Prepositions used with "child"

"of child" or "for child"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases child of is used

The smell of children together.

Name, sex and date of birth of child.

Keep oils out of children's reach.

Consumerism has crept into corners of children's lives that once seemed untouchable.

A fragment is any contiguous sequence of children of some formatting object in the tree.

It is always necessary to avoid being too negative when talking in front of children.

The perceptions of children and their parents in this study often differed on the question of time spent together.

Yes, the majority of children do well in good marriage and good family, but not all children need marriage per se.

A number of children who have one or no proper meal for a full day, but attend school and pass their examinations.

The use of children in advertising is restricted, and the advertising of tobacco products is completely prohibited.

In 23% of cases child for is used

Use only one drop for children.

No discount is given for children.

Not suitable for children or animals.

Table 1 lists the median age and anthropometric characteristics reported for children.

It would now seem that Bush senior's son shares his father's sick liking for children.

Nor do I suggest it sensible to withdraw the requirement for children to wear them.

A series of short films directed by Patrice Leconte where stars tell their dreams for children, broadcast on TF1.

There is also a wonderful video that teaches children about the 10/40 Window called The 10/40 Window for Children.

The policy allows for children to be provided with several opportunities (at least four sittings) to be certified.

An activity centre for children of all ages, Fun Galaxy is conveniently located in Airside Business Park in Swords.

In 11% of cases child with is used

Make memories in nature with children.

If that fails I want to work with children.

We pick families with children in the house.

I would recommend it to anyone visiting the area, particularly those with children.

How to play with children Here are some of the best ways to make play with children.

If you are traveling with children, your children will likely enjoy the Europa Park.

Always surrounding themselves with children or the younger generation, in order to indoctrinate and manipulate them.

Society laments the many serious social problems to do with children, most of who are raised in fatherless homes.

Unlike the previous reader, I found there were lots of practical and comfortable ideas for families with children.

Each age group was hotly contended with children eager to follow in the footsteps of Ireland's triathlon Olympians.

In 10% of cases child to is used

I do NOT equate my pets to children.

You? ve got to teach languages to children.

Picking the gender of to child is really attainable.

Embroidered childrens wear can enhance the acceptability of the product to children.

The unit value is calculated and the calculated value is passed down to children (1.

What Amy, as I understood the question, is doing is providing a service to children.

Beneficiary parents will not be referred to Child Youth and Family simply because they have not met social obligations.

At the very least, the amendment will provide a voice to children and their views will be given proper consideration.

It contravened article 248 of the province's Consumer Protection Act, which forbids advertising to children under 13.

Sometimes bad genes are also bad habits and all of thoses aillments can come from the habits passed along to children.

In 7% of cases child in is used

This is particularly common in children.

Ho Siu-ling works in children's education.

The Netherlands leads the charts in child well-being.

A 1999 paper looking at the rate of atopy in children schooled in Steiner schools 48.

I have a Masters in Child and Adolescent Welfare and have been in my current role for 2.

Check out below the 6 steps he provides to build kindness and resilience in children.

The consultation will examine which other factors should be included in child poverty figures in future measurements.

For drugs that are metabolised by the liver, the effect of the V d becomes apparent in children <2 months of age.

There is also evidence that bio-electric fields play a role in regenerating lost fingertips, especially in children.

I work in a scientific field -- the study of language acquisition in children -- that is in fact dominated by women.

In 5% of cases child on is used

The focus was on child slavery on chocolate farms.

We have made position statements on child sexual abuse.

The group also visits nursing homes and has a special focus on children and elderly.

For a more detailed discussion on children in out-of-home care see Children in Care.

If I'd not mistaken, the recipient does not have to pay taxes on child support received.

Fifty-eight studies reviewed by the WWC investigated the effects of the Lovaas Model on children with disabilities.

Traditionally, academic theories about the role of children in society have rarely centered on children themselves.

Very little was known, before our study started, on the effect of neglect on children's subsequent social development.

Money spent on child nutrition programs today will probably result in decreased social and medical costs in the future.

In 2% of cases child about is used

Marriage and sex are about children.

Pleae remind me HOW it isn't about children.

Now we know what the law says about child labour.

In our new unit (sharing the planet ), we've been learning about children's rights.

That's what a family holiday is all about CHILDREN HAVING FUN and the sound of laughter.

Another single mother talked about children being able to meet their needs with other adults.

Some of our cultural belief about children disability is a result of punishment for the family's previous sins.

This is about child abuse! Meanwhile Murdoch, the Mail, Express etc can print any lies smears and garbage they like.

We know so much more about child development, what is going on in their brain and how best to influence their growth.

Rumours about child abuse dogged Smith for much of his life, and appeared in a local magazine and in Private Eye in 1979.

In 2% of cases child by is used

I hope that all by children will be martyrs.

The MeFinder is used by children between the ages of 3-9 years.

This also makes them safe for use by children, but only under supervision.

Zai Zai plays a single dad, and his son is of course played by child actor du jour Xiao Xiao Bin.

Leave applications were required by Child, Youth and Family because the couple were running a CYF house.

The first is the development of natural number concepts, constructed by children between the ages of two and four.

Some activities can be led by children themselves, though perhaps as adults we may think they are a sheer waste of time.

Tactics made use of by Child Photographers Minneapolis Baby Photographers Minneapolis has usually been popular photographers.

Played for centuries by children in India, Siam and Japan, this was a cooperative game in which the players worked together to.

In 1% of cases child against is used

There is a growing culture of violence against children in Jamaica.

I am so happy that people took to street protesting against child abuse a few days ago.

Violence against children remained a serious problem, as did trafficking in persons.

These crimes against children and vulnerable adults had been going on in the care system for decades.

I am against abortion because I dislike all violence against children but it is every woman's right to choose.

This lack of clarity puts the best interests of the child at risk and threatens to discriminate against children and their parents.

It managed to omit another under-reported fact: that most violence against children is committed by their mothers, not their fathers.

The UK still does not have anything resembling a statute of limitations on sex offences allegedly committed against children or women.

Again, Jesus sadly predicts that following him will result in families being broken up -- father against child, children against parents.

There is no ambiguity: ' all forms of physical or mental violence ' does not leave room for any level of legalized violence against children.

In 1% of cases child from is used

Pages from children's exercise books fluttered in the breeze.

Yet I hear that and more almost every day from children as young as 8 or 9.

This derives from Child 4's mother's interview with Mrs Saradjian on 8 November 1995.

From child labor I learnt that some children have to work really hard and barely get paid.

That higher percentage carries across all expenditures, from child care costs to haircuts.

Kidd (1978: 17) goes further, ' what we describe as adult learning is not a different kind or order from child learning '.

The sight of Gervase calmly getting out his notebook and pen provokes extreme reactions from children and adults alike.

In Australia, state and territory governments have the statutory responsibility for protecting children from child abuse and neglect.

Ben Wilkes from Children on the Edge was delighted to see how much the work of the Centre is increasingly permeating the community.

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