Prepositions used with "comfort"

"of comfort" or "for comfort"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 47% of cases comfort of is used
    There's a kind of comfort in that thought.
    They prefer to stay in that womb of comfort.
    You've found a place of comfort and privilege.
    Luckily, it was fairly cool and not very humid, at least that gave me a bit of comfort.
    He wants to have a house, an automobile and several other things of comfort and luxury.
    Contemporary technology creates a private, controlled environment of comfort for students.
    It gives us at Fiat a higher deal of comfort to know that there is at least some movement and in the right direction.
    The Sun is the lamp of the world, an awe-inspiring, life-giving ball of fire, a constant source of comfort and wonder.
    My plans don't always work out the way I'd like them to but I guess I get a lot of comfort out of seeing a way forward.
    To be temporarily lost in the contents of consciousness is really just a kind of comfort blanket, allowing you to forget.

    In 27% of cases comfort for is used
    On safaris, dressing for comfort is fine.
    This part is far too ego driven for comfort.
    For comfort we only take 6 at a time, with an instructor.
    I never bought all these insoles for comfort, the only purpose was to look/be taller.
    When Gary heard this news, he went home for comfort from Susan, which then caused her pregnancy.
    During the flight As anyone who has sat in one can testify, airline seats aren't designed for comfort.
    When Mike beings pursuing his own interests alone, resentful Jack turns to the school ' ' potheads ' ' for comfort.
    It was one of those perfect autumn days when the sun is shining, the air is crisp but it hasn't gotten too cold for comfort yet.

    In 15% of cases comfort in is used
    He didn't contain Himself in comfort.
    Everyone should be able to sit in comfort and see each other.
    People can enjoy high quality of education and live in comfort.
    Then Mr G bunked down with Scrag in their little tent, while I went off to sleep in comfort.
    What's important in being fashion forward is that you remain fashionable in comfort and style.
    Bella, Edward, and also Renesmee get back to their home in comfort to reside enjoyably ever shortly.
    We then made our way to Old Harbour where I spent the night in comfort with my niece and her son in their lovely home.
    Shopping in comfort this Xmas MAYOR OF Kingston, Angela Brown Burke, is seeking to assure the public that plans are in.
    Alleyways must be wide enough to allow horses to be turned around in comfort without risk of injury to other horses and people.
    Why? Not that they could not get their share in comfort and peace but because they could not share the calamities and sacrifices.

    In 6% of cases comfort with is used
    The thing is that, it's possible to have additional advantage along with comfort in this way.
    It offers outstanding facilities and up-market apartments that provide you with comfort, security and peace of mind.
    The prototype took a year to perfect because as someone who wanted to wear the product every day I was obsessed with comfort.
    My brother-in-law is highly ambitious, highly a city-go kind of person who wants to settle in town with comfort, facilities and luxuries.
    It can be a difficult shock to overcome, especially if your mind has begun to associate these substances with comfort or pleasure in some way.

    In 2% of cases comfort between is used
    It looks great, the handling is very good, well balanced between comfort and sport.

    In 1% of cases comfort about is used
    It's also about comfort -- and that's where fiction books come in as well.
    People who think about thermals also think quite frequently about comfort food (I am one of these people) and Marks has an admirable selection of both.

    In 1% of cases comfort on is used
    At this time you should focus on comfort care while still not actively giving her any medications meant solely to accelerate her passing away.
    We will provide a suitable venue, with soft lighting, suitable background music and friendly staff with an emphasis on comfort, privacy, relaxation and, most of all, fun.

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