Prepositions used with "committee"

of, by, in, to or on committee?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases committee of is used

Establishment of committees 13.

The membership of Committees should be reviewed every two years.

The membership of Committees should be reviewed every two years.

This could be seen from minutes of Committee 40 sittings, headed by Henry Kissinger.

You can follow the dozens of committees and task forces and special reports at city hall.

It is frequently used to good effect in the election of committee members and office bearers.

In very large organizations, a tiered system of committees with a hierarchical reporting arrangement may be in place.

The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha appoints Chairman of Committees in consultation with the leaders of parties/groups concerned.

Is this legal? Model byelaws prescribing number of committee members should be taken as minimum in the spirit of co-operation.

Duty of committee 165(3) An audit committee shall review the financial statements of the corporation before they are approved under section 152.

In 18% of cases committee by is used

Decisions are made by committees that are comprised of member bank representatives.

The first factor I remarked upon was that I had never seen an Australian side being captained by committee before.

Very often, brochures are written and designed by committee which means a great deal of staff resources are invested.

The Census Order is presented to Parliament for scrutiny and debate and must be approved separately by committees in both Houses of Parliament.

Here, the big investment decisions are made by committees of professional fund managers who are often in charge of obscenely large amounts of money.

Exposing work in progress is not design by committee -- it is a vital step to reducing the time between having an idea and learning from its exposure to reality.

Again, you'd expect a strong correlation between the numbers for early golfers like Colorado and Carolina, but the scoring by committee approach didn't hamper Boston until they made the post-season.

You are probably right, perhaps I shouldn't pin it on Dave, it sis the kind of policy arrived at by committee by people who ave absolutely no idea of what it looks like at the coal face so to speak.

In 17% of cases committee in is used

But it hasn? t stopped them sitting beside Sinn Fein in committee almost 500 times.

The gun-rights provisions were being attached via amendment and had majority support in committee.

Ron Wyden's Free Choice Act is the difference between a health-care reform bill passing the Senate and dying in committee.

I think Michels, Herrera, Cruyff and Happel in committee would struggle to find a balance with this system, let alone di Matteo.

The legislative influence of backbenchers is limited to introducing Private Members ' Bills and suggesting amendments to bills in committee.

The other two got too involved in committees etc, and the process of parliament, and were not seen to be doing too much by the general public.

Much of the Senate's work would be done in committee, and full debates would be in plenary sessions perhaps for two or three consecutive days twice per month.

Before the consideration of the Bill in Committee is resumed, I shall endeavour to get such information supplied to them as will enable them to properly approach its consideration.

Right now I wish I were in Chicago so I could speak out against this plan, and speak up for the important principles of transparency in committee decisions and quality in list selection.

Is the case justified? I don't think it is -- it's never come up all my v3 experience, either in my own implementations, in my experience as the go-to guy for the v3 data types, or in committee.

In 11% of cases committee to is used

Refer to committee - applies only to the main motion.

I'd a believer in changing our approach to committee appointments and how we prepare and assist the people we do appoint.

According to committee member Ahmad Rafay Alam, no one in the committee -- which included five ulema -- opposed the proposal at Wednesday's meeting.

A main motion must be disposed of (passed, defeated, tabled, referred to committee, or postponed indefinitely) before a new main motion may be considered.

The appointed Bond Oversight Committee voted 7 to 3 for the plan Wednesday, but that was one vote shy of the eight needed according to committee bylaws, officials said.

In 7% of cases committee on is used

The less you enjoy serving on committees, the more likely you are to be pressed to do so.

Some of them are businessmen or their lobbyists and sit on committees that formulate policy for their businesses.

BBYA is one of the only open selection committees I look forward to sitting in on during open time at annual and midwinter.

I know during my terms the issue of finding and keeping dedicated people on the selection committees came up over and over.

I know many suggestions have been made including suggestions for how to improve and encourage quality participation on committees.

Issues gain momentum or fizzle depending on committee votes--and the chairmen of those committees frequently determine whether a bill lives or dies.

For many activists, the spring election season is when holiday from work is planned, when time spent on committees and community groups is scaled down a little.

One is characterizing, measuring, and regulating the performance of non-wood bats, an area for which I have served on committees advising the NCAA and USA Baseball.

In 6% of cases committee for is used

Volunteer for committees or task forces.

Detail : Invitation for committee members to Macau on October 8-9, 2007.

It's possible for committee members to be uninvolved, inept or, in worst cases, fraudsters.

It appears that the proposed training and accreditation process will be voluntary for committee members assisting chairpersons.

Be Prepared Just as the need for committee members to prepare for meetings was described in the previous section, the Chair needs to prepare, too.

As befits an organisation of this size, all the handovers were smooth and agreed in advance and the only vote was for committee members where seven candidates contested six seats.

In 5% of cases committee with is used

As noted, the government will not even be able to keep all such members out of mischief by providing them with committee work.

I think with new awards with committees to fill and many libraries struggling to find travel $$, the issue is harder than ever.

The Governor had a quick huddle with committee mem- bers over a cup of coffee in the station restaurant before we started out for the drive to Bend, where he was to speak to a luncheon group.

In 4% of cases committee from is used

The universal declaration from committee members was for Prof.

After repeated visits from committee members, however, a bridge between the two was created.

Reports from committees and individuals that are tabled at a meeting can be either adopted or received.

In 2% of cases committee through is used

The first Markazi Alam Zuljinnah procession was brought out from Chitti Hattian and culminated at Col Maqbool Hussain Imambargah at Raja Bazaar after passing through Committee Chowk and Iqbal Road.

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