Prepositions used with "citizen"

"of citizen", "for citizen" or "to citizen"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases citizen of is used

Continual monitoring of citizens10.

Mistreatment of citizens by a government was given the nod.

A technologically advanced nation requires an educated body of citizens.

We know the sole aim of law is to ensure justice and welfare of citizens by any means.

Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference.

Thousands of citizens had to get even more creative and escalatory with their tactics.

Anonymous We need to be much more cautious with legislation allowing an iron fist to hang over the head of citizens.

On Civil and Political Rights In the United States, the violation of citizens ' civil and political rights is severe.

Coming in the wake of political oppression, democracy is considered by many to be synonymous with rights of citizens.

At the same time on Planet Fitba there is a guerrilla media of citizen journalists that grows in quality and confidence.

In 13% of cases citizen for is used

Not very good for citizen engagement.

It's time for citizens united in force.

I am delighted to stand up for citizens ' rights.

You really like Bolivia's economy? Really? Perhaps you should apply for citizenship there.

The ability to identify emotional language and symbols is of particular importance for citizens.

These countries have no problem combining justice and fairness with providing adequate jobs for citizens.

In the social media, this has enhanced the opportunity for citizen participation through various interactive nodes.

Meanwhile, since the professional politicians aren't being professional, it's time for citizens to occupy politics.

Margaret 24th November 2012 - 17:23 I work for Citizen's Advice and we are seriously concerned about Welfare Reform.

In this way, the EU budget could be used more efficiently and effectively to deliver greater added value for citizens.

In 12% of cases citizen to is used

Regulations are to business what laws are to citizens.

Countless people handed out food and water for free to citizens.

The sad news was broken to citizens today by the nation's Minister of Environment, Mrs.

They were more than happy to lend to citizens, governments and firms in PIIGS countries.

Following the passing of the legislation the vote was to be confined to citizens of Ceylon.

The Tanzania government passed a new mining law requiring foreign-owned companies cede a 50 per cent stake to citizens.

The commission proposes a shift in finances to make public services more open, transparent and understandable to citizens.

For, democracy is a political system built on the twin pillars of, the representation of citizens, and accountability to citizens.

This is whereby expatriates are paid equivalent to citizens of the host country and have limited special allowances and tax protection.

In 8% of cases citizen by is used

Legislation would be posted online for examination by citizens before passage.

In addition, Government formed by citizen's mandate with their representatives.

We think they should be open to scrutiny by citizens and public representatives alike.


Democracies are sustained by citizens who have the requisite knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Certainly, India Against Corruption movement, plus Right to Information by citizens, plus media breaking news.

Mary's Presbytery on the 11th November to watch the 11Eleven Project - a film made by citizens of 179 countries.

Certified Photocopy of Registration - photocopies are rarely needed by citizens and are, by law, for restricted use only.

Professional officers, however, realize that such operations are subject to public scrutiny, including by citizens photographing them.

Both tribal parties will be equally blamed by citizens, proving to the rest of the world that Democracy as we practice it does not work.

In 4% of cases citizen as is used

We as citizens deserve the truth however unpalatable it might be.

We as citizens of the USA should vote for what is right and just regardless of our beliefs.

We as citizens are held to the rule of law and we know the consequences of breaking that law.

We as citizens do not have the right to go into Malacanang brandishing a Glock and aim it towards the President's PS3.

What recourse do we actually have, as citizens in a so-called democratic dispensation, to have our say heard by the government that is supposed to serve us.

In 4% of cases citizen between is used

And in Canada, the only difference between citizen and PR is the right to vote.

For example, books changed the balance of power between citizens and rulers, between religous leaders and devotees.

This differentiation applies not only between citizens and non-citizens but even amongst foreign employees from different countries.

The only difference between citizens and non-citizens should be the right to vote, all other things should be equal, PRs pay taxes too.

The only difference between citizens and non-citizens should be the right to vote, all other things should be equal, PRs pay taxes too.

Spectacular and beautiful state-funded largesse, followed immediately by organisational chaos, small-minded arguments between citizens and a near-riot.

Governments stand to gain a great deal as well, delivering services that are wanted, without levels of bureaucracy between citizen desires and meaningful outcomes.

The purpose behind formation of the CPLC was to liaise between citizens and police and to resolve cases independently, provide justice to ordinary citizens on non-political bases.

In 4% of cases citizen from is used

Our effort is to separate terrorists from citizens.

I wouldn't have any problem if this was spread from citizen to citizen of the land.

Visa is also not required from citizens of Ethiopia, San Marino, Turkey, Eritrea and Uruguay.

The MSM response is to lash out at those it has so far failed to corrupt by reducing them from citizen to consumer.

Of major concern is that the activities and proposals of this Committee are kept secret from citizens and elected representatives.

We are looking to incorporate open source data from organisations such as the World Bank, crowd sourced data from citizens and solution journalism news items.

NO Citizen who SHIRKS the EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES towards the nation should be granted the right to ENJOY the EQUAL RIGHTS &; BENEFITS due from Citizens to the NATION.

These days, we hear a consistent refrain from citizens complaining about the tyranny of health and safety regulations or moaning about the overweening power of the nanny state.

Report after report from citizens ' groups has spoken of the indefensible and arguably motivated phenomenon, and there have been public meetings about it in many cities across the land.

The Commission is seeking input from citizens, organisations and public authorities to assess the state of play of the European metrology research system and the challenges it is facing.

In 4% of cases citizen on is used

We don't look lightly on citizen complaints.

I miss your show Louis Otieno live on Citizen TV.

Authorities infringed on citizens ' privacy rights.

Unable to rely on citizens ' taxes, councils may have less incentive to be accountable.

We held a session on citizen mapping and media, and invited panelists from a variety of video, mapping, and other grassroots digital projects.

Fiction: ACTA was negotiated in a totally non transparent way, which is unacceptable considering the impact the agreement may/could have on citizens.

It was said that he had several times drawn his revolver and levied money contributions on citizens at dead of night in the public streets of Virginia.

The forum on citizens ' security was held in a bid to identify the major challenges to crime and violence in Jamaica and to recommend solutions for them.

The demands on citizens to be productive, to labour, in culture as well as the fields and factories, seem absurd to our understanding of what creativity is.

The powerful have long spied on citizens (surveillance) as a means of control, now citizens are turning their collected eyes back upon the powerful (sousveillance).

In 3% of cases citizen among is used

Equality among citizens was completely abandoned.

The principle of? equal respect? among citizens is hugely important.

For this to take place, there is a need to create equality among citizens and in this way Iran will not be able to infiltrate.

And friendship among citizens, according to Aristotle, is one of the highest ends of politics, and one of the strongest social glues.

Volunteering makes important economic and social contributions, contributing to a more cohesive society by building trust and reciprocity among citizens.

The government reacted swiftly by appointing an investigating team that has been a subject of debate among citizens as its composition leaves a lot to be desired.

In 3% of cases citizen with is used

Why is this important? The Lisbon Treaty enhances dialogue with citizens.

Since the IPO, ARCP has reduced its exposure with Citizen's Bank from 75 percent to 37 percent.

Mr Cull said another of his jobs as mayor would be to engage more constructively with citizens.

The agency moved beyond gathering public feedback, and became a medium for engaging and connecting with citizens.

Back in July the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire was recommending people do their own policing with citizen street patrols.

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