Prepositions used with "guardian"

of, by, to, with or between guardian?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases guardian of is used
    The ' Outdoor Relief ' was operated by the ' Board of guardians ' whose office was in The Newry Workhouse.
    Amongst other offices he sat on the Chesterfield Board of guardians as one of the Newbold Parish representatives.
    Once I would have thought that, whatever my criticisms of guardian lefties, at least they would defend basic liberties.
    But in a number of guardian articles now, the British have far surpassed the worst I've seen in any Australian sports-navel-gazing.
    It makes me wonder, do the people on has been chosen by a member of guardian staff because it's interesting and adds to the debate Interesting.
    What about The Arts Council and the Social Services? All subsidised Theatre has presented an unremitting diet of guardian tainted Left-Wing propaganda for DECADES.
    The discussion was hosted by Jo Confino, Executive Editor of the guardian and Chairman of guardian Sustainable Business, with an introduction from Dr Helene Gayle, President of CARE USA.
    Perhaps we should expect either a lower turnout or the minor parties (apart from has been chosen by a member of guardian staff because it's interesting and adds to the debate Andrew Gimson here.

    In 11% of cases guardian by is used
    This content is brought to you by guardian Professional.
    The religious one are saying that these lucky one were saved by guardian angels.
    This was the result of a law suit against the district filed by guardians of Santa Fe students.
    The enormity of this smear -- a staggering moral inversion which evidently was unchallenged by guardian editors -- is difficult to even fathom.
    How did that come about? Our story first got reported by guardian Leeds, the Taiwanese press learned that such an important British paper had talked about us and they went crazy about it.

    In 6% of cases guardian to is used
    According to guardian jobs this morning, there is an exciting and high profile new world class open cast mining project in Devon.
    Why don't you guys go to guardian boards for this and leave this space for better stuff Bhisham on March 2, 2011 at 3:26 pm I think some points need to be mentioned.

    In 5% of cases guardian with is used
    He was the only candidate not to agree to do an online Q &A; with guardian readers on this blog.
    Harding went on to write a book about Wikileaks with guardian investigations executive editor David Leigh.

    In 3% of cases guardian between is used
    Hubs The topic for this live Q &A; has been chosen and the panellists invited through agreement between guardian Careers and the sponsor.

    In 3% of cases guardian for is used
    Now lets do some simple training for guardian commentators.
    There is a comfortably tendency for guardian writers to discuss a universal issue and then proclaim that Obama must change.

    In 3% of cases guardian without is used
    To leave them without guardian would cause confusion and chaos in the society.

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