Prepositions used with "color"

"of color" or "in color"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases color of is used

The myriad of colours of vegetables.

Second, there was the matter of colour.

I want to know what kind of color this print is.

Australia Cheapest Ugg Boots the shape of the whole body with shades of color printing.

Also, a variety of color combinations will be provided with the option of customization.

Think of objects in foreground, middle ground, background; of details of color and form.

If you want to spice up the arrangement, add a few red berries or flowers from a craft store for a splash of colour.

Would it really hurt any Out readers to hear about or from a woman or person of color once in a while? Good question.

Dating back to Greek mythology, the iris comes in a variety of colors, but the most popular is the deep blue variety.

There actually three types of colours associated with UGGs, traditional, light along with other fashionable colours.

In 25% of cases color in is used

Her residence is cloudlike in color.

She just has not seen them in color.

It would be nice to see that in color.

The fish, according to Lover, was perfectly trout-shaped but a creamy white in colour.

Clouds are constantly moving, and can range in color depending on the light and the sky.

All along the banks of the rivers are magical gems and rubies in colours unknown to man.

Sadly, we seem to be in the midst of one of those summers where the seasons in colour is grey and dappled with rain.

These artworks were represented like drawings that lacked in color and concentrated more on definition, depth and form.

The changes in colour, turbidity, pH, iron, chromium, manganese, faecal and total coliform content were then monitored.

Could you look up that chart using iPad or kindle for PC which shows it in color and maybe it will be clear to you? Best.

In 8% of cases color with is used

Our language drips with colour.

I remember I was obsessed with colours.

Charminar is filled with color and shiny/sparkly things.

I've had a great time experimenting with color combinations and syncing strobe effects.

When I fill shapes with color in Manga Studio, it doesn't seem to effect the line at all.

You have chosen the layout, experimented with colors and added links and maybe some photos.

How Colour Trends Are Predicted Every year companies come up with colour trend predictions for the forthcoming year.

RULES 2 TO 6 PLAYERS - FRIENDLY RULES Place any two tiles together in the middle of the table with colours matching.

Doctors with colour deficiency were significantly poorer at identifying test slides than doctors with normal colour vision.

What's not to love about a spider with colours like these? July 4, 2012 Here's the kind of thing I mentioned in my last post.

In 3% of cases color for is used

For color, I add some turmeric.

So much for color blind or justice is blind.

As for colours: Green, Black, Brown Thanks for the reply.

The original said that The Race for Colour would be broadcast on 17.

But when you're looking for color accuracy, only the latest technology will do.

When serving, I dusted the top with some smoked paprika for colour as garnish.

You can also draw your linework on one layer, then make a new layer underneath for colors.

Cosmetics and their ingredients? except for colors? are not subject to FDA pre-market approval, for instance.

For colors I might still end up in Photoshop (you can do them in Manga Studio, it's just a familiarity thing) or ArtRage.

I seasoned it with garlic (about 20 cloves ), 1/2 cup of oil, of oregano and sazon for color and adobo everything is half a cup.

In 2% of cases color by is used

This last chart shows poverty rates by colour.

Schelling arranges these green and purple households by colour on a chessboard.

They were not painted by color, but by blood, by breath -- his heartbeat is there.

Select Color of Text Select the color of your text by color bar at the right of working page.

Politicians have deliberately divided us if not by color, then by income, or by gender, or by.

A person should be addressed or referred to according to the person's name with respect and dignity not by colour.

Some were organized by color, but most lay in mountainous piles of clutter in her 4,000 square foot home outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Yes, people do buy books based on the color of the binding, it's aparently makes a very chique interior decorating statement to arrange books by color.

If they're lucky, (like they all should be) they learn that being alive means being surrounded by color and light and softness, and all wrapped up in love.

I go to the filter arrow on the results column and select filter by colour Filter by colour -- is a quick way for me to create a delegate list for the session.

In 2% of cases color on is used

The Left are just fixated on color, and yet we're called racists.

Grading of olive oil is done, to a less significant degree, based on colour.

These colours were chosen based on colours we found on the original existing walls.

In this fragment, he countered the arguments that slavery was justified based on color and intellect.

It is a very accessible guide that's filled with interesting and useful information on color and light.

You have several room features, which includes cable Television, which you are able to view on color platforms.

Codes based on colors and dimensional time space concepts and expressions as well as letters and numbers? Aaron - Went and read it.

If you are using Qt Creator then there is one // as soon as you move your mouse cursor on color property, it will show // the a box display the defined color.

We'll let you draw conclusions about personality based on color preference, but we will say that the black surface seems to suck up fingerprints that are difficult to clean.

When David, in the 18th century, tried to revive sculptural painting, it was, in part, to save pictorial art from the decorative flattening-out that the emphasis on color seemed to induce.

In 1% of cases color about is used

She didn't care about colour, as long as you were a Catholic.

The book talks about color in a very practical sense, as you would see them in life.

She has lived her entire life in a black and white environment but studied all there is to know about colors.

Turner worked for the American colour photography pioneer Frederic Eugene Ives, which inspired him to begin thinking about colour and moving pictures.

In 1% of cases color as is used

Topics such as colors, sports, political leaders, games, product brands, cars, holiday destinations, etc.

It is simply no wonder that a different design as well as color of those fashion accessories is considered to be unparalleled.

The specifications of the vehicles, such as colour and technical or usage parameters shall be determined solely by the Organizer.

At Nelson College for Girls Rebecca received the Touch Player of the Year award for 2011 as well as Colours plus Service and Contribution to Touch Rugby.

In 1% of cases color like is used

It stands upon a rock or rock- like colours.

Trims inspection is done randomly against the given standards, like color matching.

Things like colour saturation and artifacts may be improved with a higher quality panel, but not resolution.

Some of these insects are even enhanced with chemicals like colour enhancers to increase their size and nutritional value.

Everyday middle class Americans have been able to buy cheap products like color televisions and mobile phones made by the toiling of Chinese factory workers.

The difference is that with the power of an iPhone or an iPad, Etch-O-Matic can give the feeling of an Etch-A-Sketch but add things like color and other capabilities.

The use of natural elements such as sun, water, vegetation, natural light and intrinsic factors like color, rhythm, harmony in the traditional manmade elements of mosque architecture i.

In 1% of cases color to is used

This will add a balance to colours that are warming and stimulating.

For a traditional touch, be conservative when it comes to colors and music.

Such heat and humidity can do a lot of damage to colours of fabrics including those of your sofa.

Students have an opportunity to identify and translate personal needs into colour design solutions.

Out of gamut colors are converted to colors that have the same saturation but fall just inside the gamut.

This method usually converts out of gamut colors to colors that have the same lightness but fall just inside the gamut.

It makes my complexion appear dull and the color wears me (is this term even applicable to colors? haha) and not the other way around.

AppiSplashColors is an application that turns your image in a vibrant Black and White, Sepia or Cyanotype(Blue) Color Combo and brushes back to Color the areas you want to pop-out.

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