Prepositions used with "change"

"of change" or "for change"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases change of is used

Anger is the emotion of change.

We are living in an era of change.

A small constant in times of change.

Homer visits different realities caused by the slightest of changes made in the past.

Sadly it determines the winds of change and cultural preferances and final domination.

The higher the rate of change in a given market segment, the higher the need for M &A.

Given the pace of change in our Web-based mobile world, who knows what next month will bring? To learn more read on.

Laura's Before &; After What kind of changes have you made? The changes for me were very simple but very effective.

And the rest is history! History of Hockey Equipment Over the years there have been all sorts of changes to hockey.

As for the future, I can see the possibility of change of course, but it's not a very big one, so far as I can tell.

In 25% of cases change for is used

I bet you voted for change too, sucker.

The AC asked for suggestions for change.

Our clients come to us ASKING for CHANGE.

Like you, I am prepared to have the tough talks, and make the right calls for change.

At the very least, musicians can busk for change as soon as they can play a few chords.

It helps to create a shared understanding about the efforts and steps needed for change.

It takes a long time for changes to show More than 30 streams and rivers drain into Lake Taupo from the catchment.

All of those things are open for change if we have a good set of sensors, and the right actuators to to create them.

If anything this post is a call for change in mindset to one that is more inclusive and considerate of other people.

His noble life abounds with goodly works and continuous struggle for change, construction and salvation of the Ummah.

In 16% of cases change to is used

This list is subject to change.

The door to changes has been shut.

The value to changes feels enormous.

From the Your Profile section, follow the simple instructions to change your password.

The organizer reserves all rights to changes to the terms &; conditions of this contest.

With the increased emphasis on rating teacher's performance based on these test results, this is unlikely to change.

I'd also booked to preach on 26/11, 24/12 and 21/1 (these last dates subject to change) 2 comments: Bendigedig said.

His departure from Virgin soon after was inevitable due to changes in management leading further to shifts in focus.

We've gotten neither the kind of smart enforcement nor the kind of cooperation that might lead to changes in behavior.

In 4% of cases change with is used

Price fluctuates with changes in supply and demand.

Read my article Don't go too fast with change for an explanation.

Modified jobs: new hazards may be associated with changes in job procedures.

I think the problem with change is that most people are not in control of the change.

However, we must still challenge that client with change if change is in their best interest.

Refer to your student schedule online from myUFV, or check the online timetable with changes.

A start-up in its early stages deals with changes in their market, changes to their growth curve on a monthly bases.

Discharge was correlated with changes in both the North Atlantic Oscillation and global mean surface air temperature.

Coping with changes As well as feeling tired and nauseous, hormonal changes may put you on an emotional roller coaster.

Whether it is not set not to Defined, double-click it all together with change the Beginning category to help Intelligent.

In 3% of cases change about is used

Great to know about changes on.

All empirical evidence is about change.

Sagarika Ghose: You talk about change in oneself.

Momentum could possibly be the crucial to learn more about change age -- old habits.

Judgements about changes in living standards are shown to be sensitive to weighting procedures.

What is the background to the new law? The Law Commission advises the government about changes to the law.

Senate through the chair about changes to the Senate Rules hidden within the 2700 page Reid-Obama health care takeover bill.

See the important information about changes for CDL drivers that result from a law that eliminates the Non-CDL Class C license.

The fact that you guys made a forum just for people to talk about change, its so vital to making that first step towards a change.

See the important information about changes for Class D drivers that result from a law that eliminates the Non-CDL Class C license.

In 2% of cases change by is used

Revocation of continuing guarantee by change in firm 38.

The Atmos clock is an amazing device that is powered by changes in air temperature.

Parish life has also been affected by changes in the Catholic Church over the last century.

The reality is that the squeeze on hard working middle income earners won't be solved long term by changes to tax - or by handouts.

Our decision about what is ALARP will also be affected by changes in knowledge about the size or nature of the risk presented by a hazard.

Despite their current lack of interest in low-rise building methods, Korean chaebol developers will likely be pulled in by changes in zoning requirements.

Leif replies Ice Ages are not caused by solar activity, but by changes in the Earth's orbit, mainly caused by Jupiter, so in a sense planets do control the climate.

Ice Ages, etc Ice Ages are not caused by solar activity, but by changes in the Earth's orbit, mainly caused by Jupiter, so in a sense planets do control the climate.

The rate of payment is affected only by changes in qualified adult or child dependency status (See Guidelines- Increase for Qualified Adult / Child) and by budgetary changes.

In 2% of cases change in is used

Just as he turned, the number flashed in change.

Participating in change is the second rule of policy.

In Change Your Luck: The Scientific Way To Improve Your Life!, Dr.

In practice social partners are involved in changes to the structure of VET provision.

Now hope is an orientation toward this participation in change, this participation as change.

Eelco Schattorie rang in changes from the team that was held to a stalemate against Salgaocar FC.

It tends to believe in changes, day in day out, which lets nations enter a new phase where they cope with new challenges.

Involving them in changes to the hospital environment helps to ensure that the practical consequences are fully considered.

For example, to look at and fix on a stone is samadhi, then to see that this stone is flowing continuously in change is panna.

It will result in changes in travel behaviour -- more services to regional airports, more frequent short trips, new travellers.

In 2% of cases change on is used

There are, of course, many potential constraints on change.

This year, European politicians will negotiate and vote on changes to the CFP.

For another perspective on change in the Arctic, this is enlightening: McGhee, R.

Many of the tests focused on changes in cognitive ability or regulation of emotions.

Option 1: Identify two or three other divisions open to focussing on change in their culture.

Non-regulatory Actions There are a number of other actions proposed that do not rely on changes to regulations.

We study the market context and create a new product, service, or experience, and the organization changes around it.

It is not so on their impact on changes to the nature of human cells or to the nature of the many associated micro-organisms.

Examples for this category are products like CA SupportBridge or mValent Integrity, which is focused on Change Management Automation.

They should secure progress reports on change requests from Local Service Providers and keep the staff who requested the changes informed.

In 1% of cases change as is used

Sjowall and Wahloo certainly reflect the anti-war movement as well as changes in other ways, which you describe.

Adaptation - dealing with the consequences of warming and other aspects of climate change, such as changes in extreme weather events.

NFC tags are little squares that you can stick anywhere, and when your phone touches them, it can be programmed to do many different things such as change settings or give files.

In 1% of cases change without is used

Programs that have been made 64-bit safe can be recompiled and run on 32-bit systems without change.

Are women allowed to use cosmetics? There is nothing more fitting for a woman than to enjoy her natural beauty without changes or additions.

Without changes to our policy settings, the short-term picture is not pretty, with our models projecting even further rises in jobless numbers.

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