Prepositions used with "king"

of, by, to, at or for king?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases king of is used

Pizzaro gave it a name city of king.

From the Restoration of King Charles II.

King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Master of Masters.

Clonmacnoise was one of the most important Irish monasteries and burial place of kings.

The 24spokes were adopted by Chakra who was the physician in the court of king Kanishka.

His teeth have been pulled and his golden hair, like that of King David, has been shorn.

The second Saudi expansion took place in 1985 during the era of King Fahd and it was in line with previous expansions.

A nephew of king Abdullah, prince Talal has amassed a fortune through investments in real estate and the stock market.

Claims of the autocracy of Popes or of King James ring hollow when compared to what actually happened to the Catholics.

Another familiar sight are the bunches of king coconuts displayed for sale in many wayside kiosk throughout the country.

In 10% of cases king by is used

The vikings ruled until they were defeated by King.

Wren; and approved by King and Parliament, but unhappily defeated by Faction.

This was built by King Kasyapa, a son of King Dhatusena, by a palace consort.

Defending champion Perry was given a tough challenge by King, closing out the Kiwi in four games.

Cons Description The monastery was established in 545 by Saint Ciarn himself, supported by King Dermot.

After his visit to the realm of the Nagas, the Buddha returned to Rajagaha accompanied by King Bimbisara.

He was found by a shepherd and taken to the neighboring kingdom of Corinth where he was adopted by King Polybus and his Queen Merope.

The first time that the ships were used as bridge to cross the river, was done by King Darius, who crossed the Nile and conquered Egypt.

In 10% of cases king to is used

That's testament to King's writing.

Its kind of similar to Kings of old.

Soon, Devaki was married to King Vasudev.

Various sub-options include alternative places for crossings north to King or Queensway.

Revenge for Perry, having lost in the first round of the CIMB Malaysian Open to King in July.

So they were pleased they had finally caught Daniel out, and they reported him to king Darius.

Group 3 has a sub-sub-option of running parallel to King at the level of the rail corridor or at the level of King Street itself.

In 1826 the property was sold to King George IV for 5,000 and held in trust as the residence for the Lord Bishop of the Diocese of Jamaica.

And also for the same reason, of all the princely states that acceded to Indian Union, only the promises made to King of Kashmir weren't upheld.

The Birth of Cchulainn C onor's sister, Dechtire, married one of the Red Branch warriors (vaguely equivalent to King Arthur's knights ), Suailtim.

In 6% of cases king at is used

Pant, who teaches at the Department of Defense Studies at King's College in London.

Contact: Sandra Alves February 18-19, 2012: Turing In Context at King's College, Cambridge.

International students at King's College: King's College London welcomes applications from all countries.

He defeated Triple H at Over the Edge, then lost to the WWF Champion, The Undertaker, at King of the Ring.

Establishment of a Research Chair at King Saud University in the name of Professor Muhammad Yunus in September 2007.

A boy treble at King's Cambridge, he was a choral scholar as an undergraduate before studying piano at the Royal Academy.

Around 40 operations were cancelled at King's Mill Hospital when the rodent made its way into the room last Tuesday night.

When I arrived at King's Cross the bright orange letters of the sparkly new indicator boards spelled it out for me: CANCELLED.

GROUNDS &; GARDEN The first lawn at King's House was planted by John Peter Grant, who also had the garden professionally laid out.

Together with Sharon Roebbelen of SR Consulting, we are all set to host TEDx Sixteen Mile Creek at King's Christian Collegiate on 22nd September.

In 6% of cases king for is used

But the sunset isn't end of the day for King Khan's security.

It gives an idea of how difficult it was for King George the Sixth to speak in public.

Salome had danced so well for King Herod that he swore he would grant her any request.

Blair again brought up the $500,000 bounty for King, which Baird had now connected with the FBI.

The handshake is thought to have originated in medieval Europe as a way for kings and knights to show that they did not.

More recently, we know that it was Halley's Comet in 1066 that tolled the knell for King Harold at the Battle of Hastings.

King Faisal laid the foundation stone for King Abdul Aziz Library, which had under its roof all endowed libraries in Madinah.

No letters to outsiders bear this mark, and the one letter to Diego in which this was omitted was one meant for King Ferdinand.

Indeed, the fact that he put up a third of the money needed for King's bail suggests that the two are at the very least, close friends.

Believing that he might be risking his life or liberty, he offered to the Buddha some jasmine flowers that were set aside for King Bimbis? ra.

In 5% of cases king like is used

They stayed at the fairly new West Edmonton mall and were treated like kings.

In POPT, Winslow, like King David, fulfills both of these roles, God of Music and God of War.

And like King Louis xvi and Marie Antoinette, all ruling parties are approaching their demise.

Just as in communist China where the government class lives like kings while the majority of people scrape by.

The project focuses on improving the Chinese Kang heating system (pronouced Kong - like King Kong) which is heavily used in the region.

The past worn as capes, memory as armor, The karma we bring, Sings truth to the soul, Like kings mingling with pawns, or soup in my bowl.

I said: Messenger of Allah, what made you laugh? He said: I saw a people from my followers sailing on the surface of the sea (looking) like kings (sitting) on their thrones.

In 4% of cases king in is used

See the award-winning Jonathan Pryce in King Lear.

Beds are available in King, Queen or 2 Double sized.

A total of 13,339 people died in King County in 2008.

Some guest rooms also feature Wi-Fi Beds are available in King, Queen or 2 Double sized.

C as in cat, Z as in zebra, A as in apple, R as in Robert, N as in Nancy, e as in egg, K as in king.

Fans of all teams stood in line, with people in Kings, Sabres, Predators, Red Wings, Lightning, and Blackhawks merchandise standing around me.

And prog, thanks to the heroic efforts of the culture-gatekeepers, was deader than Elvis locked in King Tut's sarcophagus and spit out of an airlock.

Follow us on twitter -- Labour25 twitter Labour Party Councillor Ben williams took a job as a History &; Politics teacher in King George the V school in Southport.

You have to use your brain to work out what people are saying and what is going on, just like you really would if you suddenly got launched back in time and landed in King Henry's court.

In 4% of cases king with is used

My theory starts with King Arthur.

More Room quite spacious with King size bed.

King: Dreaming with kings is always a good omen in business.

Victory lies with Imam Husain; with King Yazid and the governor there is nothing but shame.

He was Kings ' regular guy for the rest of the stuff he apparently never screwed up with Kings.

Your stay will be in a Superior Room with King or Queen Sized bed, jacuzzi and an uninterrupted view of the Blue Mountains.

Over too soon, we reckon: This Tuesday gone, the two rappers from Harlem hip hop group Ratking, Wiki and Hak, did a joint Rinse FM show with King Krule.

Hatten Hotel Melaka -- Deluxe Room with King size bed The morning breakfast was served in the Chatterz Restaurant located at the 11th floor of the hotel.

Rasaputra as Governor of the Central Bank for 9 years, later Ambassador to France, Geneva and the USA walked with kings but never lost the common touch.

In 2% of cases king about is used

I told them about King Solomon, the wisest king who ever lived.

You have heard about King Midas? Whatsoever he touches becomes gold.

He also had a pleasant line about kings being strangled by the entrails of the last priest.

It is interesting to note that some of the Sarmatian traditions hold remarkable similarities to some of the stories about King Arthur.

But I am still reminded about King David in the Bible and the Prophet Nathan who came to him to relate the story of a poor shepherd and the rich wealthy shepherd.

One member of Congress reminded his colleagues of the Bible story about King David, who was blamed for a terrible plague in Israel immediately after a census was taken.

You can't talk about King without talking about his masterful left hand vibrato which he says came about from trying (and failing) to play slide like his cousin Bukka White.

In 2% of cases king from is used

Take only 5 years from King to Slave.

By custom, candidates from King 's, Trinity and St.

I used the recipe from King Arthur Flour but I replaced the regular flour with Pamela's Gluten-Free Baking and Pancake Mix.

Authorities collected DNA from King upon his arrest for an unrelated assault charge but found it matched with an unsolved rape from years earlier.

The drawing room contains the hurricane globe chandeliers adorned with gold leaf which were original items brought from King's House in Spanish Town.

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