Prepositions used with "army"

of, by, with, in or for army?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases army of is used

Abdul quoted the Chief of Army Staff, COAS, Lt.

Nicholas Carter, and Afghan Chief of Army Staff Gen.

All Also has managed even without in water of armies.

Their guilt could be managed to obliterate all trace of Army complicity and eliminate the PKI.

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) was leaving Jonathan's private office when Ambassador was entering.

IMO, about 90%+ of armies should get most points or close to from my own tournament experience.

Wooden bridges across deep gorges seemed to be badly battered due to the heavy traffic of army machinery several times a day.

The ratio of Army support forces to combat forces during the fighting -- BTL to ATL in our shorthand notation -- was about 1.

Meeting participants included Pakistani Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Acting ISAF Commander Lieutenant Gen.

WSN: What is your assessment of new political talents like the Chief of Army Staff; what about the cricket star Imran Khan? LtGen (ret.

In 11% of cases army by is used

This was only in the territory attacked by Army Group Centre.

The struggle now going on for the world will never be decided by bombs or rockets, by armies or military might.

In city of Deir Ezzor, 23 people, including a child and a woman were killed by army gunfire when troops stormed the Jura district.

For the students of Guru Nanak Public School, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary School Examination (CBSE ), arms and ammunition used by army were on display.

The notion that Crusaders were being contested by armies led by Kurdish warlords of not the same sort of status simply would not compute to chroniclers and indeed the Crusaders themselves.

It was a shame for our judiciary for accepting the verdict given by the court marshal headed by army personals, punished by the General for various mal practices in their service in the army.

The nation stands with army and would support all means and measures taken by army to remove this filth in the name of democracy and protect Pakistan by bringing a patriotic caretaker government.

In 9% of cases army with is used

The nation stands with Army Zaid Hamid It was long over due.

This is killing people with army breaking it's own ROE regularly.

But Oates became deeply disenchanted with army life in the years following the Boer War.

Officials in the Karzai administration said that the President's discussion with Army Chief Gen.

On 3 February 1933 Hitler met with army and navy commanders to whom he outlined his future policy.

On the next day a conference with Army representatives on board Toledo led to improved procedures in air spotting.

Even large publicly traded oil companies with armies of petroleum geologists and engineers who operate under strict U.

Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba Poblete, Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army, lays a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier with Army Chief of Staff Gen.

American special own experience with army Special Forces,? I know of no question ever being raised by participants regarding morality or legality of the mission.

The Armada's undoing was caused, ultimately, by the decision to unite the fleet from Spain with army from the Netherlands as the obligatory prelude to launching the invasion.

In 7% of cases army in is used

My brother is in Army Intelligence.

Zia-ul-Haq was the first among ' grocery ' growers then the chain of down trodden and greedy is inducted in Army.

A new Tezpur-based 4 Corps was created and Lt General Kaul, then Chief of General Staff in army headquarters, appointed to head it.

The practice of illicit tactics may be facilitated? or suggested? by seemingly innocuous and eminently reasonable procedural tips in army manuals.

Definitely the experience, in army custody will also be another good experience for him to make the country a more democratic and uncorrupted Island.

I snubbed my nose at fashion stores and danced in hippie pants and old men's shirts with the collars cut off, in army trousers with lacey edges and endless pairs of stripey stockings.

In 6% of cases army to is used

East Carolina: Air Force's attractiveness took a hit with last week's loss to Army.

But some as described above are re-displaced instead of being resettled due to Army occupation of their land.

Weiss fleshes this out to say that ' a UN engineer ' volunteered to remain behind, but according to army records Harun's companion was a security officer called Mr Suganthan.

In 5% of cases army from is used

Ahmed feared a civil war resulting from army defections and the armed opposition.

They differ from army reserves who are activated only during such times as war or natural disasters.

Before Puttur, we got the directions from Army personnel to go to Nilavarai Bottomless Well at Nawathkiri.

Many of the men whom the President had gathered around him during the campaign were old friends from Army days.

In 4% of cases army between is used

In the Joint Chiefs of Staff it was the minority member: although there were differences aplenty between Army and Air Force, they were successfully plastered over.

In 3% of cases army under is used

You can only do experiments in hospitals under Army auspices.

At the same time, he should be tried under Army Act 1950 and Army Rules 1954 to bring such issues now when he became General.

In 2% of cases army on is used

All their years together had been lived on Army posts.

Let Pakistan spend more money on education and less on army.

The statistics on army deployment in the North bear out the British High Commissioner's concern was the same as Tamil minority concern.

I remember how amused Mamie was when some months later two other women and I went to the White House to be photographed with her to publicize some fund-raising affair for the Salvation Army.

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