of is used

Some sort of Conspiracy theory? Fourthly.

This mode of conspiracy is worth knowing.

Was this some sort of conspiracy? I wondered.

On the charge of conspiracy to commit murder, the members find the accused not guilty.

Definition of Conspiracy: A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

You only hear the stuff of conspiracy that triggers perhaps negativity and your helplessness.

The defendants all deny charges of conspiracy to hold another person in servitude and conspiracy to require person to carry out.

His musings have a smack of conspiracy theory to them, but it's not the most outlandish thing ever heard coming out of Hollywoodland.

This kind of misinformation and propagation of conspiracy theories is exactly what's so frustrating for people who support vaccination.

Not surprisingly, such ground rules, while attracting publicity-shy financiers, have also fuelled the fantasies of conspiracy theorists.

In 15% of cases conspiracy with is used

Earlier this week, Brooks was charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Mahattaya too was now called traitor and charged with conspiracy to overthrow Pirapaharan.

Two Chinese appeared in court yesterday charged with conspiracy to facilitate illegal entry to the UK.

While attempting to seek bail, Kartel was further charged with conspiracy and attempt to interfere with the course of justice.

Pyne and two former executives are charged in Jamaica with conspiracy to defraud the Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) Group Pension Fund and Gorstew Ltd.

But Cox and the other three still faced federal weapons charges and, this January, a superseding federal indictment again charged them with conspiracy to murder.

Meagher and others charged with Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice Meagher, Dean, Crick and others were charged with Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.

July 1, 1998 Three men are charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction after threatening President Clinton and other federal officials with biological weapons.

It might seem odd to lump climate change -- a scientific theory supported by thousands of peer-reviewed papers and hundreds of independent lines of evidence -- with conspiracy theories like these.

In 12% of cases conspiracy for is used

And we must believe him for this is not the time to search for conspiracy.

Again, in 1843, he was Put on his trial for conspiracy, along with Cooper and Richards.

Banton is on trial for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine.

Huxley and Orwell are for conspiracy theorists? Camus for art school dropouts an absolute miss? And Hemingway.

Ini Edo If Ini Edo's name is not in this list, we might surely be prosecuted for conspiracy of the highest order.

He was jailed for 18 months for conspiracy to defraud and 6 months for illegally providing immigration advice, to run concurrently.

If that is not the answer you want I'd sorry, but as I've already promised many times, I'd not here to satisfy people's hunger for conspiracies.

I'd not one for conspiracies but at least at the head office level I think the coming back of Rossi and the leaving of Spies have some relation.

Before the election it was common knowledge in Fleet Street that an investigator used by the NoW during Andy Coulson's editorship was on remand for conspiracy to murder.

In 9% of cases conspiracy to is used

However, there is a paradox to conspiracy theories.

All four plead guilty to conspiracy charges and are sentenced to terms of up to 20 years.

Paying bonuses that encouraged the wrongdoing could lead to conspiracy convictions a five-year jail term.

Bizarrely this even extends to conspiracy theory when confronted with arguments that are unpalatable to them.

There the hacking scandal has revealed a cosiness, leading to collusion, leading to conspiracy between press, police and politicians.

He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import class A drugs through Zeebrugge in Belgium after he was arrested by HMRC officers in November 2011.

In 8% of cases conspiracy in is used

They are currently in conspiracy with the SIEU to serve the unions pockets and pensions.

I do NOT believe in conspiracies, nor do I deny the moon landing, say Bush bombed the twin towers, or any of that stuff.

So, while I don't believe in conspiracy theories, the underlying data is simply not supportive of the recent improvement in the jobs picture.

In 4% of cases conspiracy into is used

Most of the people that I know who are into conspiracy theories are also stoners, but not all of them.

On Government Aide: Without going into conspiracy theories, new world order, or any of that other stuff, just don't trust the government.

In 3% of cases conspiracy about is used

People are talking about conspiracies.

To the average person, this seems like some new-found revelation and the thing about conspiracy nutheads is that they feel they know some exclusive knowledge that the rest of the world do not.

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