Prepositions used with "ceo"

"of ceo", "for ceo" or "to ceo"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases ceo of is used

Meanwhile, the revolving door of CEOs continued.

Not my words, but the words of CEO's across the country.

Some years back I read that something like 95% of CEOs had I.

Seventy-nine percent of CEO's anticipate even greater complexity ahead.

The answer lies in a discovery supposedly made by the poet Simonides of Ceos in the fifth century B.

The performance of CEOs should be evaluated from time to time by the Board based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Since Thatcher and Reagan the packages of CEOs and executives have ballooned to over 100 x the average worker from their companies.

Anne never aspired to the role of CEO, but neither did she shy away from the opportunity to lead when elected by the board of Xerox in 2001.

Guest Blog Post by Christine Hassler A few days ago I was hired to speak to a room full of CEO's and uber successful entrepreneurs about work/life balance.

In 18% of cases ceo for is used

Everybody has an opinion, and there's old and new media, and there is a lot to learn for CEO to web designer, contracted or employed.

She's a style expert, marketing strategist &; personal branding consultant for CEOs, politicians and celebrities and the creator of MintStyle.

Since pay for CEOs is one of the easiest targets for discontent when poor CEO performance is one of the big issues, we should expect to see this reined in.

Mr Nambiar is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Thought Perfect Pte Ltd, a Singapore based business performance coaching firm for CEOs.

Since pay for CEOs is one of the easiest targets for discontent when poor CEO performance is one of the big issues, we should expect to see this reined in.

It sets a benchmark for CEOs, acknowledging a combination of academic qualifications, experiential learning and professional experience of business leaders.

Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice President for Passenger Sales Worldwide, Emirates stood in for CEO Tim Clark, who had to cancel his appearance at the last minute.

But likewise, if you make vast financial reward the key motivator for CEO success, then you attract the kind of people who value above all else vast financial reward.

I have worked for CEO's for years and I have watched for 40 years while they have increased their salaries, bonuses, stock options and all the attendant perks into the stratosphere.

In 17% of cases ceo to is used

They even allegedly wrote a letter to CEO James Gorman.

Creativity is the most important leadership quality, according to CEO's.

This is hands-on, hard-core solution selling to CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and CTOs.

Have you listened to CEO 's? Even the liberal ceo of whole foods thinks Obama is doing a horrible job.

Diamond joined the bank in 1996 and rose to CEO after running the investment banking unit for about 13 years.

The Tax Code has created this from tax benefits to companies that give big bonuses to CEO's making them even more wealthy.

On Twitter: Everlane -- Clothing company Everlane uses Twitter to build loyalty with their customers, according to CEO Michael Preysman.

In 9% of cases ceo by is used

This team is led by CEO Marc Walker (president).

Now you know that it's a marketing firm focused on customer engagement led by CEO Don Whitbeck and Partners Wilson and Fiorella.

They do however, have a plan to establish a network of solar charging stations built by Solar City (a company also founded by CEO Elon Musk ), to enable driving coast-to-coast.

Together both companies formed a 50:50 joint venture company called Societe des Automobiles Alpine Caterham (SAAC) and will be led by CEO, Bernand Ollivier (Renault man since 1977).

In 9% of cases ceo with is used

And consulting with CEOs (on his fees and terms and location).

Channel NewsAsia is producing the programme together with CEO of Interactive.

In 8% of cases ceo as is used

And it's the approach he would take as CEO of our country.

John Browett, who was hired as the company?? s retail chief just seven months ago after serving as CEO of U.

In NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming ), you learn that successful people (or wannabes) think like other successful people, such as CEOs.

Fetherstonhaugh explained that in addition to acting as CEO of OgilvyOne, he also has a loving family, close friends, enjoys playing hockey and is a member of a band.

In 8% of cases ceo from is used

Pretty A philosophical reply from CEO of J.

Rusli put it in July, he went solo without input from CEO Mark Zuckerberg or COO Sheryl Sandberg.

The company Dimon took over from CEO Bill Harrison resulted from the merger of Chase Manhattan Corp.

For businesses exceeding $100 million, the candidates can be members of the executive leadership team, maybe one level away from CEO or MD.

In 2% of cases ceo including is used

The Seattle-based company lists four co-founders, including CEO Robi Ganguly, a tech veteran who formerly worked for Yahoo, and CTO Mike Saffitz, who recently worked on Windows Phone for Microsoft.

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