Prepositions used with "commissioner"

of, by, to, with or from commissioner?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases commissioner of is used
    It is interesting that the greatest anxiety seemed to be on the part of commissioners.
    The case that won't be intimidated by any amount of head nodding or shaking of commissioner Bettman.
    With the help of commissioner William Ogilvie the facts of Henderson's case were put before Clifford Sifton.
    Chesoni and his team of commissioners were appointed to prepare the country for the 1992 general elections.
    Let's put it this way, national appointment of commissioners is still the fundamental path towards them having the job.
    Tantuico, dissenting, adopted the report and recommendation of commissioner San Juan in view of the consent given by respondent's clients.
    There has been vetting of commissioners, Supreme Court judges, Attorney General and commissioners to the Kenya Lands Commission among others.
    Btw, Tojo would be the the equivalent of a Lord High Admiral in the case of Britain - in fact, he was the Lord High Admiral of the whole board of commissioners! +0.
    Thanks to President Barroso's insistence on having female candidates for the College of commissioners in 2009, 1 in 3 (33%) of the European commissioners are today women.

    In 14% of cases commissioner by is used
    The information on this web page (a lot of it taken from earlier Prickly-pear Destruction Commission booklets put together by commissioners Vic Gray and later Garry Ryan) is a good start.
    The issue was raised by commissioner Bradley Cooper, who expressed the opinion that the parish mobile home ordinance should be amended to allow older manufactured homes to be brought into the parish.

    In 9% of cases commissioner to is used
    However, they would be attched to commissioner and Board of Revenue as required.
    I remember when working for the state, you could work your way up to commissioner.
    He itemized 10 issues relating to my training -- which is pretty much what we heard in their July letter to commissioner Bailey.

    In 7% of cases commissioner with is used
    He maintains that the owners, with commissioner Gary Bettman as their frontman, are following an agenda.
    After The Two Hours Serious Meeting With commissioner, And Promised that he will stand at the spot to finish the pending work of the shed.
    Neither the NY Boxing Commission, by a conference with commissioner Ralph Petiello, nor the WBC, our representative Joe Dwyer, made any antidoping test whatsoever.

    In 2% of cases commissioner as is used
    Louis political leader serving as commissioner of internal revenue and tapped as the next Democratic National Committee chairman.

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