Prepositions used with "channel"

"of channel" or "on channel"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases channel of is used

AMQ9513 Maximum number of channels reached.

AMQ9513 Maximum number of channels reached.

AMQ9528 User requested closure of channel ' &3'.

Tin Macuha of Channel 31 will host the salad making, which may or may not make art history.

Explanation: The maximum number of channels that can be in use simultaneously has been reached.

Explanation: The maximum number of channels that can be in use simultaneously has been reached.

Beat the newspapers using the newspapers Mary Beard was likened to one of Channel 4's Undateables in the Sunday Times by AA Gill.

As well as her work on T4, she became a long-time host of Channel 4's early morning music programme Freshly Squeezed, beginning in September 2007.

A lot of channels have highlighted how Israel is misusing its ' self defence ' mantra and CNN even shed light on the miserable conditions in Gaza.

Explanation: The DCE Security exit was requested to perform a trusted channel check: target partner name &4; was specified in the SCYDATA field of channel &3.

In 28% of cases channel on is used

Watch the Boccia final on Channel 4 now.

The game will be shown on channels 4 and 12 at 1 p.

When is the draw? The Health Lottery draw is shown every Saturday night on Channel 5.

The rest of the story continues from today Monday October 15 on channel 151 at 6:30pm.

Meanwhile, the commentary on Channel 4 is getting a mixed response (to put it politely).

Effective methods to deal with obnoxious people are IGNORE, KICK and various MODEs on channels, such as +i and/or +b.

Effective methods to deal with obnoxious people are IGNORE, KICK and various MODEs on channels, such as +i and/or +b.

Explanation: The DCESECSRMCHANNELEXIT receive or message exit was called on channel &3; to process an incoming message.

And if Obama says it's good, that is a good enough recommendation for me! Homeland is on Channel 4 Sunday nights in the UK.

In 10% of cases channel for is used

AMQ9512 Ping operation is not valid for channel ' &3'.

AMQ9504 A protocol error was detected for channel ' &3'.

AMQ9402 Autodefinition exit for Channel ' &3'; failed to load.

AMQ9439 Repository corruption: bad CLQMGR object for channel &3.

AMQ9245 Unable to obtain account details for channel MCA user ID.

User action: Look at previous error messages for channel program ' &3'; in.

This has implications both for channels of distribution and scale of operations.

Explanation: The sequence number wrap value for channel ' &3'; is &1,; but the value specified at the remote location is &2.

Back in September, ABC chief executive Mark Scott said illegal downloads had been responsible for Channel Ten's disappointing ratings this year.

Explanation: The user exit ' &3',; invoked for channel ' &4'; with id ' &1'; and reason ' &2',; returned values that are not valid, as reported in the preceding messages.

In 7% of cases channel by is used

We are going by Channel Tunnel.

Unfortunately, I'd not expecting any real action on the matter to be taken by Channel 9 or the NRL.

When in doubt, it is always safe to opt for the floral-bouquet based perfume such as Chance by Channel.

Link to this video Description Exclusive: Strip search of woman by Sheriff's Deputies Reported by channel 3 News.

This fan controller is capable of handling six channels (with several fans by channel if you daisy-chain them ), with 30W (2.

He has also bagged several continental wide nominations by Channel O, MTV Base Africa, ChaguolaTeens, RFI, BBC Swahili and Trace Africa.

The stories of these ' superhumans ', as dubbed by channel 4, tugs on your heart strings and you can't help but feel drawn and compelled to them.

She was most likely paid by Channel 9 for her lies, whereas ' Clare ' was not paid a dime by the ABC, because the ABC do not pay for their interviews.

Nigerian movie star Tuvi James was first in for a chat with IK, followed by Channel O star Nonhle Thema, Tanzanian actor Steven Kanumba and South Africa? s? it-girl? Khanyi Mbau.

In 7% of cases channel to is used

Everyday that Nigeria was on strike, we lost N 320B (according to Channels News).

It has since been replaced to Channel 12? s street-level studios (aka CHEX-TV Durham).

And to apply that same model (but with central government replacing local government, subject to very strict parliamentary scrutiny) to Channel Four.

Meanwhile, on the day Sally went to Channel R, she went there as a media coordinator to promote the just ended Kerry Hilson and Bow Wow concert free of charge.

This strategy is often utilised by cable television companies, who tell subscribers that, if they want channels A, B, and C, then they need to also subscribe to channels D, E, and F.

In 6% of cases channel with is used

Within a month of registering with FindaTVexpert I had a screen test with Channel 4's Property Ladder.

Consulate Mumbai in association with Channel V India presents College Hunt USA, a three-episode reality show to be aired in 2013.

Chanel Four became a mobile media from Gatwick to USA, the British parliament and the media personnel associated with Channel Four's footage became human rights activists.

Prior to this, he was the Channel Sales Director, Pacific, for Symantec, driving its relationships in the region with channel partners, resellers, VARs and global security partners.

Responsible for overseeing relationships with channel partners, he was part of the team which delivered the fastest growing economy for VMWare globally, with consecutive growth every quarter.

In 5% of cases channel through is used

AMQ9527 Can not send message through channel ' &3'.

To go through channels would have been to wait forever.

GMA News TV International may be viewed for free by eLife subscribers through Channel 826 from February 10 to 29.

Explanation: During communications through channel ' &3',; the remote queue manager channel program detected a protocol error.

Explanation: During communications through channel ' &3'; the local security exit requested security data from the remote machine.

The panels were unrolled and 27 tensioning cables, ranging from 5/16 to 7/8 inch in diameter, were pulled through channels in each panel.

In 4% of cases channel at is used

Well we have the full poster courtesy of the good folk at Channel 4 for you guys below.

In the letter revealed by Fairfax Media Johnston writes: ' ' Canterbury are approaching Channel 9 to seek an apology for the way that Channel 9 has ' conveniently ' interpreted this matter.

In 4% of cases channel from is used

In a leaked email he claims that Canterbury will ask for an apology from Channel Nine.

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