Prepositions used with "confusion"

"of confusion", "in confusion" or "to confusion"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases confusion of is used
    There we found a scene of confusion.
    There was lots of confusion and shouting.
    Lot of confusion about the law of rape here.
    Actually, there is lot of confusion on this, despite the popularity of the product.
    Man appears to be helpless and all alone in this world of confusion and complex nature.
    This has caused a lot of confusion here in Benghazi, because the police are insistent that they won't make arrests.
    The second source of confusion is that one must do the calculations taking into account all the information at hand.
    There was a bit of confusion in regards to the Sutton Hoo exhibit as the area it was normally housed was being renovated.
    EDIT to answer comment: Hi Mike, I've checked your code again, there's a bit of confusion with the $POST and $GET variables.

    In 14% of cases confusion in is used
    Ford and Arthur coughed in confusion.
    Arthur turned to watch them in confusion.
    On hearing this, some Muslims sat around in confusion.
    I am in confusion what to do and how to do abt hard copy.
    While Arvay flourished, the rest of Canada remained mired in confusion.
    He found that the Buddhist teachings were in confusion and with no unity.
    In confusion he looks up and what he sees is something he could have never imagined in his life.
    Since then, this undeclared schism in the Church has undermined her authority and has seen millions lost in confusion.
    Being too vague at the get-go in terms of what you want can result in confusion and result in delays in costing and the project getting going.
    At the intense climax Botborg's images seem to erupt and spasm viciously, as if attempting in confusion to exit the screen and drench or absorb the audience.

    In 12% of cases confusion to is used
    This can lead to confusion and sadness that the expected emotions are absent.
    This lack of coordination often leads to confusion at last mile (Murray, 2005).
    This pitching of one parent against the other will lead to confusion and divided loyalty on the child's part.
    This has contributed to confusion and controversy and to a lack of firm data on its incidence, prevalence, and pathogenesis.
    Even though bilateral and pluri-lateral trade agreements keep on proliferating, the spaghetti or noodle bowl effect they create can lead to confusion.
    Definitions of reserves and resources, and the methodologies for estimating them, vary considerably around the world, leading to confusion and inconsistencies.
    We need not quote from every press mention of the Lusk Kidney; only those that are most often referenced in modern books and have led to confusion over its authenticity.
    Dempsey and Heery (1997) place USMARC in band 3, the richest band of the spectrum, but comparison of it with the other metadata schemes in Table 1 may lead to confusion.

    In 4% of cases confusion into is used
    What drives me into confusion, is the choices some people make for.
    What drives me into confusion, is the choices some people make for photos to represent themselves online.

    In 4% of cases confusion with is used
    He handled the microphone with confusion.
    No wonder musicians are so shocked and overwhelmed with confusion.
    This is also a story that deals with confusion and depression, like jdubs brought up.
    After the identification with confusion, ego begins to explore how it feels about the formation of this experience.

    In 2% of cases confusion for is used
    This dialogue is conducted mindful of the need to minimize the potential for confusion resulting from the appearance of IDN characters in.

    In 2% of cases confusion without is used
    It is absolutely crucial to the message and work of Jesus that He is simultaneously God and Man, without confusion, mixture or bi-personal separation.

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