Prepositions used with "concentration"

"of concentration" or "in concentration"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases concentration of is used

Plenty of concentration required.

Lack of concentration: Some people? s minds roam around.

In this experiment, a standard glucose solution of concentration 0.

A feeling of tiredness and lack of concentration are common with short-term use.

This could result in headaches, loss of concentration or memory problem, and mood problems.

This time the measure of concentration is the horizontal axis and temperature the vertical one.

We should understand that womens were mentally week they cant do everything with similar type of concentration.

On Zaphod's brow stood beads of sweat, first of concentration, then of frustration and finally of embarrassment.

So drivers that are actualy good or actualy have quite a good deal of concentration and stamina is a bad thing? Ok.

Another recent estimate puts this at 82 per cent while a third study suggested lower levels of concentration again.

In 18% of cases concentration in is used

Lapses in concentration at both ends of the pitch.

It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps.

By 1944 there were 13 main concentration camps and over 500 satellite camps.

Sabina's family perishes in the mass extermination of Jews in concentration camps.

The Wallabies were good in the set pieces except for a few lapses in concentration.

Thus, those millions who died in concentration camps and gulags, should not have fought back.

Kohli, who looked good for a big one after reaching his century, said it was a lapse in concentration that did him in.

A simple lapse in concentration has allowed the sea's currents to get hold of the raft and the island is long out of sight now.

Party activists still in the country were arrested and by the end of 1933 over 150,000 political prisoners were in concentration camps.

Reduction of the Fe is driven by microbial metabolism of sedimentary organic matter, which is present in concentrations as high as 6% C.

In 9% of cases concentration to is used

They had to be sent to concentration camps for between? 2 to 3 years?

Massacres and mass deportations to concentration camps began shortly thereafter.

It was not only left-wing politicians and trade union activists who were sent to concentration camps.

Many Jewish Expressionists were taken to concentration camps and consequently died or killed themselves.

It has been estimated that between 1933 and 1945 a total of 1,600,000 were sent to concentration work camps.

It reduces the incentives to over-leveraging in the corporate sector and to concentration in the financial sector.

In 8% of cases concentration with is used

Shaha identified patients poisoned by arsenic who had been drinking tubewell water with concentration of arsenic ranged from (0.

So when you chant the Mantra, you are trying to release the potential energy of your personality by bombarding it with concentration.

In this manner the individual with concentration understands about the Panca Upadanakkhandas Rupa, Vedana, Sanna, Sankhara and Vinnana.

The mind had quickly learned that rather than flowing from one appendage of the superstructure to another that it could, with concentration, fill the entire vessel.

Also, because you don't have any siblings, you're less likely to have suffered from anxious or jealous feelings - both of which can -interfere with concentration and memory.

In 5% of cases concentration for is used

Fighting for concentration, she framed an answer.

That interpretation can be applied for concentration of the mind so long as one does not meditate.

Since mornings are the optimal time for concentration, pupils alternate morning and afternoon sessions, coming one day in the morning, and the next in the afternoon.

In 3% of cases concentration by is used

Diffusion is the method of passage of alcohol through cell membranes and is governed by concentration differences on either side of the cell wall.

All that happens is that conscious state of mind about material reality gets eliminated and replaced by concentration on the inner conscience essence.

In 1% of cases concentration as is used

They described the IDP camps as concentration camps.

Originally called re-education centres the Schutz Staffeinel (SS) soon began describing them as concentration camps.

In 1% of cases concentration between is used

The regression line can be considered an acceptable estimation of the true relationship between concentration and absorbance.

Beer's Law states that there is a linear relationship between concentration of a colored compound in solution and the light absorption of the solution.

In 1% of cases concentration like is used

Engineers know how different factors like concentration, contact time and reaction temperature influence the reaction, and these are set to give the best conversions.

In 1% of cases concentration Without is used

Without concentration, the USA has almost uniform takes on most things Obama from the mainstream media.

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