Prepositions used with "church"

"of church", "to church" or "in church"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases church of is used

Separation of church and state.

Strict separation of church and state.

A group of churches were willing to hire me.

It is meant to be freedom of church from State and not Separation of church and State.

Yet no I never belonged to any kind of church as I work for the Lord similar to Christ.

John Wimber unilaterally announced formation of church and appointed himself the pastor.

With this conquest has come a pattern of destruction of churches, degradation, persecution and forced conversions.

So for ten or more years that Naomi and her family lived there, she probably did not attend the equivalent of church.

This involves volunteering in every aspect of church life and regularly posting Facebook statuses about church activities.

In 25% of cases church to is used

If you want pray, go to church.

Kay, I got ta go to church now.

I am not going to church Sunday.

Reading Pa Broon's comments reminded me of going to church as a child with my parents.

There will be no need for an elaborate vehicle convoy as the couple can walk to church.

Do a little loving, a little hating, do business, mow the lawn and take your kids to church.

I was going through the Baptist, you know, going to church, to the Baptist Church at Yuendumu when I was growing up.

My life had been that of a normal Christian -- go to church, do one or two things, but the conviction was not there.

He was a very religious man who preached that Christmas trees were idols and girls needed to wear dresses to church.

She did her best; she made me go to church regularly, she trained me in the way of God to the best of her knowledge.

In 19% of cases church in is used

It's not going to come in church.

School celebrations took place in church.

In church Richie was active playing the drums.

Although he was active in church he was being heavily influenced by the outside world.

I think this is typical of what will go on in churches that have patriotic services.

It won't be worse than laughing in church, the collection plate will still keep jingling.

I'll guarantee you that you'll see a lot of gay blessings in churches when or soon after gay marriage becomes legal.

I'll guarantee you that you'll see a lot of gay blessings in churches when or soon after gay marriage becomes legal.

With Martini's death, the church risks losing liberal Catholics who push for changes in church structure and discipline.

Two tenement houses collapsed in Church Street, causing the immediate death of seven persons and serious injury to others.

In 8% of cases church at is used

My sense is they find them at churches.

He was avoiding me for a little at church.

Then, he started to look at me more at church.

He works as the Project Manager for Electronic Products at Church Publishing Incorporated.

I can hardly recall a lot of things at home and when I'd at church, I feel so isolated too.

Throughout her life Lorraine worked alongside her husband both on this property and at church.

George began to invest in Jamaica, buying two sugar estates, a wharf at Church Street, Great Salt Pond among others.

Jordan said, v said, (I wore my new mustard cloche and coat to the Remembrance at church yesterday and guess what Rod.

Why is he freaking out so much around me? There was one time he sat in the same row as me, two seats near me at church.

Thank you! Please can I ask you for advice how to respond to him now? We always see each other at Church and at socials.

In 5% of cases church for is used

Botticelli painted religious paintings for churches.

I want to end up with a paradigm for church leaders that makes sense.

The Mackenzie Co Op is also responsible for churches in Fairlie and Burkes Pass.

We eventually decided to create a few WordPress themes specifically for churches and non-profits.

Amaraizu said Okafor was about leaving for church when he was whisked away by the suspected kidnappers.

I am still working on knitting the prayer shawl for church but forgot to take a picture of it last night.

The first floor of the neighbouring hop store was taken over and used for church services attended by large groups.

The New Testament gives us a very clear pattern for Church life and shows us how it should look and what its mission is.

Because of their disregard for church tradition and magisterium, Archbishop Flynn did not support nor did he recognize this group.

Apart from wearing Kente for church, we (especially the boys) were never encouraged to wear cloth or any local dresses for that matter.

In 4% of cases church from is used

Part of the band on the march back from Church this morning.

I got money from churches in America to help those in need.

A middle aged gentlemen in Media, 2 popes from church, 2 simpletons and me.

We are also having a few families from church come because they are like family too.

A lady from Church Street would deliver fresh doughnuts; another would furnish cookies.

The reception should commence as soon as the couple arrives after a romantic walk from church.

Andrew has told us that he and other prison inmates can see the goodness shine from church members ' faces who visit.

Oliveiro found that out when, returning from church one evening, he was attacked by a man waiting for him at his home.

Whoever chooses to remain in sin (like youths that run away from church and live in sin) will not be accepted in Heaven.

Smith, although an ordained Lutheran pastor, is not one of the 380 delegates from churches with full membership in the LWF.

In 3% of cases church between is used

Instead, they insisted upon a wall of separation between church and state.

Thus, a mutual alliance of cooperation was established between Church and Government.

It seems like some people don't understand that there IS a seperation between church and state.

Both countries have seen terrible confrontations between Church and state and political wounds still need to be bound up and peace promoted.

I hope that Italy will continue to foster a stable relationship between Church and State, and thus serve as an example to which other nations can look with respect and interest.

At every religious festival, the Mayor and his police escort literally walk alongside the priests - there is no attempt to enforce any real or theoretical division between Church and State here.

In 3% of cases church with is used

The team used religious visas to gain access and meet with church groups.

He is a German citizen, with previous experience in development work with church related NGOs and Churches.

Patricia enjoys watching movies, actively involved with church activities and relaxing at home with her family.

King Charles and his advisors decided that the farming settlements would begin with churches called missions.

I see nothing wrong with churchs, synagogues or masques etc, making moral pronouncements on humanitarian causes.

But his willingness to discuss ideas at odds with church doctrine made him a respected figure among nonbelievers and lapsed Catholics.

Gateway News interviewed him yesterday in Port Elizabeth, where he is spending a fortnight addressing and interacting with churches and Christian groups.

Football matches were played according to ad hoc rules that could, for example, pit large teams of married men against single men, with church doors as a goal.

This well-known fact has yet to play a significant role in the lead-up to the November 7th election, astounding given the American obsession with church and state.

So, to be brief, this passage has to do with church discipline and Christ's approval of a process, not to do with some special presence of Christ in prayer gatherings.

In 2% of cases church by is used

They meet in a big tent bought by church friends from USA.

This dynamic ministry is in demand by churches and organizations to reach this generation.

History is replete with persecuted people who were put to death by church and the tyrannical throne of England.

He is increasingly asked by churches to put on evangelistic exhibitions of his work to help them engage with their parishes in a fresh way.

From contacts with other ' illegal adoptees ' we know that illegal adoptions were arranged by individuals and also by church run adoption agencies.

The development of science in the West was retarded by church opposition (see A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, 2 Vol, A.

Much of the charitable work done by churches is proselytising, undertaken with the primary desire to obtain converts, rather than with genuine motivation.

A John Nduna Zambian-born John Nduna joined the Geneva-based Coordinating Office of Action by Churches Together (ACT) International as its director on April 1, 2006.

Many Swedish free schools are not run for a profit, they are run by churches or charities, so you can not generalise about the profit motive and all Swedish free schools.

In 2% of cases church on is used

He traveled a lot on church business.

I have been on Church Parade this morning.

There were sailmakers (Redmond of Summerhill) marine stores on Church St.

Michelangelo was painting for the churches his whole life; painting on church walls and church ceilings.

Pls let us not use this post to vent words on churches, but let's use it to educate ourselves better and prayerfully too.

An example of the condition of the roads can be observed on Church Street in Amherst where the snow was recently opened up.

The final area, and the one that has me in a tizzy is the need for balance as I work through my thoughts on church leadership.

The stratification based on church membership size will be based on the percentage of churches in that size category for that jurisdiction (United Methodist Church Sampling Procedures.

They then used the threat of hellfire and brimstone and the so-called devil embodied by the gargoyles still present on churches to this day, to cow the illiterate and gullible masses.

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