Prepositions used with "majority"

of, by, in, with or for majority?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases majority of is used

Adds moisture and flavor but rinse aftewards to get rid of majority of salt.

As to prospects of disagreement and the taking of majority verdicts, see 8-050.

When they were sure that they were in the majority they loved the idea of majority rule.

I figured, throw in about ten percent of them, break up the monotony of majority normalness.

The elites of Sindh, NWFP and Balochistan pushed for some kind of majority-constraining federalism.

Islam's controllers seek power, especially over women and children, and they hate the idea of majority rule.

The difference is that delegates are little more than the mouthpiece of majority opinion in each electorate.

That simple fact of majority dislike of abortion has been borne out by the intervening almost 30 years in Ireland.

She says the choice for her location was based on the shopping behaviors of majority of the residents of Eldoret town.

Asma'i, a later transmitter, says that he learned twelve thousand verses by heart before he reached the age of majority.

In 19% of cases majority by is used

Directors may decide to issue shares by majority vote.

No violence, by majority or minority, is ever justified, not even in retaliation.

Most of these decisions are arrived by majority of the current mindset of the people.

If the decision were made by majority rule, the male would get hired and the female would not.

Delegates must be chosen by majority vote and some of the practices in the South could not be tolerated.

For sometime, my thoughts have been hovering around the subject of right and wrong defined by society or by majority.

However, by majority the High Court has recently upheld an appeal against that decision: Black v Garnock (2007) 230 CLR 438.

Who, of all these, has the power to dispose of this resource? The elective assemblies, moreover deciding by majority, do certainly not have unlimited powers.

The governor is of course a democrat but when he places a veto stamp on something the republicans overrule him by majority vote if it's an issue of great significance.

Mrutu blamed the government for its failure to provide feedback of the committee which was formed to probe the causes for rejection of the system by majority of bus owners when it was introduced.

In 16% of cases majority in is used

She's like a zombie with no expression in majority of the series.

In majority of cases, there was not a variance of more than two days.

Air gap -- This is the most common backflow preventer used in majority of houses.

The medical treatments provided would be the major reason for hair loss in majority of people.

It forcibly occupied the Hyderabad and Junagarh, which had Hindus in majority but their rulers were Muslims.

Most white liberals do not live in majority black cities, run by blacks, nor do they live in majority black parts of town.

Within Afghanistan, the Pashtuns are in majority and have suffered the most and are still suffering at the hands of occupation forces and ANSF.

They stayed back mostly in those areas where they were in Majority or in large numbers like Lakhnao, Delhi, Bihar, Bengal and some cities of UP and CP.

I guess the that I would like to ask Tamils is that DO YOU CONSIDER WHOLE OF SRI LANKA as your HOMELAND or only some part where Tamils live in MAJORITY.

In majority of the cases where media channels are posing a threat to national security, media channels are run by those who either want to survive in power or want to achieve power.

In 11% of cases majority with is used

It is possible to interact with majority of other people if you have the Basics Of Computer Science.

Cierpiot, in his second term, said he plans to work closely with Majority Floor Leader John Diehl, Jr.

About 400 people including women were injured, and 94 people received serious injuries with majority of them women.

We have about 12% of muslim population in Myanmar and all living peacefully and side by side with majority buddhist.

Congress as a whole has a 10% approval rating, yet individual Congresspeople keep getting re-elected with majorities.

Tides International and Tides Canada channels millions to the groups and Tides is funded by groups with majority shares in oil and coal companies in the U.

The stretch is only 26 km but it took nearly 1 hours as the traffic is heavy and our car could not proceed at the same phase with majority of busses which came from all parts of the country.

In 7% of cases majority for is used

Overcoming homesickness, for majority of people, is just a matter of time.

As a non-Muslim looking for majority of these, look for all the to a great extent awesome sellers which supply individuals.

If Schumer is going to have the support of the more pro-reform members of the caucus, maybe we should back him for Majority Leader.

For majority of the game, I thought we had no control in midfield and Mikel or ramires weren't able to find our front four with any regularity.

In 4% of cases majority from is used

Horwitz acts as if citizens are the only ones who can usurp legitimate government! A government's legitimacy does not come from majority vote, any more than it comes from divine right of kings.

In 4% of cases majority on is used

You will only see < 30% occupied on majority of the ready house development.

It didn't focus sufficiently on majority of pupils that didn't get selected at 11.

And the idea that the Commission is ' based on majorities formed by elections ' is still so far of the mark that I wonder whether you're being entirely serious.

Although a democratic government is based on majorities in the long run, in this case we very well may be violating the rights guaranteed to citizens via the Bill of Rights.

In 4% of cases majority to is used

It's addictive to majority of the people.

Sooner or later these people will be forced to convert to majority religion.

Chinese people told me this also happens to majority of a lot of cities in China.

According to majority, Mursal means that a successor (Tabii ), narrates a hadith without mentioning the name of companions.

He concludes that this verse does not apply to all Muslims even not to majority of them, but rather a few people in Islamic Ummah are capable of doing so.

In 3% of cases majority between is used

Relations between majority Hindus and other religions have remained strong on the island.

First wrap your head around the difference between majority government and part of the government.

The burden of the immigrant But the position is more complex than a straightforward clash between majority and minority.

In 2% of cases majority as is used

The tensions and subsequent violence heightened in the 1950s during the period of decolonization when most states were propounding concepts of democratization such as majority rule.

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