Prepositions used with "computer"

"of computer" or "in computer"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases computer of is used

The day of computer science is well upon us.

In this area there are also a lot of computers.

Inappropriate use of computers in the workplace.

The company's best-known hardware products include the Macintosh line of computers.

Spending too much time in front of computer screen can have a bad effect on our eyes.

The historical setting of the Ultima series of computer games is outlined by Robert S.

This can be very useful if you want to do a lot of computer work but find that you can get eyestrain after a while.

In computer science, students learn the underlying fundamentals of computer software and computer-related mathematics.

No unreasonable prejudice to the legitimate interests of the right holders of computer programs and patents is allowed.

Government Accountability Office; and a cohort of computer scientists at Johns Hopkins, Rice and Stanford universities.

In 17% of cases computer in is used

There is no indication of any expertise in computers.

Gavin has a BSc in Computer Science from Purdue University.

I refused and said I would contact my son who works in computers.

Daniel joined Digital Fusion in 2006 following a Bsc and PgDipSci in Computer Science.

Knowing the difference can help you save hundreds of dollars in computer repair costs.

The Windows Experience Index is designed to accommodate advances in computer technology.

What this rule essentially means is that you get a certificate in computer training before you take the IBPS exam.

What tips for success can you give to those seeking a degree in computer science? Let us know in the comments below.

IICD supports ICT training of teachers and students in computer skills and the equipment of a new computer classroom.

Currently, your data might be scattered in different places, in computers and in your iPhone, iPad or Android phone.

In 10% of cases computer to is used

X-rays were digital and any paper was scanned on to computers.

Now to check, open your pen drive from computer then again plug to computer.

Take them to computer repair shop with a prepared USB pen drive of memtest86.

She uses everything, from pieces of metal and electronic parts, to computer circuit boards and chips.

Always love it As I really addicted to computers, I really wanted to go through all of it and learn.

This technology connects the safety system of the vehicle to computer controlled devices and receivers.

I had problems with my eyes on and off for a few years and they said it was stress or over-exposure to computers.

Terrified of being alone but without the skills to find love and intimacy, people can turn to computers as a way out.

Check out some of the fantastic (and free) online resources like MIT's Introduction to Computer Science and Programming.

Today, professionals ranging from nurses to computer programmers are attracted by the higher salaries being offered broad.

In 10% of cases computer with is used

You do not have to be an expert with computers.

You make a life with computers extremely tedious.

This allowed staff to already get familiar with computers.

I have taught myself Python and have been working with computers for over 10 years.

The system can be operated either stand alone or with computer control via USB interface.

Do not believe anyone who want to do anything with computer or pretend they are from MICROSFT.

One area that has continued to grow as a result of technological advancement is with computer enhanced graphics.

About The Author Brett Lockwood, has been a freelance editor since 1981, and has worked with computers since 1976.

With computers taking care of things like hearing, driving, and more, we really can't afford to be locked out of them.

Our shop, equipped with computers and Internet mateial, were using computers and playing games, is also inside our home.

In 9% of cases computer on is used

It was just a comment on computers.

I'd not very savvy on computers myself.

Now the students do almost everything on computer.

This same extreme dependence on computers has been done by some educators in schools too.

Reading it on computer and laptop used to be a problem so these days I make plenty of use of GetPocket.

Scan-and-match is the process that allows the user to store his music on computer servers of host service.

You Watch TV On Computer? Why do people crave for Billy Joel has also to a paid downloads site is full of regrets.

Anywhere from 64 to 90 percent of people who work on computers experience these symptoms, according to a 2011 study.

He believes it would be better if kids learned finger games to help them deal with numbers, instead of relying on computers.

Copies of back-up mail-logging systems held on computer storage mechanisms should also be converted to new software platforms.

In 7% of cases computer for is used

A passion for Computers and Technology is a must have.

That's similar to the way ' steam ' works for computer games.

These keyboard sandals make a great gift idea for computer geeks.

I have passion for computer and technology, so much interested in software development.

The 2012 lectures all concern Turing's accomplishments and his legacy for Computer Science.

The house was demolished; usually there are address books; we look for computers and cards.

The CSRI believes that the solution to this problem is for computers to treated in exactly the same way as cars.

These workers log long hours developing applications for computers and other devices, so dressing comfortably is key.

Prior to joining the university, he was the Chief Research Officer, Asia Pacific for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).

The 20/20/20 rule is a good place to start for computer workers -- every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

In 5% of cases computer about is used

There is a famous sentence about computers i.

She knows nothing about computers and entered her bank details.

And you can do it too -- even if you're clueless about computers and technology.

And please don't tell me about computers and technology as a Boomer accomplishment.

FAQ List Do I need to know anything about computers? No prior familiarity with computers is expected.

I started learning more about computers officially in school and enjoyed stuff I couldn't learn myself at home.

Either that or start talking about computers and light years in association to pi and anuses throw in some pizza.

Huseini says: 3 / 5 i am 17 years and i know things about computer and i want u to help me more to in prof out 450.

Ester Alonso spoke mainly about computer illiteracy, becauseusing a computer means having a connection to the world.

In 3% of cases computer by is used

Fake accounts run by computers.

The background installed by computers is several from those damaged by the people.

Nor just because you express it in a novel form which can be manipulated by computer.

I was sitting by computer, refreshing page every few seconds so that I can order as soon as it is on sale.

Survey responders can also take the surveys by computer and, in another Panorama innovation, by mobile phone.

I heard that the answer sheet is corrected by computer, is it true? becuse I'd wondering how can computer read the answers.

This has been made possible by computer aided technology and the ease with which an inexperienced person can use the interface.

When published to be able to Blog, Product Key Windows 7, articles might be seen remotely by computer system or perhaps portable unit.

SunSentinel/Daniel Niblock A future where votes are cast on touchscreen machines and instantly tallied by computers has a superficial appeal.

What's more, Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated; Iran has also been assaulted by computer virus; and oil pipelines have been blown up.

In 3% of cases computer from is used

To make the switch from computer to book.

Its comes in many sizes, from computer screens to 60+.

Now to check, open your pen drive from computer then again plug to computer.

DSL Features DSL service transmits digital data from computer servers to computers across a variety of networks.

From computer key-frame animation to IMAX to real-time 3D production, the NFB is to showbiz what helium is to a party balloon.

Contact: Martin Campbell-Kelly June 26-28, 2012: Alan Turing: From Computers to Life, a 3-day conference in the National University of Mexico (UNAM).

Chief Chikanta, the traditional leader of an adjoining area which is about to receive a shipment of PCs from Computer Aid, believes the Macha model is a good one.

He was also accused of clearing logs from computers at Naval Weapons Station Earle in northern New Jersey, which tracks the location and battle-readiness of US Navy ships.

In 2% of cases computer as is used

Asia is renowned for making cars and other high-tech goods such as computers cheaper, faster and better than the West.

Orders for major durable goods such as computers and telecommunications equipment stalled in September, a report last week showed.

With the unsecured finance, you can purchase consumable items such as computer system, refrigerator and many other things of your choice.

Robotics uses machines to construct the robots, as well as computers for design work, as well as programming the functions of the robots themselves.

Bench engineers &; technicians in electronics servicing as well as computer people can suffer from this as they often remain seated for extended periods.

I believe that Mathematics and other subjects such as Computer Science and Marketing, which also appeal to me, can be useful tools to the modern economist.

Tan Choon Gan feels that better facilities in these schools, such as computers and enrichment programmes, provide a better environment for students to perform.

The fees for manipulating entrance tests ranges between $80 to $20,000 for popular programmes such as computer science, medicine and engineering the report said.

The phenomena discovered by physicists have been translated with increasing speed into technologies, such as computers, to which society has ever-increasing access.

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