Prepositions used with "cable"

"of cable" or "on cable"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases cable of is used

There are many styles of cable chains.

Honestly, though, if you're buying the right kind of cables (i.

There is no screening of cables or censorship of foreign media.

Now they do the same thing, so they can't pretend Fox is a lower form of cable commentary.

You probably look at me and think as President of Cable &; Wireless Jamaica I have a cushy job.

If you subscribe to any form of cable or satellite your money goes to support the progressive view.

Further amendments to legislation were a direct result the appearance of cable and satellite broadcasting and computer software.

She was appointed as Director (Enterprise Sales) India, of Cable &Wireless; Worldwide, the second largest telecom company in the UK.

Besides, with the awful reputation of cable companies, I have to wonder how many people would turn over their home security to Comcast.

Some of the more famous types of cable sterling silver chains include Rolos chains, which feature wider links in a more circle-type design.

In 20% of cases cable on is used

As stated, I saw them on cable TV in Seattle.

In relation to Osho Looking drugged on cable tv.

On cable TV every day there'd be guessing games on who it was.

Our yield per sub on DTH is Rs 9, while on cable it is less than Rs 5.

A terrifically instructive show on cable is HGTV's Designer's Challenge.

No, I'd not preparing for doomsday ' like the folks you see profiled on cable TV.

I can imagine that this is from their management since their mark up on cables is very high.

I believe this is the result of more and more people relying on cable news or the internet for info.

I'd also a regular panelist on cable news ' popular business show, Forbes on FOX (with an average viewership of 1.

I've been watching the pilot episode online since I managed to miss the first 3, and figured I'd continue on cable.

In 12% of cases cable by is used

Going up Namsan Hill by cable car and by the usual Korean way.

Informed of these facts by cable, Eisenhower acknowledged the message within seven minutes.

The bungy jump takes place from a pod suspended by cables between two mountains over the Nevis River.

The mattress can hold a weight of 900kg in the air and is tethered by cables to the walls to stop it floating away.

Nothing gets said by cable guy about the dodgy contract clauses and no proof exists that cable guy is even a cable guy.

Current State of Radio and Television Stations Some 250 French and foreign channels are accessible by cable and satellite.

This is very very fortunate for BT, because unless broadband was delivered by cable of some kind, they'd be out of business by now.

Demarest acknowledged the resemblance between the society and characters portrayed by Cable and what he knew of his Creole ancestors and and their circles.

And people have been so inspired by the design, which draws you literally into the building like a book opening its cover, some even dance on it suspended by cables.

In 7% of cases cable for is used

We pay for cable and have a medium level of channels.

I think that a similar but not identical argument can be made for cable TV.

Schmidt has made films for the strand since 1999, as well as programs for cable outlets such as Discovery, National Geographic and History.

In 6% of cases cable in is used

You see, there's lots of money in cables.

In 6% of cases cable via is used

Fronts and centre via cable talk 3.

His explaination was: The clutch is connected to the engine via cables.

Updated vita this morning at 5:30 before going to work and transferred the games over via cable and content manager.

In 6% of cases cable with is used

There is a telly with Cable TV channels.

There are 14 spacious air-conditioned guest rooms all with cable T.

My experience from owning Giant bikes with cables run down the bottom of the down tube and under the BB is the lines can be damage by loose rocks, shutting or catching on branches.

In 4% of cases cable over is used

This will either be a cross over cable between 2 hosts in a 2 host cluster or a private VLAN on the switch dedicated just to these servers and this task.

I also need one network card in each server for the heartbeat network joined by either a crossover cable or a switch -- I will call this the ' heartbeat ' switch.

In 3% of cases cable like is used

Expect this kind of stories like cable guy more now that vs are starting monday.

It is known for global electronic appliance chain that features all active and passive electronics like cable wires, connectors, transistors, oscillators, and many other commodities.

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