Prepositions used with "cinema"

"of cinema" or "in cinema"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases cinema of is used

But I do not lose the habit of cinema.

Not necessarily in terms of genre of cinema i.

That is the tradition of cinema that most influenced me.

These are the questions that aficionados of cinema should engage in a sustained manner.

Not, you might think, a promising piece of cinema, except to the followers of nouvelle vague.

Earlier we discussed the importance of locating films within an evolving tradition of cinema.

About Anna McCarthy: Anna McCarthy is a professor of cinema studies at NYU and co-editor of the journal Social Text.

Indeed, the invention of cinema was preceded by an interest in paintings and photographs that could visualize movement.

Personally speaking, it was thereon, that International media and the world of cinema recognized my work in Indian Cinema.

In 24% of cases cinema in is used

The Queen of Versailles is in cinemas now.

Rowdy Rathore will be his crowning glory in cinema.

The actress took abreak in Cinema for more than a year.

Actor must attend the rehearsal to research on his role which he was about to play in cinema.

Moreover in cinema house, one is rarely able to read credits, so I may even had missed these.

The plan is likely to be to get a new standalone Batman film in cinemas for 2015, we'd imagine.

Saturday, December 01, 2012 We Love This Book David Nicholls ' version of Dickens ' classic opens in cinemas this week.

As a side-note, let me just say that this film contains some of the most haunting and accomplished sound ever heard in cinema.

Barlow was previously approached to showcase the band's success story in a stage musical, but he prefers to see the project in cinemas.

Housed under one roof you'll find the experience for all the community, from luxury and bargain shopping to entertainment in cinemas and stages.

In 8% of cases cinema to is used

That was my introduction to cinema, my first understanding of a hero.

His villainy was made apparent to cinema audiences by his English accent.

The film first broadcasted live by satellite to cinemas from the London Film Festival on October 18.

The second primary reason for regarding this film as exceptional is its commitment to cinema as an artistic medium.

There was much discussion and debate during this period about the concept of the ' modern girl ' and its relationship to cinema.

In addition to cinema, her interests include cheese, wine, etymology, tennis, celebrity gossip, and the politics of representation.

One of Britain's most enduring contributions to cinema was Graham Greene, who had a varied career as novelist, travel writer and playwright.

Many of the most important dramatists linked to this period such as Xia Yan, Cao Yu, Chen Bauchen, Shi Hui came back to cinema after the war.

Anyway I gave him a compliment the other day and when I went to cinema with him saturday he was awfully weird and very difficult to talk to and family have said that maybe he thought I fancied him.

In 4% of cases cinema for is used

He indulged his passion for cinema by kidnapping a South Korean director.

Though initially interested in fingerpainting, Sean eventually met Scooter, and at the tender age of five, found his love for cinema.

So he is said to have filmed in anticipation of presentation in both a 4:3 frame, and in widescreen (which the studios would of course force on him for cinema display).

A look around her house in suburban Mumbai -- filled with film magazines, DVDs, film posters and a television set placed in the center of the living room tells you all about her passion for cinema.

In 4% of cases cinema on is used

Then there were more recent attacks on cinema halls in Mymensingh.

I've always been a very athletic kid growing up, and so it's nice to be able to kind of do that on cinema too.

Phalke was operating during the high point of British colonialism and was keen to fashion cinema into a vital instrument of shaping public opinion.

This is where it goes wrong, it's understandable, 2008 brought what would be a stain on cinema and minds alike in the birth of the Twilight franchise.

Released on cinemas in 3D there are frequent remarks about how rubbish the format is, if you're not a fan of 3D then there's plenty of in-jokes that raise a chuckle.

The idea of nationhood and national cinema was the dominant theme in the Japanese discourse on cinema and the public sphere, as indeed it was in many other Asian countries.

In 2% of cases cinema between is used

The intimate linkage between cinema and literature had two important consequences in relation to the progress of cinema in China.

From the very early days, filmmakers in China as well as the audiences were convinced of the fact that there was a close relationship between cinema and didacticism.

In 2% of cases cinema into is used

Fifty years ago, raincoated men snuck into cinemas showing X certificate films full of furtive anticipation.

In 2% of cases cinema with is used

They do, nonetheless, have a seductive power to mesmerize, which puts the installation medium on par with cinema in more ways than one.

In 1% of cases cinema by is used

I'd also influenced a lot by cinema, I use melodrama when I have to use it.

Then -- slap -- all at once I am being simultaneously choked out and stroked off by cinema at its most simple, profound, abstract and mesmeric.

Listening to him talk on the radio the other day about his own childhood trips to the cinema with his father, it was plain that this story of a fatherless child restored by cinema touched him deeply.

In 1% of cases cinema from is used

The mission will then encompass various sectors ranging from cinema and music to video games and press.

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