Prepositions used with "concern"

"of concern" or "for concern"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases concern of is used

That is not the source of concern.

This is a genuine issue of concern.

Now there's a bit of concern about a fire.

We can draw here on feminist theory to further specify some potential areas of concern.

We've tried hard to include an array of approaches addressing this myriad of concerns.

School: A place where the child is the focus of concern, whatever his religious beliefs.

Ordinary Cyclist by Chan Ka Leung I soon heard the set of concerns and advice that every cyclist is familiar with.

This should really be of concern to y'all since your true holding midfielder Gareth Barry isn't available Saturday.

And no this not a sindhi punjabi thing ethnicity should be least of concerns when it comes to exposing bogus science.

There are two key aspects of such a politics which might prove a matter of concern for the Left in the United Kingdom.

In 16% of cases concern for is used

SO far I see no cause for concern.

I hope we've done a good job for Concern.

The grim aftermath left several areas for concern.

King's Mill Hospital Hospital bosses have assured patients there is no need for concern.

The latter monopoly was quite recently cited in a World Bank report as a cause for concern.

I would ask the PCO (exterminator) and maybe the pediatrician for concerns you have there.

It's a good idea to tell your doctor or midwife about any bleeding, because occasionally, it can be a cause for concern.

The cause for concern is understandable but the means of achieving the objective is not without controversy, if you ask me.

He has the same stat line as Mark Stone, which would also be cause for concern except Stone has played just 5 games, not 11.

But an enduring cause for concern is English song, a treasure trove of repertory that demands attention but doesn't often get it.

In 8% of cases concern with is used

This project was met with concern as L.

It's amazing, too, his teachers don't view him with concern.

The operators have been watching the Android juggernaut with concern.

The region's rapid economic growth has often come with concerns over environmental degradation.

Listen to the police, the doctors and parents beside themselves with concern over their siblings.

Attempts to regulate directly, even with respect to hacking, are met with concern (Editorial, 1998c).

Seminarians, young religious or anyone with concerns is welcome to email me, let a comment or pray for vocations.

The content of my book caused some people to approach me with concerns about my safety, they worried about retaliation.

He found evidence of the use of child labour and illegal working hours, along with concerns over the use of poisonous chemicals.

Voters can't easily connect headlines about Mediterranean crises with concerns about their pension being cut or their school closed.

In 6% of cases concern to is used

Due to concerns that the reappearance of Megaupload.

It has been indefinitely shelved due to concerns about its quality.

But he has also admitted to concerns about the lack of contact from the club over a new deal in recent months.

The lighting levels can also be easily adjusted in response to concern over light pollution and obtrusive light.

This comes on the heels of Garvin receiving a below slot bonus due to concerns about his medicals at Vanderbilt.

For years pregnant women were advised against eating nuts of any kind, due to concerns that they could increase the risk of allergies in their offspring.

The use of cloud computing in business is one of the only areas that have been slow to adapt the technology, which is mainly due to concerns regarding privacy and data loss.

This ARACY project is being developed in response to concerns that existing public policies and services do not adequately address the developmental needs of children aged 9-14.

In 2% of cases concern amid is used

The restrictions were imposed amid concerns that the Olympics will be a target for illegal immigrants and terrorists trying to get into Britain.

The ferry operation moved to Ipswich but the Suffolk port's owners halted exports after just one shipment amid concerns about suitable facilities there.

The fiber lost nearly 25% in May, as large hedge funds liquidated positions and speculators pushed prices lower amid concerns over the global economic outlook.

Mr Obama's popularity ratings have been flagging amid concerns for the crisis-hit economy, divisions over health reforms and criticism of his style of governing.

In 2% of cases concern by is used

Palladium has been hurt by concerns over global economic growth.

All good, but this thought was quickly nullified by concern that the fibula bone was involved.

They have since fallen back to the levels we see today, affected by concern about the world economic outlook.

Campaigning in Tunisia has been marked by concerns over splits between Islamists and secularists, party funding and voter apathy.

The iPhone is the most common trigger for this feeling, but it is symbolic of greater unease with short lifecycle of e-stuff, sandwiched by concerns about production, supply chains and then disposal.

In 2% of cases concern in is used

But the development program I've had the greatest involvement in concerns one of the world's most famous drugs.

But this time there was no repeat of the spike in concern about the environment -- perhaps because the start of the credit crunch meant attention was elsewhere.

Such virtual wars are relatively remote in concern for Western publics, although international opinion still has limits of tolerance of the level and extent of violence.

Sports Minister, Hugh Robertson, did initially express in concern that small businesses could potentially stay afloat with an increase in sales due to Olympic style merchandise.

In 1% of cases concern as is used

These technologies have also matched some consumer trends such as concerns regarding freshness and health.

In 1% of cases concern on is used

If they live alone, focus on concerns or activities that are important to them.

Receiving complains from the students that leads to their failure which I address to the teachers on concern.

GlobalPost reported earlier this year on concern among many US importers over working conditions in Bangladesh.

Investors long Brent crude on concerns that escalated tensions between Israel and Palestine might affect supply.

In 1% of cases concern without is used

Woods retrieved the club without concern or apology.

Yet that win was not without concern and to lay the same weaknesses at the mercy of a side with the nous and experience of Notts County, it had to be argued, was rather reckless.

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