Prepositions used with "climate"

"of climate" or "on climate"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases climate of is used

OBAMA: The issue of climate change.

Therefore, they create the myth of climate change.

Name one conflict caused because of climate change.

Brian Helmuth is working in the area of the effects of climate change on the ecology.

However, increased vulnerability is not only caused by the impacts of climate change.

The Carbon Yearbook 2009-10 is the essential annual review of climate change, carbon markets and carbon management.

She has authored more than 200 papers, articles and reports on the topic of climate change and climate variability.

There is also a consensus that the severest impacts of climate change will affect the developing countries the most.

I want you to pedge to finance struggling third world countries so they can deal with the enormity of climate change.

In 20% of cases climate on is used

The nature of comments on climate blogs vary widely.

Obama's top allies in Congress have backed calls on climate change.

The evidence of planetary affects on climate has been around for years.

On a policy side, I would hope we would have some major work done on climate science.

But she copped-out on climate change and opposed an investigation into the illegal war.

Under the umbrella of the CLACC, we work with the Sudanese NGOs working on climate change.

Among the leaders of the small island developing states, you stand out as having been very vocal on climate change.

In short, the President has made real progress on climate and clean energy on the strength of his executive authority.

I have more concerns about the attack on climate scientists where we are seeing tangible detrimental results of inaction.

Mike Jonas 1Mar12 More im no scientist or clever guy but i do have a question on climate change millions of years ago was.

In 13% of cases climate to is used

In regard to climate sensitivity.

Humanity needs to adapt to climate change.

Vorticity is critical to weather and I assume to climate.

We often talk about the resilience of communities and/or businesses to climate change.

Obama has repeatedly voiced his belief that human activity contributes to climate change.

I can't think of any weather event this summer warmists haven't connected to climate change.

Discouraging flying will rob East Africans of one of their few means to reduce their vulnerability to climate change.

As to climate, I suspect that America's financial elites now believe that climate change is real and must be addressed.

Since their launch in 2008, the CIF have allocated 6,5 billion dollars to climate change projects in 45 developing countries.

In 7% of cases climate about is used

They talk about climate change but rarely take proper action on it.

Now it's time for him to do something definitive about climate change.

Do click on the links above to learn more about climate change and our team.

Hence the disdain for what satellites may be telling us about climate sensitivity.

I don't worry one bit about climate and their ability to live long and be fruitful.

The people need to put pressure on their governments to do something about climate change.

On the US narrative -- well, we certainly need to be clear about what the science is saying about climate change.

To find out more about climate change, its effects, and ways of combating it visit our climate change pages, here.

It is easy to focus of the well known highly publicised fears about climate change even if some of these fears may not materialise.

The danger is not that we will stop talking about climate change, or recognising that it presents an existential threat to humankind.

In 7% of cases climate for is used

We can do the same for climate change.

Our carbon emissions are thought to be responsible for climate change.

No one is saying that a Hurricane Sandy would not have happened if not for climate change.

Here are some highlights from Public Support for Climate and Energy Policies September 2012.

Please join us for an interactive session on planning a new service for climate change in Tanzania.

Accurate radiometry from space: an essential tool for climate studies, 2011 The Royal Society Paper.

As for climate change and the Total failure of Copenhagen, his reply was full of crap as it one big con.

GREEN LIVING Kitchen gardening: an A to Z A is for allotments; B is for brocolli; C is for climate change.

This releases millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide, the main gas responsible for climate change, every year.

The evidence is that climate models are useful for climate prediction, with or without the RA or RAW filters.

In 7% of cases climate in is used

You see this in climate change.

But in climate science everything seems to be upside down.

It could be your diet, change of water, change in climate and of course, stress.

Calculations of short-term cloud feedback in climate models yield a similar feedback.

The biggest failure in climate change policy development is the failure of journalism.

WWF estimates that an e nd to fossil fuel subsidies by 2020 would result in a 10 per cent drop in climate change emissions.

Due to various factors that entrepreneurs can not control (such as government regulation, changes in climate, accidents, etc.

When gold is dispersed into glass it becomes a reflector and is used in astronaut's helmets and in climate controlled windows.

Now back that claim that 97% of qualified climate scientists believe in climate change or man made climate change to be more precise.

In 6% of cases climate with is used

As with fluid dynamics, so with climate dynamics.

But there's something different with climate change.

You know that the arithmetic here when dealing with climate is about.

You know that the arithmetic here when dealing with climate is about as complex as it gets.

It is very well kitted out for the money with climate control, alloys, 7 airbags all as standard.

And yes, I agree that the enthalpy of the atmosphere has more to do with climate thann does the surface temperature.

This can also change at some point with climate change making the dry grounds of north Africa wet, lushes and fertile.

Many countries in the region and globally are struggling with climate change and are more exposed because of deforestation.

Our buildings and infrastructure are important elements in how we influence and adapt to the changes associated with climate change.

In 3% of cases climate by is used

I'd still searching for a serious rebuttal by climate sceptics.

Similar versions (such as lower resolution) have been used by climateprediction.

A number of topics have been drawn for discussion by climate change experts and policymakers.

Malaria transmission, which is affected by climate and geography, often coincides with the rainy season.

Much seems to depend on what we mean by climate, weather, determinism, sealing wax and whether pigs have wings.

AngloGold Ashanti needs to act on the opportunities available and to address the risks posed by climate change.

In India it is likely that the poorer states in the north and north-east will be most affected by climate impacts.

Beckoned by unknown lands, forced by climate change or drought, people began to migrate, to explore and to conquer.

Please see this paper by climate pioneer Arrhenius I am happy for your new style of short and to the point comments, thanks.

While they are responsible for the food security of millions of people, agriculture is one of the sectors hardest hit by climate change.

In 2% of cases climate as is used

The causes of the disaster in motion are known as climate change, pollution and overfishing.

The effect that global warming has on weather conditions around the world is known as climate change.

And some worry that it's part of a larger anti-science trend in which the science on issues such as climate change gets ignored too.

Today, the situation is being exacerbated by stresses such as climate change and the global increase in the prices of food, fuel and fertilizer.

Aside from factors such as climate change and natural disasters, human destruction of these forests for logging and agricultural purposes are taking its toll.

This is why we must identify and understand the many complex interlinkages between environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and desertification.

Our primary message was meant to be about fragmentation and distribution of resources that could be brought together to address integrated problems such as climate assessments.

During his time there, Young-Woo played an active role in global environmental issues such as climate change and led the Korean delegation during bilateral and multilateral negotiations.

In 2% of cases climate from is used

After all, the most important questions about DOM arise from climate research.

In reality, it's the same sort of Gish Gallop we've come to expect from climate denialists.

One has to say that this summer is significantly what one would expect from climate change.

Coping with the social crisis The social fallout from climate change and any attempt to deal with it will be immense.

The concurrent crises engulfing everything from climate to energy to the economy are creating a spiral of need for change.

As it is not ambitious or binding, it can not be fair to the developing countries that are already suffering from climate change.

Insured disaster losses may increase over time for those reasons alone and without any additional contribution from climate change.

Agnes is dividing her time between London and the countryside -- foraging, baking and trying to save the world from climate change.

As the first scientist to head the World Bank, Kim said the increases have raised his concern over the impact on poor countries from climate change.

This is good news, of course, because it means that thus far the insurance industry does not have to cope with additional losses from climate change.

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