Prepositions used with "community"

"of community" or "in community"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases community of is used

Scores of communities depend on it.

Figure 7: Burstiness of communities.

The concept of community centre is not new.

You really want modern huts of communities? Read Thor Hyerdahl's (sp?) Fatu-Hiva.

This even applies to the heirs of community leaders working in Sikh organizations now.

This is why experiences of community put us most deeply in touch with our true selves.

I see theatres that are at the centre of communities I see theatres that develop local growth and local economy.

Interestingly, the increase in number of bursts is not explained by the increase in number of communities alone.

This is a caricature of community; it doesn't show us a global village, but a global mass of isolated individuals.

The remaining six months were suspended on condition she performs 210 hours of community service at Rutenga Clinic.

In 16% of cases community in is used

Lo has been active in community services.

It is souls reaching out to each other in community.

Ching also plays an active role in community services.

In communities such as this one, cattle plague will always be the number one fear.

Clare Wetzel There needs to be more humane education involved in community programs.

Ames has recently retired from the military yet keeps active in community leadership.

New knowledge and learning are properly conceived as being located in communities of practice (Tennant 1997: 77).

BTW, how many brilliant students, who went to privileged high schools start out in community college like Obama did.

Non-Mexican immigrants live in communities where fewer than 3 percent of the residents are from their native land.

It has been suggested that this increase is because older people may have more time to participate in community life.

In 10% of cases community for is used

We do this for our kids and for community.

Dickson announced a total of $710,000 in new funding for Community Care Durham.

Looking on is Minister for Community Development Gender and Children Sophia Simba.

They are great spaces for community interaction, nurturing community relationships.

As you can see, internalized oppression can have serious consequences for communities.

Tranquilino Paez Memorial Award for Community Health Service from the Nueva Ecija Medical Society.

I feel sorry for community managers/staff that have to field the throngs of frustrated MMO addicts.

The Department for Communities and Local Government publishes annual local authority revenue statistics.

Labour's Pat McFadden asks if Cameron will reconsider his plans to make CCTV harder for communities to use.

The sessions are all free and I get some funding from the SA Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

In 9% of cases community to is used

Went to community college, got my GED.

The number of new cases varies from community to community.

Obama's account of his turn to community organizing doesn't add up.

She's been sentenced to community service at HAG, short for Helping American Girls.

Bring hope to communities struggling after war, disaster or oppressive governments.

Most of these steps will contribute to community spirit, a reduction in expenditure and greater local employment.

Gaby plans to present her findings to community leaders to help other young women fight stereotypes and find the.

Today it is mainly poverty that confines people to communities where urban decay, neglect and alienation are common.

There is therefore a commitment to dedicate a minimum of 25% of its net profits to community services and developments.

In 6% of cases community with is used

West, was met with community objections.

And from there I got involved with community partners.

The second task allowed her to start working directly with community members.

A magazine that deals with community development and social inclusion in Ireland.

The process: When a tree is planted, the DWSD will coordinate with communities.

This online presence gives anyone involved with community gardening something new.

The Red Cross will be working with community groups on local recovery initiatives throughout New York and New Jersey.

If you get that right and world class, everything else falls in line including money and engagement with communities.

I've taken my thoughts about how FM can interact with communities of educators and put them into a separate Blog post here.

So they ended up with communities, 30 years on, that had never had any incentive to feel they were German or French or British.

In 4% of cases community on is used

Rough sleeping harms individuals and impacts on communities.

To hear on community that we are being screwed is more than annoying.

Schools on communities have computers, for instance; the world is getting smaller.

The mining agreements dictate that Barrick must spend $200,000 per mine per year on community projects.

He built his own alternative: a social network built on community support, both financial and technical.

Nevertheless, impacts on communities can be discussed in general terms, and are presented below, grouped by NAFO area.

It is likely that pundits have worried about the impact of social change on community ever since people ventured beyond their caves.

Bess, I thought you were wonderful on Q &A; and your voice on community issues matters a lot to people living in the city, like myself.

For it identifies another key parameter in appraising the future path of the law in a cyberspace era: the impact of IT on communities.

I can't post it on Community Minecraft Logs because I sweared to alice I wouldn't post on Spam until Jay tell a word about the ' Spam ' and ' Forum.

In 2% of cases community about is used

I am passionate about community development.

Advertising is about community and conversation.

Go here to learn more about Community Acupuncture.

This paper is a briefing note about community media in the Nepalese context.

I was this strange bird, a non-coder, talking about communities and networks.

And our vague ideas about community building turned into a worldwide Summer Code Party.

She is passionate about community empowerment, particularly in the areas of youth and media.

All of this while a recently openly gay man and his African American co-host talk about community initiatives.

The paper is about community safety, introducing worlds best infrastructure modeled on countries who have no helmet compulsion.

This concentration on the neighborhood has had a strong impact on definitions of, research into, and theorizing about community.

In 2% of cases community at is used

The death was one of two at community dialysis centres last year.

It's better to buy art in Alice Springs or at community art centres.

In the bad old days, before the 1960s, people feared that community had disappeared.

At Community Forests International carbon sequestration and storage is our specialty.

Video trainings were held one day at Community Transformers and one day out in the field.

Bicycles just make sense for tight living quarters, shopping locally at community markets and just generally getting around.

This does not mean that community has been lost but that it is much less likely now to be locally based and locally observed.

Kerr, Associated Press / April 26, 2012 Mike Carr assists a client at Community Action of Northeast Indiana, in Fort Wayne, Ind.

There are two ways to look at community networks (or at any social networks, for that matter ): as whole networks or as personal communities.

In 2% of cases community by is used

The Ajax program builds on similar programs already run by Community Care Durham in Whitby and Oshawa.

What I heard were the views shared by community leaders at a workshop on the LLRC report and its recommendations.

There are 75 ministry-funded district truancy service providers nationwide, either hosted within schools or by community groups.

Volunteer Laois is in response to a growing interest in volunteerism, and a need for trained suitable volunteers by community groups.

None of the sites in the book are funded -- they're all made by communities where everyone chips in, using whatever they have around them.

Sunday, November 18, 2012 About a month ago, I saw very useful looking feral cat boxes on Facebook - made and sold by Community Cats Network.

A critical characteristic of the mini atlases was providing clean, universally recognised graphics that could be understood by community members.

The survey does allow for a response to be made on behalf of an organisation, as well as by community members speaking in their individual capacity.

The way to get rid of all this anarchy is to just throw them all out and start over with self government county by county or community by community.

The new zoning code also established a formal registry of community organizations to help ensure involvement by communities in the development process.

In 2% of cases community from is used

The number of new cases varies from community to community.

Saaka said the club drew its membership from communities across the country and the Diaspora.

The abundance of product will vary from community to community, so there is natural selection of favourites.

They are supplied from community mum in addition to get go on a spree, so as to top of the line specialist shops.

All other references since have been in the forums, predominantly from community members, not Embarcadero staffers.

Every week I see seniors, students, the self-employed and those with disabilities benefit from community acupuncture.

The Assad regime draws much of its support from communities there, which have long been prime recruitment grounds for Shabiha members.

Our musicians come from communities that reflect both the pervasive poverty of New Orleans and the power of our culture to overcome adversity.

This top selection of lodging in Kenya showcases the unique accommodation available; from community run safari camps to luxury villas on the beach.

In addition, the Head shall coordinate people for change programme and shall maintain strong programme links from community to national and international levels.

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