Prepositions used with "congress"

"of congress" or "in congress"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases congress of is used

But alas, I'd at the whims of Congress.

Many thanks to the Library of Congress.

Society will sponsor part of congress fee.

If the offices of Congress ran out of water, everybody would have to leave Congress.

Aam Aaadmi government of Congress of UPA1 &UPA2; MP's is cruel joke on the poor people.

SNIP Intelligence officials scrambled Friday afternoon to alert key members of Congress.

This is not the good time to enter into politics just to give the pain of congress governance for another 7 years.

The question: Will Alabama be left behind? Our members of Congress are sitting on the sidelines, for the most part.

Great photography! An enduring opportunity to pass this one since most will never seei it in the Library of Congress.

They're still the underdogs and look like they could easily lose not only the presidency, but both houses of Congress.

In 23% of cases congress in is used

The DREAM Act hasn't passed in Congress.

The Republicans in Congress, that's who.

Arroyo eventually won a seat in Congress.

Obama will not change the health-care system, neither will many of those in Congress.

HopeyChangey There are no caucuses in congress formed around the concept of white skin.

Even so, the bill had to survive the longest attempt in Congress to seriously weaken it.

Republicans in Congress are holding the debt ceiling vote hostage to get their way on a range of unrelated issues.

In Congress a call of the house may be ordered by a majority vote, provided one-fifth of the members elect are present.

Chief Socialist Obama and his comrades in Congress are by definition determined to destroy our freedom and our economy.

In 12% of cases congress to is used

Paul returned to congress in 1997.

The reshuffle will be confined mostly to Congress party.

In the next few days, I will submit a budget to Congress.

The Act gives each agency one year to report to Congress on the actions it has taken.

The United States Commission on Immigration Reform in its 1997 Report to Congress (U.

Oh, mistake, says Obama should have brought it to Congress, turns out he kind of did.

The administration's report to Congress last month didn't really detail what programs or projects would be canceled.

Mourdock on record for saying that he intends to be divisive, closed minded, combative should he make it to Congress.

Saturday night live could never be as funny as listenting to congress, especially when people like McConnell bloviate.

In 10% of cases congress by is used

It is all service set up by CONGRESS.

THIS is exactly wanted by CONGRESS party.

This book is banned by Congress Government).

Then they must be re-written by Congress and approved by a majority of the Congress.

If the RIAA wants to change this, they will have to lobby congress to change the law.

I hope that the Anti-Hazing Law will be reviewed by Congress, and really look hard at why hazing is so persistent.

That view was supported by a report issued last week by Congress ' research arm, the Congressional Research Service.

This huge industry-wide fraud followed de-regulation of the industry by Congress in response to lobbying by the S &L's.

That final reckoning is overdue and so far absent from the narrower inquiries done by Congress and individual agencies.

In 6% of cases congress for is used

We desparately need term limits for Congress.


Eight days later the elections for Congress took place.

What are you going to run for? Comments You may know that I'd running for Congress.

However, the world has turned as Bayan ran for Congress in 2001 as a party-list group.

People chose dancing and other things, but what I wanted to do was, I wanted to run for Congress.

Where big money set the tone for Congress, spending over $30 million lobbying Congress for a deregulated Wall Street.

You might think this would be an obvious thing for Congress and the president to address as they try to reform health care.

Special Operations for America is also partnered with Veterans for a Strong America and Afghanistan and Iraq Vets for Congress.

It DOES NOT require that Congress create that regime, it specifically allows for Congress to do so or not do so, but there's no requirement.

In 3% of cases congress before is used

If you can finish before Congress gets back, the better.

Clinton has agreed to appear before Congress to answer questions about the Benghazi attack.

Now the markets await US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke's testimony before Congress.

He promised to place legislation on the internet so that ALL could read it before Congress voted on it.

Their first thought was to try to rush a bill to the White House before Congress left Washington for August recess, and now we know why.

The Administration will launch this Teacher Corps with the $1 billion from the President's 2013 budget request currently before Congress.

His testimony before Congress was instrumental in the House of Representatives passing Official English legislation during the 104th Congress.

Marshall counsels and devises strategies for advancing clients ' interests before Congress, the executive branch and independent regulatory agencies.

Cole has testified before Congress on television issues and has spoken as a keynote and panel member at more than 500 conferences on media and technology.

Drawing on a recent paper by two IMF economists: Dennis Kucinich is putting a bill before Congress -- HR 2990 -- proposing the introduction of such a system.

In 3% of cases congress with is used

He's coming clean now with Congress.

Please start with Congress and work your way down.

The MLAs had also sought an appointment with Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Almost all of you are idiots, it's all of them with congress leading the way by not leading.

The great attraction of foreign affairs for a second-term president is that he does not have to deal with Congress.

He also dismissed the reports that because of his decision to snap ties with Congress, the BJP would be strengthened.

When we renew the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, we will work with Congress to expand these reforms to all 50 states.

It's time to require lobbyists to disclose each contact they make on behalf of a client with my administration or with Congress.

Pharmacists are working constructively with Congress and others to preserve patient access to traditional compounding services, while.

All of these problems can be solved, but they require a strong chief executive with both a mandate for action and the ability to work with Congress.

In 2% of cases congress from is used

The Red Cross does not receive a regular appropriation from Congress.

It earned him censure from Congress General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi.

A day or so after the dinner I received a letter from Congressman Vorys.

There were representatives from Congress, the Supreme Court and the federal agencies.

Middle class is firmly behind TA and is looking for an alternative apart from congress or BJP.

We should be honest about what's motivating DC on this issue -- fear of repercussions from Congress.

Holder also announced the indictment of BP's incident commander with lying to and hiding information from Congress.

While SOPA and PIPA may be postponed from congress, this does not guarantee that our internet rights will be upheld.

What we need more than reforms from Congress is a revaluation of what the role of government is and ought to be in a free society.

On rare occasions, the Red Cross has asked for a one-time appropriation from Congress to cover some of the costs of a large disaster.

In 2% of cases congress on is used

Returned to Bengal legislature on congress ticket in 1929 and on Congress Nationalist Party ticket in 1937.

Returned to Bengal legislature on congress ticket in 1929 and on Congress Nationalist Party ticket in 1937.

In another statement, Bishop Reyes called on Congress not to shortcut the voting procedure on this critical issue.

I think the debate is really over what that means and whether it's really a substantive limit on Congress's power to enact copyright laws--in practice, it's not.

For nearly a decade she reported on Congress and the executive branch as a Washington correspondent for Gannett News Service and a reporter and assistant managing editor at States News Service.

In 2% of cases congress through is used

Bush, pushed through Congress in 2001 and 2003.

We haven't been able to get that through Congress.

Hopefully, this Bill will get through Congress and Pass.

Romney had vowed to support a move to repeal it through Congress as his first act in office.

Obama voted in favor of every single spending bill that went through Congress during his short tenure.

The level of taxation required to end the current levels of disparity would be quite high and never make it through Congress.

Domestically him and Clinton are about the same and I don't think either one of them could get anything crazy through Congress.

The Republicans have been preparing for this election by making it as hard for Obama to get anything through congress as possible.

GoDaddy did so when they supported SOPA, by helping write the legislation and possibly providing funds to help get it through Congress.

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