Prepositions used with "witness"

of, by, to, for or with witness?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 57% of cases witness of is used
    Examination of witnesses by police 161.
    Examination of witnesses by police 161.
    Remarks respecting demeanor of witness 363.
    I would be very careful denying that on the record, given the number of witnesses who there were.
    YOU will only come out and file a report of witness accounts, and arrest me for defending my family.
    They said the case against Gu was based on confessions rather than cross-examination of witnesses.
    Other aspects of the American investigation, including the treatment of witnesses, are also generating criticism among Libyans.
    We see the incident in question replayed from the point of view of the samurai, the wife, the bandit and a handful of witnesses.
    Such costs may include any expenses incurred in respect of witnesses, and of 187 advocate fees, which the Court may consider reasonable.
    Such costs may include any expenses incurred in respect of witnesses, and of 187 advocate fees, which the Court may consider reasonable.

    In 9% of cases witness by is used
    Conditions, if any, Stipulated by witness.
    Several questions were put to Kasab based on the evidences given by witnesses.
    In the early half of June, I participated in the video4change (V4C) workshop organized by witness and EngageMedia.
    Mr Singh fought back and, after a fierce hand-to-hand struggle, Kilroe was seen by witnesses to stagger away clutching the knife to his chest.
    Rightly, the Indy points to the value of what has been revealed by witnesses who have been called before Lord Justice Leveson and his team of lawyers and advisers.

    In 9% of cases witness to is used
    According to witnesses, one of the cars was carrying young children.
    There are provisions relating to witnesses giving evidence by alternative means, as to which see below.
    Corruption was a factor in lengthy delays of trials, which were subject to witness tampering and intimidation of victims.
    He'll listen to witnesses and weigh their evidence in his office, which is furnished with extra chairs and a bench under the back window so it doubles as a courtroom.
    According to witnesses, the couple that was struck -- a 45-year-old woman from the Covington area and her boyfriend, a man in his 40s -- were walking into the Walmart when they were hit, West said.

    In 8% of cases witness for is used
    Get contact information for witnesses.
    It is one of the requirements for witnesses testifying in courts of law.
    Police are appealing for witnesses who may have seen witnessed the collision or seen the motorcycle travelling in the area around 7am today.
    He's also under investigation for witness, voter and candidate intimidation, harassment of newspapers, and for ignoring serious sexual assault cases.

    In 5% of cases witness with is used
    Travon couldn't get away with stealing with witnesses, that is why he attacked zimmerman.
    The fact that one can monkey with witness memory does not discredit all eyewitness testimony.
    Crime often affects more than just the direct victim, with witnesses to a crime and family members of a person also affected.
    Tygart might have been referring to the presence of US Justice Department official Mike Pugliese at USADA's interviews with witnesses.
    It was ludicrous to make such a claim when they set out to empathise with witnesses and proceeded on the uncritical footing that they were being told the truth.

    In 4% of cases witness In is used
    In witness whereof we have hereunto.
    Ahmed Adel was cleared because the judge found contradictions in witness statements, Mena news agency said.
    In witness Whereof, the Parties Have Signed Five Copies: For the First Nations Members of the First Nations Education Council: Ghislain Picard Chief of the.

    In 2% of cases witness as is used
    They gathered evidence for the investigation of Zimmerman -- such as witness 8's statements about her telephone calls with Trayvon Martin the night he was shot.

    In 2% of cases witness from is used
    Judge Nabishah Ibrahim set bail at RM25,000 each and Dec 12 for statement of evidence from witnesses.
    The trio, who have been suspended from their duties, claimed trial and Justice Nabishah set Dec 12 for statements to be taken from witnesses.

    In 2% of cases witness without is used
    Bob suspects that this can happen, so he's not about to confront her obviously criminal behavior without witnesses present to protect him from her invented counter-accusations.

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