Prepositions used with "candidate"

"of candidate" or "for candidate"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases candidate of is used

The majority of candidates on our list were so serious.

Nominations and election of candidates at public elections.

The panel develops a short list of candidates for interview.

The reason for his success is largely down to the Republican Party's choice of candidate.

To help us narrow down the list of candidates, please fill out the application form below.

Beyond that Shearer has a caucus of candidates who are in the twilight of their careers (e.

With National Popular Vote, big cities would not get all of candidates? attention, much less control the outcome.

Following up with a potential employer may give you that extra edge once they narrow down the list of candidates.

Let us work fearlessly and campaign this coming 2013 elections for the rejection of candidates who are pro-RH Bill.

In 17% of cases candidate for is used

Brian Williams knows people vote for candidates they like.

They also look for candidates who a motivated to develop themselves personally.

Tell them that you? ll ONLY be voting for candidates and parties that endorse BCIR.

One Young World is happy provide fundraising materials for Candidates, including a letter.

Between commercials and other outputs for candidate to voter relations we need a total revamp.

As well as for candidates there was information on our website but it was a long list of job descriptions.

Senior Invigilators must ensure that they have registration lists for candidates registered for each paper.

Having a litmus test for candidates on social issues produces nothing more than a standstill on both sides.

In Toronto, in fact, the NDP used to hold formal nomination contests for candidates seeking to run in downtown wards.

However, it can still take an average of 10 months for candidates to find a new, acceptable position, according to the U.

In 9% of cases candidate to is used

Beaumont, which upheld the ban on corporate donations to candidates.

They performed many useful community services and gave equal time to candidates and issues.

The University of London will send an email to candidates when the results become available.

For now, people don't have to face emails begging them to donate, once again, to candidates.

Free media time and public financing will be offered to candidates of the top 7 political parties.

It's time to put strict limits on the contributions that lobbyists give to candidates for federal office.

The examiners may award a distinction for excellence in the whole examination to candidates for the Degree.

And in 2004, 98 percent of House seats went to candidates who spent the most, as did 88 percent of Senate seats.

Presentation The NAO allocates presentation topics to candidates on the day and gives a set amount of time to prepare.

In 4% of cases candidate by is used

Two downstate districts had races upended by candidates who unexpectedly withdrew.

The first parliament had over 40% of the seats represented by candidates from the minorities or left inclined candidates influenced by the minorities.

In setting standards for the HKDSE, Levels 4 and 5 will be set with reference to the standards achieved by candidates awarded grades A -- D in the HKALE.

The exam, conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE, is taken by candidates to make them eligible to be eligible for appointment as teachers for classes I to VIII.

As a matter of style, Baucus ' long and so far fruitless effort to build bipartisan support has looked a lot more like the process outlined by candidate Obama than the one President Obama employs.

In 3% of cases candidate with is used

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, a controversy arose over his contacts with candidate Barack Obama.

Solution: Social media recruiting makes it easier than ever to quickly communicate with candidates in the social spaces where they spend time.

I witnessed how the Central Committee was elected, how voters submitted pre-printed ballots with candidates marked off whom they had never heard of.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us with candidates who certainly carry a degree of gravitas, and who, more importantly wont ask for too much money.

Although you might feel overwhelmed at times, it's vital that you keep communication lines open with candidates and continue providing feedback throughout the process.

We can't record all events with candidate electrons in them without having to throw away some events that have large missing transverse momentum --- there are just too many.

In 2% of cases candidate in is used

I hate that the changes in the GOP have left me with so few choices in candidates.

I am interested in candidates who have at least a 2 years previous work experience in similar positions.

However, to vote for a third party candidate, or write in candidate, is to register a protest at the ballot box.

In 2% of cases candidate on is used

If not specified, there is no dateTime lower bound on candidates.

If not specified, there is no dateTime upper bound on candidates.

In 1% of cases candidate among is used

Sunday's success will inevitably see him immediately installed among candidates for any future Premier League post that becomes available.

But there is no denying Kelly's broad appeal among voters, even if a lack of choice among candidates on the ballot is touted as his greatest electoral asset.

In 1% of cases candidate between is used

In many electorates reports of stolen ballots, scuffles between candidates, and misrepresentations of party affiliations were the dominant focus.

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