Prepositions used with "consensus"

"of consensus" or "by consensus"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 37% of cases consensus of is used
    The New Zealand flag is not a symbol of consensus.
    In the absence of consensus be a matter of more of account results in efficiencies.
    Transit fees will be finalised on the basis of consensus between the two countries.
    They don't seek permission to be who they are or yearn for the deafening screech of consensus.
    This spirit of consensus and compromise on tough decisions must continue as delegates return home --.
    We don't have to come to any kind of consensus today, but if something is really troubling you, try it out.
    Very few hypotheses have stood the test of time, and most theories have some type of consensus during their brief lifetimes.
    Despite the lack of consensus on these topics, significant progress has been made on the harmonization of views concerning risk assessment.
    There are few signs of consensus on the setting up of a local tribunal ahead of a Cabinet meeting tomorrow scheduled to discuss the matter.

    In 27% of cases consensus by is used
    The Commonwealth makes decisions by consensus.
    We believe that people should decide by consensus.
    Our current efforts focus on building by consensus and agreement.
    All the decisions were made by consensus, which isn't the way to lead a team.
    Further, the Treaty, under Article 12(3), emphasizes that decision making in the EAC shall be by consensus.
    The severity of the fighting in the last months had only further deepened the inability to achieve a truth account by consensus.
    Management committee decisions will often be made by consensus, but where voting is required, it will usually be by voices or show of hands.
    The party chief often presides, but they operate by consensus, which means decisions are generally made only when the members reach agreement.
    That same year, Nellie Cournoyea became premier in the Northwest Territories after she was selected by consensus by members of the legislature.
    Someone, whether by consensus or decree, decides the order and specifies it by creating the JSON array that has the desired sort order that the tool will use.

    In 10% of cases consensus for is used
    Formal discussions and debates of the Convention will use parliamentary procedure, and delegates will strive for consensus decision-making.

    In 6% of cases consensus with is used
    But we need to discuss concretes and forge a meaningful plan, with consensus.

    In 5% of cases consensus on is used
    Brown says social policy should be built on consensus.

    In 4% of cases consensus at is used
    The joint working committee met monthly to discuss issues and arrive at consensus on final decisions.
    Conservatives then have the nerve to complain that it is Obama, whose attempts at consensus have been militantly rebuffed from day one, who has divided the nation.
    However, the Council has always maintained that secrecy is necessary to arrive at consensus and to preserve the collegiality and political independence of the individual Councillors.

    In 4% of cases consensus below is used
    Our forecasts for both the ISM and non-farm payrolls are below consensus, though -- given the volatility of both numbers -- not significantly so.

    In 4% of cases consensus through is used
    The Council shall continue to deliberate in this fashion until they come to one mind through consensus building.

    In 2% of cases consensus from is used
    This forecast data is from consensus Economics Inc.
    Among security geeks and privacy advocates, however, there's still far from consensus how secure Silent Circle actually is.

    In 2% of cases consensus versus is used
    Thursday 1 December Global PMIs (Nov ): We expect the official PMI for China to be flat versus consensus, which is looking for slight moderation to 49.

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