Prepositions used with "coalition"

"of coalition" or "in coalition"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases coalition of is used

As the UK experiences a rare period of coalition government.

The old duopoly could be giving way to the kind of coalition government that is common on the continent.

If he is an honest person he should have quit rather than pretend that he is a victim of coalition dharma.

Ordo, rule based form of coalition of the preventing second round effects in with larger challenges of growth.

The practical realities of coalition politics are very simple; party A must give something up and party B must give something up.

Under it was approved by the national nuclear weapons program and strategic bombers, which were to be used in the conduct of coalition operations.

It might lead to anomalies, glitches and innovations in this venerable place that he finds unwelcome, but that is the reality of coalition government.

Uptick in approval of Coalition Government's record to +12% The net approval for the Coalition's record to date stood at just +4% last month -- it's recovered a bit since then to stand now at +12%.

In 17% of cases coalition in is used

It's nothing new 3) The Lib Dems are in coalition.

Regarding the closeness of political parties in coalitions.

Smaller parties as history has shown, also has a smaller influence in coalitions.

In the UK, there are climate contrarians in the Conservative Party, which leads the Government in coalition with the Liberals.

A smaller column tells us, that the Wimal Weerawansa faction in coalition with the government will leave it, if the TNA's arguments are conceded.

All of the Scottish Press, including the BBC, is talking seriously about Greens being in coalition Government up here after the elections last year.

The Lib Dems are a centre left party who have formed a Government in coalition with the bigger, right of centre, Conservative Party (together, The Coalition).

In 16% of cases coalition to is used

The PM attributed this to coalition politics as defense.

The SF / ULA parties who will go in to coalition with FF in 2016.

MMS is simply saying that he can not do anything due to Coalition Dharma.

I can accept that there has been incompetency due to coalition politics but certainly not corruption by MMS.

Now is the point when the Lib Dems reckon their distinctiveness should start outweighing their commitment to Coalition.

The BBC has gone from criticisng the last Labour govt from the trendy-left, to coalition mouthpiece in the space of a quick couple of years.

Later in 2002, BCP's official name is changed to Coalition and this is the name officially registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission in 17 May 2002.

In 10% of cases coalition for is used

There's no possibility for coalition government in the executive branch, after all, and the relevant elector's aren't free to vote as their candidate directs.

In 4% of cases coalition by is used

Meindersma was careful to criticize what she called an insufficient provision of aid and slow pace of reconstruction by coalition countries.

In 2% of cases coalition among is used

Never mind that this contradicts the earlier agreement among coalition leaders that Anwar Ibrahim is the chosen one.

In 2% of cases coalition between is used

The government has not been able to push reforms because of ideological differences between coalition partners.

In 2% of cases coalition into is used

Voters took exception to the Lib Dems ' failure to enter into coalition and the very obvious personal antipathy of Tavish Scott to the SNP.

In order to govern, either the first party has to bring one of the minority parties into coalition or the second has to bring two, rewarding their intransigence with power.

In 2% of cases coalition through is used

The first party elected possibly New democracy needs to get enough parliamentary members in in order to safe guard a government through coalition with the third party, PASOK.

The Lib Dems are not supposed to side themselves with any of the major Scottish parties, they are expected to hold their own centre ground and seek to mould and shape government through coalition.

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