Prepositions used with "capacity"

"of capacity" or "to capacity"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases capacity of is used

So there's a lot of capacity out there.

The lack of capacity has been known for a decade - in 2007 the $2.

Bennett is the province?? s largest dam, with 2,730 MW of capacity.

Sometimes NGOs in developing countries are themselves recipients of capacity building.

This level of capacity can meet PMV's most aggressive forecasts for 2030 container traffic.

Although acting did not seem to be his real passion, he continued to act in a number of capacities.

Public Transport in Tokyo is back to approximately 80% of capacity and the availability of food has greatly improved.

If there is growth, PMV and Prince Rupert have plenty of capacity without building a second terminal at Roberts Bank.

There is a need for the harmonisation of responsibilities and the strengthening of capacities in the relevant sectors.

But the Port is hardly standing still in terms of capacity, as there are many plans underway for expansion in the future.

In 25% of cases capacity to is used

Did the government utilize the existing resources compared to capacity? 2.

Added to this is, of course, supervisory failures due to capacity constraints.

The venue which was filled to capacity roared with excitement and praise as Mr.

The rooms were congested, full to capacity with cribs, tables, play equipment and toys.

The seating areas were already filled to capacity, with a few spectators hanging around the barricades.

Most experienced drivers are comfortable, and posted speed is maintained, but roads are close to capacity.

The village was packed to capacity so I couldn't get in to take any photos but we did manage to get close to the stage.

Laura Stack knows your to-do list is already packed to capacity, so she shows you how to accomplish more by doing less.

We knew that talent was critical to capacity building and would provide the foundation for transforming the whole sector.

I guess I'd saying our society is more barred, taxed to capacity or disincentivized from multi-cellular activity than mono-cellular.

In 11% of cases capacity in is used

The saved benefits were using in capacity building of the organization as it later transformed to a bank.

Worth noting is that a huge increase in capacity just for GO is required and some funding is coming from that source.

Paula Fynboh is an independent contractor and consultant who specializes in capacity building, story telling, civic engagement and.

Since the STM is so limited in capacity and mechanical design is so complex, drawings are needed in design as an extension of the visual imagery capability.

This gap actually leads to people getting hired and working in capacities where they have no job related skills resulting to poor productivity in the work force.

Some of this difference in capacity comes from individual personality and adjustment, and some from external resources such as financial capacity and social supports.

Raw material price spikes left huge surpluses with the mining groups leading them to invest heavily in capacity expansion to take care of the world hunger for minerals.

Having repeatedly sold out its ticket allocation of 5,000 in previous years in Butlins, organisers moved the festival to London, boasting a threefold increase in capacity.

Scale that feeling up to the purchase pice of a car and imagine the sad that folks might have when next year's batteries get a 20% boost in capacity or 10% reduction in weight.

In 6% of cases capacity for is used

Just give us the gold and we'll take care of the rest if you're pressed for capacity.

The Foundation is a leader, major partner and centre of excellence for capacity building in Africa.

Compare the economic and environmental costs of various options for capacity expansion in the region.

Received and implemented a Bangladesh Government grant for capacity building in promoting research in Genetic Engineering &; Biotechnology.

Even in the case of NTPC or BHEL, they may set up a few peaking stations near the gas pipelines and but would not go for capacities such as 1000MW.

Another area of cooperation is to ensure, during these times, that we put in place the framework for crisis management, for surveillance, and for capacity building.

If there is a large scale issue in the Availability Zone, there may be insufficient capacity to immediately provide a new ELB and replacement will wait for capacity to be made available.

In 6% of cases capacity on is used

The Barefoot College focuses on capacity building of rural communities, enabling them to make sustainable and capable contributions to society.

The production process will focus on capacity building of local Swahiliwood filmmakers, and their Entertainment-Education themes will reach wide audiences via Swahiliwood's vast distribution network.

In 5% of cases capacity with is used

It's clubs with capacity of about 2500 people like we had in Malaysia.

You can thin out the more pricey versions by just eradicating seat with capacity of.

Some workshops were equipped to the level of ordnance factories with capacity for manufacturing a wide range of equipment, material and spare parts.

The second phase of the ESPO project is to build a connection to the East coast of Russia for export to Asian markets (1763 km with capacity of 1 million b/d).

In 4% of cases capacity at is used

Apparently they were at capacity.

But then, after more waiting, another PR girl came to politely tell us we wouldn't get in, as the venue was at capacity.

In September 2012 spare capacity was logged at 510,000 bpd and it seems unlikely that Nigeria could call on that capacity at short notice.

Through foundational and online support, women scientists could in effect operate at capacities on par with, or perhaps better than, their off-line cohorts.

We wondered how a queue that had barely moved for an hour could mean the venue was at capacity? Having seen the Mr Brainwash hype machine before, I understood that they were trying to create a buzz.

In 2% of cases capacity By is used

PotashCorp is the largest producer, by capacity, of potash and third largest producer of nitrogen and phosphate.

India's power sector is plagued by capacity shortages, resulting in frequent blackouts, poor reliability, and deteriorating physical and financial conditions.

Different from the by Capacity Business office software, Microsoft Office 2010 Serial Number, MICROSOFT Office leadership organization usually spends an excessive amount of bucks about selling.

In 2% of cases capacity over is used

The young man at the door told us they were over capacity and we could come in once people left.

In 1% of cases capacity as is used

But to be ready for 2030, road projects will have to address safety as well as capacity.

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