Prepositions used with "city"

"of city" or "in city"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases city of is used

The east area of City Core is Fort Union.

Education is not an arm of cities or counties.

ATT had deployed LTE to only a handful of cities.

Poll Which of the following should be a priority to build the kind of city we want to live.

In other words, rapid transit can help us determine what kind of city we'll have in future.

He arranged to journey to the queen of cities, Byzantium, on a pressing matter of necessity.

The Marathon will shut more than 20 miles of city roads and typically requires more than 1,000 police to man the route.

There was a wide variety of cities, big and small, spread and dense, and this had nothng to do with transport mode share.

I will be riding to Auckland Airport from central Auckland every day and so a mix of city and motorway riding will be done.

In 25% of cases city in is used

In cities this trend is much greater.

Most of the newcomers have taken shelter in city slums.

Fewer pesticides, which can kill bees, are used in cities.

Only then will it be possible to radically reduce the use of cars in cities and towns.

Free wifi was to be rolled out in city parks in September, but that's as far as it goes.

The projection shows that by 2050, 57% of people will be living in cities in Bangladesh.

Roughly four out of ten households are single-person homes, in cities like Seattle (42 percent ), San Francisco (39.

And this is apparently becoming an epidemic in cities and towns across the nation and nobody is really addressing it.

Alternative Urban Futures: Planning for Sustainable Development in Cities throughout the World by Raquel Pinderhughs.

If those Muhajirs were educated that was because they lived in cities like Delhi, Bombay, Banglore, Madras, Merat etc.

In 12% of cases city to is used

Food will go to City Harvest, coats to NY Cares.

Paving in proximity to City trees must comply with.

The defeat to City is hard to swallow, but is a good lesson.

Later, the urban development for a country, and to city's name as the whole country name.

According to City of Toronto bike lane bylaws, bicycles must be propelled by muscular power.

Their burgers and fries taste great and their restaurant food is consistent from city to city.

In fact, according to city officials, the Geneva Council determines the number of cars that can be allowed into the city.

Swales came to City when they were flying high and managed to destroy them - no small achievement when you think about it.

Thank you GSM for connecting villages to cities, cities to countries, countries to countries and continents to continents.

We will soon lay down thousands of miles of power lines that can carry new energy to cities and towns across this country.

In 9% of cases city at is used

The ordinance is available at city hall.

The kind old keeper was popular at City Zoo.

It was those clowns you installed at city hall.

You can follow the dozens of committees and task forces and special reports at city hall.

He has since been inducted into the hall of fame at City and had a stand named after him.

They are definitely worse that Citylink in their deliberate avoidance of their customers.

The Freedom of Limerick City will be conferred on Paul O'Connell at City Hall, Limerick on Sunday, April 22 nd at 2pm.

At City, he hones his technique against Mario Balotelli, who he believes is one of the best penalty takers in the world.

Barnes only spent 5 years at City, but in his first and most successful spell with the club, was regarded as a huge talent.

Conference &; Incentive The Rotunda at City Hall is available for hire as a venue in the evenings for select corporate events.

In 9% of cases city for is used

This was a great escape for City.

Call it affirmative action for cities.

In winter, things change for City Dog and Country Frog.

Longer buses can be a great solution for cities looking to add capacity to busy routes.

There direct style could prove troubling for City as last year's champs head to town this weekend.

In many cases they represent one of the few opportunities for city dwellers to connect with nature.

Mark Clattenburg probably should have made things even harder for city by sending off Italian madman Mario Balotelli.

I'd pretty sure Haaland played in the subsequent game for city and his career was ended by a problem in his other knee.

Recognised for his professionalism on and off the pitch, in total he made 680 appearances for City; which is a club record.

A rule like the following would answer for city councils and other similar bodies that have the power to enforce attendance.

In 5% of cases city by is used

The users can also refine their search by city.

The thing was he wasn't needed by City and he was in the reserves.

Crops produced by City Farm includes rice, egg plants and soy beans.

UN Agenda is being implemented throughout the US by city councils and county commissions.

We pass by cities and factories, but we don't look at any of it because we want to get to the station.

If you need someone to compile all this by city and by activity and send across from your comments please let me know.

Between 2008 and 2011, the number of days taken off by city employees from sickness or injury grew to 18,945 from 14,755.

Clark II, who spoke at McGill last week,?? Block by clock, city by city, region by region, communities can change how they live.

Can MapPoint map data by City? Running my report for all 4 vendors by Postal Code produced enormous amounts of data, over 12,000 records.

In 5% of cases city from is used

For those seeking a break from city life, a.

The team showed three changes from City last weekend.

Smith From city council, he ran in ' 93 Out in Oakland.

Their burgers and fries taste great and their restaurant food is consistent from city to city.

From City B &Bs; to five- star retreats we hope that you can find the ideal Zanzibar hotel for you.

Plus it varies with a considerable degree from city to city, district to district and school to school.

Petrol prices outside the major centres are always more expensive, so don't work out your petrol cost from city prices.

It may not have any must-see sights, but it is a perfect place to potter round, and take a welcome break from city life.

Conn has really done his research on where all the monies from City and Chelsea comes from with an equal amount of energy.

Alumni case study Nicole Young, who graduated from City's International Journalism course in 2002, now works as a producer for CBS News.

In 3% of cases city on is used

Letting this guy on city council was a bad.

In the City of Windsor, there is one representative from each of the 10 wards who sits on City Council.

Only Lapu-Lapu City (Region VII) and Iligan City (Region X) are the non-Luzon cities among the top ten.

The hatred generated by years of war was literally translated into firestorms and massive attacks on cities.

Part I On Cities and Urbanism begins with a tour of various views of ' city ' and ' urbanism ' from the literature.

Re: Today went wrong because of the tactics Is it me or this derby Manchester United seems to be ' soft ' on city's players.

The second speaker at our Workshop on City Science was Andrew Wisdom from Arup, talking about Cities as Systems of System s.

If you research what Mansour says about the City takeover you will find that they did a lot of research before deciding on City.

The League Cup may not have been elevated up on City boss Roberto Mancini's list of priority this term but the defeat and the method of it will be a anxiety.

Most tree species found on city streets and a surprising number of agricultural species that seem native, such as apples and potatoes, are actually introduced.

In 3% of cases city with is used

His spell with City lasted 13 years and he was a huge figure in a solid back-line.

Law had two spells with City, either side of a stint in Italy and arch-rivals Man United.

I thought of maybe inserting a column with City; might be easier to map the data by region ie.

Overall should make for a great PL season, with City, Chelsea, utd and Arsenal all challenging.

In preliminary discussions with City of Victoria Parks staff and other City Councillors, I have discussed options for the land.

Oh, and I'd sure there's a contract on the the property just waiting to be signed -- with city leaders making a hefty under the table payback.

Meanwhile, the market sputtering comes at a time when New York is fiercely competing with cities such as London to keep its position as the financial world capital.

Public Act 312, for example, which establishes mandatory arbitration when police and firefighters deadlock with cities over their contracts, would likely be gutted.

In 2% of cases city between is used

Between cities there is nothing but dirt.

That is, if you can track him down -- Ginters covers an enormous region, and spends much of his time hopping between cities in the East.

Experts say that one possible solution is to provide assistance on a provincial level, creating a balance between cities and more rural areas.

In part 3 of this series, we continue to explore the correlation between cities ' ICT maturity and their social, economic and environmental development (known as the triple bottom line).

The site is opened to potential future development -- Dynamic Coalition suggests that high tech or financial firms might be interested in the site -- furthering the bleed between city and park.

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