Prepositions used with "cancer"

"of cancer" or "with cancer"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases cancer of is used

Symptoms of this type of cancer vary.

The determination of cancer is complex.

Her mom died of cancer before I was born.

I am a survivor of melanoma and my mom is facing myelofibrosis, a rare form of cancer.

The earrings could be those they inherited from their grandmothers who died of cancer.

He had hemorrhage in foot and last stages of cancer left him dependent upon my mother.

I knew her oncologist had advised her NOT to be tested, as it was unlikely she had had the hereditary type of cancer.

In those uneducated days people kept secret the curse of cancer as if it was almost something of which to be ashamed.

But everyone should get tested, says Giovannucci, especially those with a family history of cancer or autoimmune disease.

In one study, statin use (compared to placebo) increased the risk of cancer by 25 per cent (statistically significant) 4.

In 17% of cases cancer with is used

We don't want to live in a world with cancer.

Many people with cancer suffer from this symptom.

All Nepali people are well acquainted with cancer.

He returned from Paris after a few months, when his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

When you turn 70ish, or your grandma turns 70ish, and lets say comes down with cancer.

She lived with cancer for 5 years, but on the 8th of July 2009 we lost her to a stroke.

I was diagnosed with cancer at the same time my sister was very sick, also cancer (different and unrelated to mine.

Net brings the expertise and resources of ASCO to people living with cancer and those who care for and care about them.

I completely agree with you! My grandmother went into the hospital with cancer and her health went down hill very fast.

Just a few months after my mom's stroke, I was paying my respects to my friend who lost her mom to a battle with cancer.

In 15% of cases cancer for is used

They undergo chemotherapy for cancer treatment 4.

Are being treated for cancer with radiation or drugs.

He was going to leave no ground for cancer to stand on.

Akeso will seek to discover mAbs for cancer, immune disorders and infectious diseases.

The two most common treatments for cancer of the ovaries are chemotherapy and surgery.

We're just trying to get it to pay for cancer treatment, or I don't know, well child visits.

The subsequent findings have raised questions about the regular need for screening for cancer among mental patients.

Case 3: Raj Kapoor's daughter Ritu Nanda has been undergoing treatment for cancer in the US for the last three months.

There are risk factors for cancer, but every year there are people who get cancer who don't have any of the risk factors.

Yuvraj Singh is expected to play his first Test since the visit to England after which he underwent treatment for cancer.

In 8% of cases cancer to is used

Anil passed away in 1952 due to cancer.

There are possible applications when it comes to cancer.

However, on the 10th of January 2005 I lost my breast to cancer.

There are signs low levels of this vitamin in the blood are linked to cancer incidents.

I couldn't because that nasty work, and my welding, lead me to cancer, but God is good and I'd living OK.

During the procedure, the doctor cuts out polyps if there are any to make sure they don't turn into cancer.

Anyone who has ever lost a relative to cancer knows that in the final days it is the morphine that finally takes them.

He battled cancer here in our country and says that it is not that India is less any way when it comes to cancer treatment.

From doing self-examinations to donating to cancer research, the actions that result from our awareness are hugely important.

I'd a young adult cancer patient, advocate, and author (Everything Changes: The Insider's Guide to Cancer in Your 20s and 30s).

In 7% of cases cancer from is used

Sunbathing is ageing! At worst, you could die from cancer.

Both her paternal and maternal grandfather died from cancer.

My dad died from cancer at 54 -- he had so much life left in him.

The researchers found no differences in the risk of death from cancer between the groups.

Or they may happen because of side effects from cancer treatments and other drugs such as painkillers.

Dying to be Me is the story of Anita Moorjani's near death experience, and subsequent miraculous recovery from cancer.

This is because there could be a number of reasons for backaches, starting from cancers and tumor to incorrect posture.

Undeterred, Sun continued to fight for the revolution until his untimely death from cancer at the age of 58, on 12 March 1925.

And as he approaches death, from cancer, the priest's saintliness remains unclear to him, but becomes undeniable to the reader.

In 4% of cases cancer in is used

There are 2 levels of MDT for melanoma and other skin cancers.

The key to achieving higher cure rates in cancer is increased awareness.

In cancer treatment, there is nothing certain except the uncertainty of its result.

This is sometimes difficult in cancer cases and family support is extremely important.

Even gradual weight loss has been identified as an indicator of poor prognosis in cancer patients.

Take this headline for example which you can find here: ' Statins cut mortality in cancer patients '.

Nearly all of the mice developed skin cancers (squamous cell carcinomas) following exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Specialist skin cancer teams NICE has issued guidance called Improving Outcomes For People With Skin Tumours Including Melanoma.

They have falsely claimed, for example, that no significant progress has been made in cancer treatment in the past twenty years.

How many carcinogens are these kids eating daily? Look at the rise in cancer rates since the rise in over processed school lunches.

In 3% of cases cancer about is used

She talked about cancer awareness.

We ended up talking about cancer for 30 minutes.

I repeat my point that he is paranoid about cancer.

This affliction on your wife provides an opportunity to explain things about cancer.

Working as a banker at that stage, I knew nothing about cancer, except that it was a killer.

There is more information about cancer fatigue in the section on coping physically with cancer.

Remember the LiveStrong bracelets, for instance? I don't know how I feel about cancer becoming a fashion accessory in popular culture.

The Ennis inquiry followed the families of the late Ann Moriarty and Edel Kelly making public their concerns about cancer misdiagnoses.

It means a lot to me because in our black society most people have a lack of knowledge about cancer and now I will be the light in their darkness.

Think about cancer, for example? --? I know, horrible, right? Get a load of this guy, that's pretty grim! Does he have cancer? But I don't eat gluten, so.

In 3% of cases cancer like is used

Lots of things that occur in nature are bad -- like cancer.

By doing so our bodies natural defence mechanisms are reduced allowing diseases like cancer to proliferate.

Perhaps it's an irrational fear of something like cancer being contagious, if not physically then energetically.

Sometimes people should really stop and think, even if (or especially if) they have never been through something like cancer.

I've found some good books for explaining it all to my daughter if you need -- but someone like Cancer Council will have them too.

He claims to cure chronic health problems like cancer, thalaesemia, orthopedic, migraine, spinal diseases, gastritis and even AIDS.

It needs an organisation like Cancer Research UK to have the courage to seize the immense potential of cannabis as medicine and drive it forward.

In 3% of cases cancer on is used

The 20 colon cancer patients receiving 0.

The study adds to debate over the impact of green tea on cancer risks.

There are promising results on the prevention of colon cancer in animals.

The so-called war on cancer is largely a war on promotion and sale of carcinogenic tobacco products.

Although less than 10 percent become cancerous, most colon cancers are thought to develop from polyps.

They mentioned their finding to a colleague, who looked for and found a stronger effect on cancer cells.

Ray, who says the life-threatening disease has made her realise the importance of life, is busy penning a book on cancer.

The tissue distribution of Resv and its metabolites was estimated in a study where twenty colon cancer patients received 0.

Earlier research focusing on high doses of specific vitamins, and their effects on cancer prevention, have had mixed results.

In 2% of cases cancer by is used

As October ends, enter the Fright Night Awards, presented by Cancer Bites.

One such example is Geron (GERN ), which treats brain metastases caused by cancer.

Both the patient and their family members equally suffer when one member of the family gets struck down by cancer.

Of course what it does is penalise those, probably with years of good service behind them, who may be hit by cancer or other serious illness.

Your life has been turned upside down and inside out by cancer and its no wonder at all that you feel like you do, you wouldn't be human if you didn't.

The chemical was developed into a drug by Cancer Research UK scientists, and we helped support the first-in-man trials that showed such initial promise.

It does not show what you are most likely to die from in each country of the world - that map would be dominated by cancer, heart disease and car accidents.

The study, by Cancer Research UK and its partners, is the first in the world to examine the impact of a smoking ban in isolation from other tobacco control measures.

Predictive genetic testing of a healthy person for a BRCA gene mutation is only possible if a BRCA mutation has already been identified in a family member affected by cancer.

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