Prepositions used with "bill"

of, by, to, with or for bill?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases bill of is used

That way, you will have one year's worth of bills.

And I think that's part of Bill Waterstone's genius.

Throughout the boom years of Bill Clinton and George W.

Exchange Control copy of Bill of Entry, original invoice and a copy of letter of credit.

To go and buy some silks at Fabric Land in Canada was never on the list of bills to pay.

He appeared jealous of Bill and critical, even when sober, of both the Oxford Group and AA.

And this is the type of bill that has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of healthcare for all Americans.

The percentage is taken by dividing the number of Bills Processed without errors into the total number of Bills Processed.

The prescribed period for deposit of counterpart funds will be reckoned as from the date of retirement of bill by the importer.

They will also obtain Exchange Control copy of Bill of Entry and evidence to the effect that the import was made by air/courier.

In 18% of cases bill by is used

Posted by Bill S on Saturday, Nov 10, 2012 4:31 PM (EDT ): Ivent.

The ball was kicked by Bill (passive) There is no change of meaning.

Posted by Bill on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012 7:03 PM (EDT ): Kevin, Bill Maher is a comedian.

The good news is that this campaign is already under way, thanks to seed funding by Bill Gates.

Its bestseller rankings were comparable to memoirs by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Sygma photo agency founded in 1973 by Hubert Henrotte was bought in June 1999 by Corbis, which is owned by Bill Gates.

It is written for my communications with other scientists and I thought of placing it here as I was encouraged by Bill to do so.

A remits trust-funds to B by bills drawn by a person of undoubted credit in favour of the trustee as such, and payable at 5 Dhaka.

In 13% of cases bill to is used

A memorial to Bill Millin will be erected in 2013.

It's like writing a check to Bill, who gives the check Mike.

Mike goes to the bank to cash the check written out to Bill.

In order to bill the subscriber this information has to be passed back to the subscriber.

Some pieces may not age well, with references to Bill Gates, Britney Spears, the DC-area snipers, etc.

It's not unlike the way that everyone lies to Bill to try to make him happy, but I'd veering off topic.

The Mermis brothers say they have learned a lot from their famous uncle, who is married to Bill Mermis ' sister, Mary Ann.

Ebby carried the message to Bill, but he never followed it up with the years of devoted action needed to develop the AA program.

Ministers and Ministers of State may attend and be heard in Seanad ireann where Government amendments to Bills are proposed from the Chair.

The legislative influence of backbenchers is limited to introducing Private Members ' Bills and suggesting amendments to bills in committee.

In 12% of cases bill with is used

To have a conversation with Bill Maher.

Education Center CNBCs Power Lunch with Bill Griffeth.

You see a week prior to this mishap with Bill and his arm.

So when it comes to blame, the buck stops squarely with Bill Clinton and his administration.

The company still remains with the Hamilton family with Bill's grandson currently at the helm.

A feminist who sides with Bill over his accusers is likely a Leftist first, and a feminist second.

In a pinch, Blair can always return to the routine that he regularly practised with Bill Clinton - roll over and play dead.

If Ebby had been willing and able to take similar actions of love and service, he would have been a co-founder with Bill Wilson.

Not only was her professional experience ideal for the position, but Helen seemed to be inexplicably led towards working with Bill.

Ted B I've been reading Hitfix for some time, actually got started after hearing Sepinwall with Bill Simmons over at ESPN/Grantland.

In 7% of cases bill for is used

Have a separate bank account for bills.

Queensland Explanatory Notes have been issued for Bills since 1990.

Use average amounts for bills that tend to fluctuate month to month.

GREETING Hello Disney fans, And thank you for signing up for Bill Gates ' Beta Email Tracking.

Among other things, this instruction required a table of contents for Bills containing 25 clauses or more.

Betsey Wright is an American political consultant who worked more than a decade for Bill Clinton in Arkansas.

Who says office supplies can only organize the office? I think I'll put another one to work as a paid/need to pay folder for bills.

Somebody who commented earlier had it correct though -- not having enough for bills is a sure way to be miserable and even despairing.

The Government and the water regulator have yet to work out the details of how householders will be assessed for bills over a two-year period.

Schuneman found small bowls for change, a vintage tie rack, a plaid magnet board for bills and a set of lamps for the entryway table - all for $50.

In 6% of cases bill from is used

The house went from Bill to his daughter.

A miracle sat directly across the kitchen table from Bill.

They mend it rather than end it to borrow a clich? from Bill Clinton.

What the campaign for maternal health can learn from Bill Gates and George Soros.

One finds case studies from Bill Gates to the Beatles, big-shot lawyers, high school hockey players, students in poor communities.

Packed with facts, details, and anecdotes from Bill Daly, Bruce McNall, and Cliff Fletcher, just to name a select few, and to say nothing of the access to Bettman.

To take a quote from Bill Clinton out of context when he spoke at the Democratic National Convention,?? It?? s important, because a lot of people believe this stuff.

I am, however, informed that many of the clauses have been taken not from English Acts, but from Bills prepared as the result of various conventions and conferences on copyright.

Further on I know that with the 10 steps from above I couldn't get u-boot into the device, so directly afterwards I tried the steps from Bill's Blog (http: **30;4053;TOOLONG? post.

In 6% of cases bill like is used

Like Bill, ignorance is everywhere.

To split hairs like Bill is suggesting is a charade.

Like Bill, I think credibility is indeed an issue here.

People like Bill S and **28;3821;TOOLONG have as much capacity to reason as a doorpost.

We spied some bigwigs of New York media, like Bill Keller celebrating The New York Time.

By then Old nose will be confined to history just like Bill Shankly &; Bob Paisley of LFC.

People like Bill Gates will tell you we should have much, much more of them to bring in more highly skilled workers.

It will certainly be for Tiger Woods, as it would have been for grandees like Bill Clinton who blazed the trail before him.

Here was someone who drank like Bill drank - and yet Ebby was sober, due to a simple religious idea and a practical program of action.

The list can get even longer depending on the Deutsche Bank Championship, especially if Bo Van Pelt or someone like Bill Haas were to win.

In 6% of cases bill on is used

Nick: Quit interrupting Tiger talk with irrelevant information Bill.

Downe's full pardon on Bill Clinton's last day in office for - insider trading.

Two weeks later, God decides to check up on Bill to see how he's doing in Hell.

Partisan loyalties shape MPs ' views on Bills, rather than the proposals ' intrinsic merit.

When changing cash at a Forex, 20 denomination bills and smaller fetch a lower exchange rate.

Our elected politicians actually sit around a table and barter with each other before they vote on bills.

More general information on Bills is contained in the Bills Lists published by both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Credit Rob Ninkovich with a decent showing as far as the Pats ' limited pass rush (sack, two hits on Bills ' QB Ryan Fitzpatrick).

I think a better approach would be to not start it out focusing on Bill Husker Adama in the final year of the war, but on new characters in the middle period of the war.

In 4% of cases bill in is used

In Bill Self's eyes they clearly are not ready yet.

Bob buys a Great Dane and teaches it to use the bathroom in Bill's yard.

So Bob then buys a cow and teaches it to use the bathroom in Bill's yard.

It doesn't have to print millions of dollars in bills, it'll do billions of dollars.

Now sometimes it's printing physical money, in bills, but in many cases, it makes up money electronically.

The actual remark, however, meant as little to me as did the previous one in Bill's office at our first meeting.

It now sits peacefully in a glass cabinet in Bill Shaw's living room along with other Stirling bomber memorabilia.

After about a year and a half of Bob's cow crapping in Bill's yard; being ignored all the while, a semi pulls up in front of Bill's house.

They began rolling in about 8 o'clock and much to my surprise one of them was a Leicester boy who I sat behind for a year in Bill Dale's form in 1937.

I'd highly doubtful that the courts would rule that jailbreaking is legal given the wording in Bill C-32, especially considering the situation in the US.

In 2% of cases bill about is used

All of us know the sinking feeling about bills.

Stuff about Bill Wyman is so like Elvis then Townesend.

He does not participate in the debate except for reporting messages from the Lok Sabha about Bills or any other matter.

Friday, November 23, 2012 MIKE MCCHEAP has been thinking about Bill Devastator's threat to show the film of him and Brenda Buxom to his wife.

I may be naive about Bill Clinton, but I think he put so much effort in because he thinks it is best for the country and only secondarily good for his family.

Last week I received a response from the Minister of Industry's office to another one of my questions about Bill C-32 (previous response: What C-32 means for DVDs).

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