Prepositions used with "compensation"

"of compensation" or "for compensation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases compensation of is used

Such may come from the Media or the hope of compensation.

Rhythm is the law of compensation and maintains the equilibrium in all things.

The level of compensation depends on whether the employee got any work or none at all.

I do not care there is no afterlife, but also do not care about the fate of compensation.

Then the top route to acquire is to apologize with an offer them some type of compensation.

Dorf, managing director of Compensation Resources, a consulting firm in Upper Saddle River, N.

Though Rawat can not be counted as a Young Turk, his promotion may come by way of compensation.

Remuneration Report We are committed to clear reporting and effective governance of compensation.

It is not only a process without compensation, it is against the very possibility of compensation.

Neither your rank nor your years of military service have any impact on the amount of compensation.

In 20% of cases compensation for is used

They're going to PPI claims for compensation rather.

Some kinds of damage are appropriate for compensation.

Your request for compensation should be reasonable in court.

These events were to prove critical in Henderson's future case for compensation.

Henderson has any claim whatever for compensation on account of his alleged loss.

The cap for compensation in unfair dismissal cases is being significantly lowered.

Once there is a binding contract, the buyer can not withdraw from the contract without becoming liable for compensation.

Te Aroha residents Stephanie and Ben Watson then had to fight for compensation for perished food in the fridge and freezer.

And you don't let one of your best homegrowns leave for compensation picks especially ones that are less than a 1st rounder.

In 15% of cases compensation in is used

In addition, he got Tk 20,000 in compensation from the city corporation.

It is feared the issue could cost Airbus more than 80million in compensation.

The family, although reunited, never got a penny in compensation nor an apology.

Or, if you have a decent Attorney General, your complaint may result in compensation.

If you can measure it, eeStrategy Compensation can include it in compensation reviews.

They were ordered to pay 5,000 in compensation to the injured person and legal costs of 16,875.

Relatives and victims have been paid tens of thousands of dollars in compensation following the shooting.

Lifelong trauma is the result of abuse and no amount of money in compensation will ever resolve the issue.

Perhaps in compensation for these shortcomings, however, ViewSonic has thrown a faux-leather case into the bargain.

The suit seeks millions in compensation for interns across the country and for a subset of people who worked in New York.

In 8% of cases compensation to is used

The Court of Appeal held that he was wrong to have confined himself to compensation.

In addition to the proactive work, there are a range of types of consequential loss that may lead to compensation.

In this case we can not see why the appropriate remedy was seen to be re-engagement as opposed to compensation, as favoured by Mr.

Depending on the local legislation governing judicial review, damages limited to compensation might be recoverable, but nothing beyond that.

One important thing that you must understand very well: How much you get paid? When it comes to compensation, people moving back have inflated expectations.

The employer may have favoured re-engagement as opposed to compensation in this case however the details of the determination are limited and do not give direction on this.

A question arises now as to the right to compensation for those forced to avail of private nursing home care in the absence of care being made available by the health boards (HSE).

In 8% of cases compensation without is used

All this was without compensation.

Yes, artists do get asked quite often for the use of their work and without compensation.

Such changes shall become the property of Adstream without compensation to the feedback owner.

It is not only a process without compensation, it is against the very possibility of compensation.

Research centres usually require 40 hours per week, with occasional overtime without compensation.

How about nationalising all those barely-used second / third / holiday homes? Not without compensation, of course, but maybe without over-generous compensation.

Beginning in 1928 as part of The Five Year Plan (1928-1933 ), independent farmers were forced to give up to the state without compensation their private land, livestock, and equipment.

The members of the Board shall serve for a term of five (5) years without compensation, except for actual and necessary traveling and subsistence expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

In 3% of cases compensation on is used

That incident, illustrating the plaintiff's focus on compensation, forms the context for an examination of Mr.

However, the Government did neither insist on compensation for wasting his precious life in jail nor punish those responsible for fabrication.

The Commission shall, therefore, be exempt from laws, rules and regulations on compensation, position classification and qualification standards.

In 2% of cases compensation about is used

The report also highlights how hard it is to decipher how firms make decisions about compensation.

In 2% of cases compensation With is used

With compensation for cattle killed by lions, the warriors have been leaving the lions alone.

You know who I am, please pay the money you owe, and promised to pay in July 1995 with compensation, but since then only one letter has been answered, and only to say that it had been forwarded on.

In 1% of cases compensation as is used

It is estimated that citizens would each get $3,000 to spend as compensation for the tax.

The translator will turn to techniques such as compensation or entropy and will need to take morphosyntactic false-friends into account.

In 1% of cases compensation by is used

Having a holiday, a new car or whatever paid for by compensation does not suddenly cure someone who has genuinely been abused.

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