Prepositions used with "case"

"of case" or "in case"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases case of is used

She handled thousands of cases.

PART V REVIEWS Review of cases.

Time for disposal of cases 339C.

No matter the evidence, personal belief just trumps rational thought in a lot of cases.

Experts now believe that in half of cases the cause lies at least partially with the man.

The department also has been criticized over a number of cases alleging abuse by officers.

Even if the strike ends the backlog of cases will in all possibility be too much for legal aid to deal with and many.

The highest number of cases was from Canterbury DHB (104 ), followed by Capital and Coast (83) and Waikato (51) DHBs.

Dementia mainly affects older people, although there is a growing awareness of cases that start before the age of 65.

Emerald will advise all authors of case studies to inform the subject (person or organization) and to seek permission.

In 39% of cases case in is used

This isn't unusual in cases of trauma.

Record in cases where is no appeal 263.

I'd pay extra for them in cases like this.

A yes vote also means children's views have to be listened to in cases concerning them.

This medicine is one the most appropriate in cases of habitually soft or liquid stools.

ITB develops most commonly after ingesting infected sputum in cases of active pulmonary TB.

These guidelines are also relevant to FOI requests concerning the records of third parties in cases where the formal.

In cases like this, you can hold some utter fabric coming from whatever over head protection you've got over the area.

Notwithstanding the facts, these two positions are the dominant themes that run in cases related to freedom of speech.

The Court also has original jurisdiction in cases involving ambassadors and other diplomats, and in cases between states.

In 4% of cases case to is used

In some cases the matter may be referred to case progression.

Such defences were previously limited to cases involving business methods.

A These costs vary from case to case depending on the complexity of the estate and the.

I'd look to cases like this one: According to the undisputed testimony of Google's Internet expert, Dr.

LRB1834, ready for introduction) to limit the discretion of the judiciary to cases that exhibit evidence of abuse or neglect.

The promotion of increased volumes of commodity exports has led to cases of unsustainable overuse of the natural resource base.

You always get a hydroxonium ion - so that's constant - but the nature of the anion (the negative ion) varies markedly from case to case.

While complainants do have recourse to the University's Grievance Procedure, A-Branch believes that it is ill-suited to cases of sexual harassment.

Paul Byrne, who is also a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, often refers to cases in which those who had met the criteria for brain death had recovered.

While the current LBW law implementation using DRS may result in definite and consistent decisions, it does not limit itself to cases which an umpire would consider obviously wrong.

In 3% of cases case by is used

We assess these cases on a case by case basis.

We customise our approach on a case by case basis.

Case by case - when they ask - we need to help them to freedom.

Warm-ups on the race course the day before will be accommodated on a case by case basis.

Sponsored jointly by Case Western Reserve University and the Western Reserve Historical Society.

Jon Wiffen, a spokesman for Ticketmaster, told us the company was considering customers on a case by case basis.

Their actions should be guided by case details and by the information gathered from the standardized patient and from physical findings.

It is often triggered by cases being referred to it by agencies in the conventional criminal justice process as part of some diversion scheme.

SISU has previously indicated a willingness to explore potential purchases of a shareholder's stake in the Company post the Proposals on a case by case basis.

The principles of determining whether an employee is living away from their usual place of residence have been established over the years by case law decisions.

In 3% of cases case for is used

For cases like this, there is often a **38;1928;TOOLONG mentality.

They may not seek an exemption for cases covered by the reduced rate, such as employees who are under 18 years of age.

This would be similar to having MDR plus TB for cases of MDR TB where there was additional resistance to the second line drugs.

For cases where back pain and spasms continue for longer than seven days, physical therapy and a consultation with a doctor is recommended.

If you are looking for cases based on a word that might have multiple spellings, see if your search site allows for wildcards to replace part of the word.

For case, some appetizing seeking carvings on the fencing or other things and attractive small ornaments really can add a feel of exclusive and unique result for your backyard.

In 3% of cases case on is used

This rich couple gets best lawyers help &; pulls on case for long time.

A final note on case studies: they should be read as a snapshot in time.

As a lawyer, I've worked on cases involving self defense and defense of others.

From the media's perspective, reporting on cases of suicide can be a delicate balancing act.

In the July 2010 to June 2011 year, the Community Law Centres (CLCs) worked on cases for 49,243 clients.

The following section will focus on case examples of the types of behaviour that did or did not amount to bullying.

The methodology allows for broad generalisations to be made predicated upon case studies rather than explaining the whole picture.

During my MBA studies we were asked to work on cases that showed how badly things could become due to defective or poor communication.

And it is true, there are sections which promote the two Pakatan-led states of Penang and Selangor based on case studies that succeeded there.

In 3% of cases case with is used

Microsoft also sells Touch and Type covers for the Surface, along with cases from Incipio.

Enriched with case studies and full-colour photography, it is your ideal companion to medals research.

In the UK, evidence has been provided showing an association of Parachlamydia species with cases of bovine abortion.

Just be happy the courts aren't as filled up with cases as it should be with doctors making mistakes doing just that.

Access to Library Services There is access to library services for all students and staff working or affiliated with CASE.

After having functioned for a considerable period, each Tribunal is expected to develop its own legal culture in dealing with cases.

The legal experts were seized with cases of Hindu men using Islam as a licence to marry a second time without dissolving their existing marriage.

A Pakistani was deported for flipping the middle finger at a motorist, and the courts are filled with cases of foreigners having sex out of wedlock.

This is because the body is obviously just rejecting the insulin, so there is no obvious course of action, as there is with cases where the insulin is just not being produced.

In 2% of cases case from is used

All the missing swabs were from cases of acute simple appendicitis.

A These costs vary from case to case depending on the complexity of the estate and the.

Since a paper telephone directory is not copyrightable in some countries (which we know from case law ), a digital version is not either.

You always get a hydroxonium ion - so that's constant - but the nature of the anion (the negative ion) varies markedly from case to case.

The Harvard ' criteria ' were published without substantiating data from either scientific research or from case studies of individual patients.

Of these, 17 swabs ere taken from cases with frank pus and a perforated or gangrenous appendix (n=30 ), while 13 swabs were from patients with simple acute appendicitis (n=50).

But I think this should be distinguished from cases where organisations capable of paying instead take advantage of a pool of young people to avoid having to pay professionals.

A A How long does it take? A The length of time it takes to obtain the Grant of Probate/Administration and to distribute the estate to the beneficiaries varies from case to case.

From case studies and clinical trials conducted by scientists, it has been established that camel milk contains insulin and insulin-like proteins which have an anti-diabetic effect in the body.

In 1% of cases case about is used

And accurate headlines about cases such as this one would help too.

I heard about cases where they actually hit the surfboards, but I didn't see it.

You just need to contact with any bail company and provide information about case and charges.

In 1% of cases case at is used

Registration allows you the full privileges of student membership at CASE.

However -- again however, all of this sure is tricky! -- if one were to take a look at cases like Hatton and others v.

These animals have been clocked at a speed of 50 body lengths per second on a treadmill located in the research lab of biologist Roy Ritzmann at Case Western Reserve University.

Organizations should look at case studies and data that give insight as to why some of the initiatives around enterprise app stores have resulted in either failure or low usage within an enterprise.

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