Prepositions used with "director"

of, by, with, for or to director?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases director of is used

Appointment of Director of the Bureau 25.

The board of directors would be salaried.

He is on the Board of Directors of the C.

Don't be over ambitious and say I want to be in board of directors in next 5 years.

From 1997 to 2008, he was a member of the Board of Directors of Hiestand Holding AG.

Alison Fellows, a senior city council officer has been seconded to the role of director of Newcastle Science City.

Glazer serves on the Board of Directors of the following Perseus fund portfolio companies: Established Brands, Inc.

In 4% of cases director by is used

They have been replaced by director Stephen Castagne with 87.

The action thriller movie is made by director Krish and has Rana playing B.

Chang Jin and Jeong Dae are confused and astonished by Director Oh's demands.

Stage one: Decision by Director on whether inappropriate practice may have occurred.

The judging panel will once again be led by Director of RSPB Scotland Stuart Housden OBE.

A tribute was also read by director of culture, Sidney Bartley, on behalf of minister of youth and culture Lisa Hanna.

The order was granted last week Wednesday following an application made by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn.

At this meeting, the shareholders: elect directors; confirm, modify or reject the by-laws established by directors; and appoint an auditor.

If necessary, the Nomination Committee will draft and adopt internal guidelines to address the competing time commitments faced by Directors serving on multiple boards.

In 4% of cases director with is used

You first worked with director Rian Johnson on 2005? s Brick.

And she doesn't have a reputation for being argumentative with directors at all.

This film marked the beginning of a long and prosperous collaboration with director, Don Siegel.

Relationship with directors My kind of relationship with directors is strictly on business, nothing else.

However, you will also need to conduct qualitative interviews with directors within the client organization.

She denied rumours of a romance with director Anubhav Sinha, but has said she eventually plans to get married.

Cut+Run's Nathan Perry-Green worked with directors Ben Cook and Nicole Albarelli to create this promo for Sony Music Entertainment.

The actor also reveals we learn more about his character's youth and what it was like to work with director Sam Mendes and co-star Javier Bardem.

She's got a reputation for being argumentative with directors, as was recently caught by the paps in an ugly encounter with Nick Cassavettes in a parking lot.

Digging into our secret stash of all things Bollywood, we found unexpected treasure: the story of SRK's next film with director Rohit Shetty, Chennai Express s.

In 3% of cases director for is used

Simultaneously the actor has got his Maatraan project rolling for director KV Anand.

On the flip side, I believe there is little incentive for directors to resume business.

This Update for Directors has been prompted by the current economic uncertainties facing a number of countries around the world.

This is an extract from the book Managing Fraud Risk: A Practical Guide for Directors and Managers by Steve Giles MA (Oxon ), ACA.

Narayan has conducted courses in these areas for Directors and senior executives of private and public-sector firms, PhD students, MBAs and undergraduates.

In general, a conflict of interest exists for Directors who use their position with Churchill to benefit other parties, specifically themselves, friends or families.

Kepley is a Drama League Fellow and a recipient of the 2009 -- 2011 National Endowment for the Arts/Theatre Communications Group Career Development Program for Directors.

In 3% of cases director to is used

Note to directors: chaotic first meetups are so old, and so unlifelike.

It was just really well done (the entire episode was, thanks to director Ernest R.

I suspect that it might be pretty hard having to sell following Nolan to directors.

Now Gutierrez, a former businessman in addition to director of Romney's Hispanic outreach, is piling on.

His father worked his way up from a parliamentary stenographer to director at the Social Affairs Ministry.

Additional charge of family welfare directorate given to director general health dr sp ram has been withdrawn.

She began working at the Sheldon Fogelman Agency, in subsidiary rights, advancing to director of subsidiary rights.

To director Brad Silberling, the books give children credit for having a sense of humor, and they don? t play down to anyone.

There were about 100 Irish creative people who were involved in the project, everyone from producers to directors to actors to whoever.

Subsequently, he filled different roles within the Hawks organization, ranging from Assistant Coach to director of player personnel, to Assistant General Manager.

In 2% of cases director as is used

A director may, but need not be a member or policyholder of the insurer of which he is acting as director.

In 2% of cases director from is used

I understand the technological challenges they face, along with the financial pressure they are under from directors and shareholders.

The movie's main strength comes from director Jean-Pierra Jeunet's clever use of lighting and camera angles to create a weird and surreal world.

Margaret: David: Safety Not Guaranteed Rated M Review by Margaret Pomeranz SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED is a first feature from director Colin Trevorrow and also a first for screenwriter Derek Connolly.

In 1% of cases director in is used

But Broadway producer David Stone discounts the role of gender in director choices, and the same thing could be said for sexuality: it's simply a question of relationships.

Though Cartagena in the late 19th Century is beautifully evoked in director Mike Newell? s visually sumptuous film, there? s something missing at the core of this love story.

And, while nothing is concrete at this time, she's also rumoured for a role in director Daniel Schechter's Jackie Brown prequel, Switch, an adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel.

In 1% of cases director on is used

The story is based on director Whit Stillman? s personal experience of being humiliated in the past.

Amala had changed her on-screen name to Anakha, on director Samy's insistence, who cited that another actress, Amala had already made her name popular.

Fantastic Voyage The 1966 classic about a submarine that's shrunk and injected into a man's bloodstream to try and stop a potentially fatal blood clot is on director Roland Emmerich's slate.

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