Prepositions used with "captain"

of, by, to, from or With captain?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases captain of is used

The four ships of Captain Halle C.

May 17, at Bellary, the wife of Capt.

Russell Crowe brings great intensity to the role of Captain Jack Aubrey.

The pair discussed the conditions and the wishes of Captain Smith if visibility changed.

This was under the leadership of Captain Munro who landed at Carrickfergus in April 1642.

On March 1st 1930, the band, the depot staff, and recruits under the command of Captain J.

Ground forces of the brigade embarked at San Diego in the three attack transports of Captain Sharp? s Task Group 53.

A symbol on the left breast of his chest plate indicated his rank of captain among the Empire's 17th Halbredier Unit.

In 21% of cases captain by is used

The flight was captained by Capt.

It was later recovered by Captain Richard F.

Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Bob Haha.

A subsequent appeal by Captain Gardiner to the Foreign Office received the same reply.

More tonnage was urgently required and was being hastily assembled by Captain William R.

As always, the midfield of Chelsea was commanded by captain Mohammed Abdul Basit (born 19.

At age 24 he commanded a U-boat in the Bay of Biscay and who knows may have been attacked by Captain Dudley Marrows of Mildura.

The company was divided into three groups, one led by Captain Saeed, the second by Captain Humayun and the third by Major Bilal.

Wide Bay State: QLD Name Derivation: Named after the district which takes its name from the bay sighted by Captain Cook on 18 May 1770.

In 17% of cases captain to is used

He initially surrendered to Capt.

Then it was to Captain Smith's waist.

But to Capt Bala, it was perhaps providence that helped save a life.

This naturally comes with references to Captain Cook, kiwis, earthquakes and sheep jokes.

When the 129th Field Artillery went overseas, he was promoted to captain and placed in command of Battery D.

If Dhoni is to captain India in any format he needs to attend several courses and brush his cricketing knowledge.

Returning to India, Balu went on to captain the two MCCs in Madras, the College and the Club, and then Madras State.

The pressure then transferred to captain Paul Butcher as he lined up the ball a couple of blades of grass in from the touch line.

The tatoo I assume to be fake because stuck on an island I don't see him joining the Russian mob and working his way up to captain.

Easton Gordon No, he has one of the best strike rates in cricket and I believe that he is the best man to captain the team right now.

In 10% of cases captain from is used

They heard a transmission from Capt.

JC team news: Raiders have everyone available apart from captain Rik Sherman.

Hamburg reacted with a couple of efforts from captain Westermann but Pinto was looking in confident mood.

My husband was involved in a major accident at this intersection when a tourist failed to give way from Capt.

The classes were divided into two sections, one for field officers from colonels to majors, and the other from Captains and below.

I was discovered near Saltburn in a canoe a few weeks ago, playing the theme from Captain Pugwash on an accordion that I had fashioned from the entrails of my sanity.

Zlobin took a pass from behind the net from captain Michael Bournival and drilled a quick shot that beat Knights goaltender Michael Houser and sent the sellout crowd into a frenzy.

The problem is that there is a big pole on your right hand side (when coming from captain cook) that obscures your vision, and cars are often going much too fast for that corner (60-70km/h).

In 8% of cases captain With is used

Eager to return to Santiago, they rode back with Capt.

We booked our tour with Captain Cook Cruises on the Viator site.

And that he's grown up in love with Captain America and what he represents.

Maldives tamed Nepal in its opener with captain Ali Ashfaq dominating the contest.

He seemed more creative than Tetteh and his understanding with captain Samuel Asiedu (born 27.

This is a very promising line-up, though inexperienced, with captain Acheampong as the natural leader.

We filmed a show with captain Geoff Paige of Sarasota this week, all on artificial lures, with large trout, slot-sized redfish and oversized redfish.

Tiote returns to the Newcastle side along with captain Fabricio Coloccini, who will starts three-match on Sunday following his sending-off at Liverpool.

In 5% of cases captain for is used

Right, coffee break for you, some time with Daddy for Capt Zog.

Upstream of Three Island Rapids was a section of calm water, known as Captain Wilson's still water, named for Captain Andrew Wilson, R.

The Hillmen supporters were convinced that a Whaley defender had handled the ball preventing a simple headed winner for captain Kelvin Lugsden.

I think silva is the best option for captain, aguero is still kinda returning from his injury and silva is the heart of the city attack a lot of the time.

For Captain Grant the impending crisis would not prove wholly unfamiliar, for the outbreak of war in December 1941 had found him commanding a seaplane tender in the Philippines.

From America's inception, we have been a nation of innovators unfettered by hidebound convention, a safe harbor for captains unafraid to boldly chart a new course through untried waters.

In 3% of cases captain as is used

Privateers such as Captain William Jackson and Christopher Newport repeatedly plundered Jamaica.

Upstream of Three Island Rapids was a section of calm water, known as Captain Wilson's still water, named for Captain Andrew Wilson, R.

In 3% of cases captain on is used

Her eyes, fiery and glazed, fixed on Captain Scarlet '.

Mollmann, gathers together all available information on Captain Pike and his crew, particularly Pike's two five-year missions aboard the USS Enterprise.

In 3% of cases captain under is used

Shortly the job would be turned over to the frigates under Captain A.

Oita Yoshijiro (D1) was the Officer in Charge of the camp under Captain Wakayama during the period mentioned in the charge.

An attempt to relieve this group in 1922 was thwarted when the schooner Teddy Bear under Captain Joe Bernard became stuck in the ice 16.

The name of the first Filipino fatality of the war was Corporal Anastacio Felix of the 4th Company, Morong Battalion under Captain Serapio Narvaez.

The companies of the Morong Battalion under Captain Narvaez and Captain Vicente Ramos charged the American positions and pushed back Grayson? s unit and even captured an American artillery piece.

In 2% of cases captain in is used

On not appearing in Captain America I knew that it was taking place in the 40s.

Events in this form are not based most on skill nor strongly in captain's control.

He found useful allies in Captain Vincent Gray who contributed a brisk 32 and Janoy Abrahams who got 31.

While Tom didn't quite manage the blunt top-out of The Gift, he did walk away with an impressive array of 6s and 7s, and his first V8 in Captain Nemo.

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