Prepositions used with "author"

of, by, to, with or About author?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases author of is used

Worden in their list of authors.

So for me a group of authors is more than a term.

Leaving that for entirely different sorts of author.

Also, your follow-up of authors was much appreciated, as was the proof reading of the contents.

Higgins What does work delightfully well is Dominik's evocation of the world of author George V.

Millions of authors have self-published but only a relative handful had found success comes easily.

By 1994 McLauchlan was president of the NZ Society of Authors, an organisation very keen on state funding of the arts, and he.

This information does not necessarily indicate nationality of authors but the country where the ESP work reported was conducted.

Finally in this section, it is of interest to note the gender of authors, where a shift has taken place over the last two decades.

The opinions, information, figures and estimates set forth in the papers are the responsibility of authors, and should not necessarily be.

In 19% of cases author by is used

Most specifically because of her Readers by Authors series.

This article was written by author and blogger Chase Sagum.

Most specifically because of her Readers by Authors series.

She used to take me to author's talks and give me fiction books that were given to her by authors.

Numerous different future scenarios have been imagined by authors, film makers, game designers and scientists.

And it was the original in collaborative literature - a genre now lucratively espoused by authors like James Patterson.

If you want more quotes, try the Quotations by Author page to browse our entire collection, or try the Random Quotations Page.

By contrast, a search by author name may return articles that are authored by different persons who happen to have the same name.

Some of these might be provided by authors and some by bioinformatics curators, perhaps in concert with text-mining applications.

In 15% of cases author to is used

He isnt the only one relishing the opportunity to author a different outcome.

She used to take me to author's talks and give me fiction books that were given to her by authors.

I believe something powerful happens when we do this, when we give people the sovereignty to author their own life stories.

Hard Shell, like most electronic publishers, offers to authors higher royalty rates than those offered by print publishers.

And finally, don't apologise for your reviews, Jane -- if you start to hold back or do it differently, they won't be as valuable to authors.

Each year, Ebony reveals a list of the nation's most influential African Americans; from politicians, athletes, entertainers to authors and thought leaders.

Publisher's instructions to authors To publish in a journal authors need to conform to the style defined by the editorial board or publisher of the journal.

The mansion may not be on the map for most tourists however, were it not for the fact that it was home to author and activist Maxim Gorky between 1931 and 1936.

As a child, she acted as her mother's apprentice in the kitchen and embraced cooking as her primary passion, which has helped her to author two bestselling cookbooks.

Credit to Authors As part of Google's ' quality content ' drive they are giving more credit to authors of content in order to gradually develop trust in quality authors.

In 10% of cases author with is used

He later shared the information with author William F.

Get in touch with authors who are doing the same thing.

Judy Woodruff speaks with authors Morley Winograd and Michael D.

Raja had the same conversation with author, would author infer from the conversation that Mr.

Im partly agree with authors position, because we should work hard to give our family all that we need.

Petraeus initiated his affair with author Paula Broadwell last year to avoid testifying about Benghazi this week.

This is particularly bad with authors whose first language is not English; if that is you, pay someone to edit your paper for you before submitting.

Causal Productions handled the submission process for camera-ready papers and liaised with authors to ensure that the papers met IEEE publication requirements.

Could include comparison with authors like David Peace, China Miville and David Mitchell who receive scholarly attention for their own blurring of the literary/genre divide.

Mary Anne wrote fiction under the name George Eliot and lived for more than 20 years with author George Henry Lewes (1817-1878) while Lewes was still married to another woman.

In 8% of cases author About is used

Do you have what it takes to succeed? About Author For.

About Author: Jordan is an SEO and social media blogger.

About Author The author loves writing on diverse topics.

About Author: Elle-Rose works for Calle Arco as a writer.

About Author Prateek is the Founder and Managing Editor of TheTechPanda.

About author Fashion Web Editor by day, blogger at ifyouarenotinfashion.

Have a nice week! About Author Hi, I'd Elia Iris Alpzar Lirai and blog expert.

Please call 688-6113 for inquiries about author fees and with any other questions.

About author: Aditya Singhvi is the Editor in Chief and the man behind World of Phones.

I have also read posts recently about authors needing to invest time in public speaking.

In 8% of cases author for is used

It could mean a reduction in advances for authors.

For author and speaker details visit StephanieChandler.

Is copyright providing the economic incentive for authors to create new works? Yep.

Ebooks have become a new market for authors, especially if you are self-publishing your own book.

I'd not sure where they fit on the spectrum of honours, but it's always nice for authors to be recognized.

The same is true for authors and the publishing industry, but that, of course, is a topic for another day.

MEJB has an international peer review process Manuscripts should be prepared in conformance with the Style Guide for Authors.

For authors to be selected, it can be a massive boost to their sales as children, having enjoyed one book often want to buy more.

Want to donate for author of this article? Please enter donation amount into the textbox below and press the Donate button to process donation Amount: CAREIF Ed Fund A privately.

In 8% of cases author From is used

As reviewers, we tend to shy away from author self-pubs.

Let the word go out from this day forth from author to reviewer -- write that bad review, and I will.

They draw an income from authors who want it to look as though somebody has enjoyed their book when nobody actually has.

However, I've also had dozens of emails from authors and booksellers who are worried about disappearing royalties and profits.

An excerpt of an interview from Author and former Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, in Australia to address the Sydney Writers ' Festival.

Self Introduction From Author: Anurag Ghosh Anurag Ghosh is a social gaming aficionado who enjoys playing Facebook and browser-based games.

When applied in this ' broad brush ' way, these initiatives often have only limited impact, and may encounter resistance (or disinterest) from authors.

This collection is of historic and cultural importance as some of the publications include contributions from authors and journalists from the early Twentieth Century.

Finally, after several years, 102 rejections, a hugely useful critique from author Martyn Bedford and more rewrites than I care to remember, an agent offered to represent me.

It's a great piece with comments from authors Gottlieb edited -- Joseph Heller, Crichton, John Le Carre, Doris Lessing, Chaim Potok, Toni Morrison, Mordecai Richler and more.

In 3% of cases author on is used

Click on author's photo for biography ' Peter Fallon's poetry has continued to flourish and deepen despite the extraordinary demands of his career as a publisher.

So you might find thoughts on the future of the trade, writings about individual tomes, notes on authors, publishers and sellers, reports of events and auctions and more besides.

In 2% of cases author as is used

What makes our site special, you might say? Well for starters we as authors have been using technology since the day we were born (virtually).

For example, in the image above, the search page on Amazon allows me to specify attributes such as author, ISBN and others which are specific to the context: book.

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