Prepositions used with "chair"

"of chair" or "on chair"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases chair of is used

I apologized to a lot of chairs.

With a lot of chairs and a lot of.

I normally request a couple of chairs.

Take special care not to hang cameras or bags over the backs of chairs.

Outside the airport arrival lounge are a series of chairs with tables and TV.

Correct! The show features an obstacle course encircling a set of chairs, with music playing in the background.

After the reception everyone moved into the music room and settled in the rows of chairs for an informal program of old musical favorites.

I especially feel I'd an outside observer when jazz is played in large halls and I'd sitting in a row of chairs instead of enjoying my beer in a club.

Why did you book the Discover Scuba Diving experience? Why only one day? Why must you immediately return to your dull life of chairs and TVs and worst of all.

So, when no one was looking, I cached them under a couple of chairs in the little room that the railroad officials used when it wasn't engaged for conferences.

In 20% of cases chair on is used

Musicians sat on chairs and read sheet music.

I could've sworn they sat on chairs at cafes and restaurants.

No standing or climbing on chairs, benches or any other furniture.

For example; my dogs are not allowed onto the beds but are welcome on chairs and sofas.

Some days ago I certified patient's death, he got a heart attack sitting on chair with iPod in ears.

Eight guests can be comfortably accommodated here with a further two seated on chairs in the companionway.

So later, there we were, standing out in the rain - Ben and Spencer sitting on chairs and me, standing in the middle holding an umbrella.

Maintain a good posture - while at work we keep sitting on chair, sitting on that chair all day does a lot of harm to our body and hurts our back the most.

Four forms of Osiris, mummified, bearded, and wearing the Red Crown, and seated on chairs of state; their names are ASAR-KA-AMENTET, ASAR-HER-KHENTU-F, ASAR-BATTI, and ASAR-KHERP-NETERU.

In 11% of cases chair with is used

There is a table with chairs and armchairs.

So it will be an advantage if one can kneel down on a soft mat on the floor and dispense with chairs.

The scene inside had never been witnessed before; every inch of space from the mace to the bar was crowded with chairs and extra benches.

Whereas my Luhya neighbors, in Chamasiri where I lived later on, had a large table with chairs around it similar to how we eat in the US.

Some properties will have dry saunas available right on site, a swimming pool and BBQ area with chairs and tables etc set up for those impromptu gatherings.

In 10% of cases chair as is used

I am currently serving as chair of the Florida book award committee, Sunshine State Young Readers Award.

The remaining four seats on this committee (one of them also to serve as Chair) are reserved for independent members, to be filled later.

And then I was plunged into other things -- such as being the regulator of Premium Rate Telephone Services, as well as chair of the Sentence Review Group.

In 9% of cases chair in is used

MADDOW (shifting uncomfortably in chair ): End of 2014, right.

The squad began training in February 2011 in chairs specifically designed for power soccer.

On a more serious tone, there were some unfortunate injuries -- people sitting in chairs that flipped over (on top of them) because of the turbulant sea.

What? You think I'd afraid of you? I'd not afraid of you, you can come down here any time and I'll be waiting for ya! (hangs up and sits back in chair) That told her.

In 6% of cases chair for is used

Therefore the fee for chairs is set at twice the rate of the members to take account of both the differences in responsibility and in workload.

In 4% of cases chair vice is used

Senator Rapert will be vice chair.

Senator David Burnett of Osceola will be vice chair.

Senator-elect Bart Hester of Cave Springs will be vice chair.

The vice chair will be Senator-elect Jane English of North Little Rock.

Senator Johnny Key of Mountain Home will be Senate vice chair of Joint Budget.

The Senate vice chair of the Legislative Council will be Senator Bill Sample of Hot Springs.

Obama will probably pick someone more in Bernanke's mold, such as Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen.

The Education Committee chairman will be Senator Key and the vice chair will be Senator Joyce Elliott of Little Rock.

The Revenue and Taxation Committee chairman will be Senator Jake Files of Fort Smith and the vice chair will be Senator Teague.

Senator-elect Bryan King of Berryville will chair the Joint Audit Committee and Senator Linda Chesterfield of Little Rock will be vice chair.

In 3% of cases chair into is used

This happens over years of not fitting into chairs, being too high up to hear any of the conversation, or being sensitive to intimidating people.

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