Prepositions used with "judge"

of, by, for, to or with judge?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases judge of is used

What? Yes, the case of Judge Baum.

And the most important case; that of Judge Baum.

The first bench of Judges was composed of: a) Mr.

Provision for powers of Judges and Magistrates being exercised by their successors in office 559.

He then took the opportunity to call of judge, arguing that I should lose two life per dual I took.

The list of judges for the gala finale is being finalised and will be announced closer to the date.

It was a bizarre and unpopular decision, one that (again) makes you wonder about the competence of judges in boxing.

Even those who take a more restrained view of the role of judges will benefit from his powerful arguments and moral fervor.

This year's winners were selected by an international panel of judges made up of 76 motoring journalists from 36 countries.

The commission may appoint a tribunal of three jurists to adjudicate on the misconduct of judges before its final decision.

In 12% of cases judge by is used

Passing off is common law tort created by judges.

The order was issued by judge Lucy Billings of the state supreme court.

Cases are decided by judges rather than juries, and trials are public.

The closing speech of the campaign was made by Judge Driscoll, and he made it against both of the foreigners.

Obama could use NDAA provisions unblocked 9-17-12 by Judge (Raymond Lohier) for the Second Circuit to order U.

What I also don't understand, a Final Judgment of Foreclosure was signed off by judge in 2009 but the sale was cancelled.

Ranked highest by judges in its grouping, Stone Arrow is now also in the running for the Vodafone People's Choice Award.

A translator fluent in Mandarin Chinese was present during the court hearing, which was presided over by Judge Brian Sheridan.

The comments that were made by Judge Hatch are really not that shocking considering that she is a Republican and was appointed by a Republican.

The launch ceremony was also attended by Judges and Registrars of the EACJ, the Kenyan Judiciary, members of the different jurisdictions in the East African.

In 10% of cases judge for is used

The current security system is not adequate for judges.

Vacancies for judges of the District Court and Local Court magistrates are advertised.

A code of conduct for judges must be framed with full public consultation and made strictly enforceable.

I do think that it was very unwise for Judge Perry to have such an arbitrary deadline fixed for this most all important process.

So the political force should deliver enough government home for judges and organize strict, continuous safety in their law court and houses.

As for judges speaking to children privately, at the moment there is no system in place to make this a regular feature of cases regarding children.

This imperative impels the CJ to move into nonjudicial endeavors, like working for better compensation, better security, and better facilities for judges.

As chair of the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC ), the CJ is expected to find new and better ways of searching for, screening and selecting applicants for judgeships.

The current version proposes therefore that such costs be covered by the budget of the Court, in line with the costs for the training framework for judges (see Art.

In 7% of cases judge to is used

At least according to Judge Posner.

Jessep: to Judge I don't know what the hell kind of unit you're running here.

Once again why is it that you feel you have the right to judge others life choices.

According to Judge Warioba citizens in all eight regions wanted presidential powers trimmed.

People with physical disabilities for instance are given priority in public forums, according to Judge Warioba.

However, when it comes to the personal life choices of an individual I'd not so small minded and self important as to judge their choice.

The statement also said Mr Konduga, a former spokesman for the sect, had been behind threatening text messages sent to judges and politicians, which he said Mr Ndume had paid for.

Time is also running out for the Katiba team, according to Judge Warioba, as the nation readies itself for the second round of public discourse, set to begin later this month on August 27.

In 5% of cases judge with is used

Both programs are popular with judges.

This carries great weight with Judges but is still subject to amendments.

Christopher's simpering banter with judges has always been kind of irritating to me.

All courts shut down with judges and lawyers staying away in protest against this attack.

Islamists say that the courts are filled with judges loyal to Hosni Mubarak's ousted regime.

Last year the Booker suffered a Middlebrowmaggedon, with judges undermining its cred by enthusing about ' readability ' and stories that ' zip along '.

Which stand to be more corrupt? a court with judges from across the commonwealth or a court made up of judges from Jamaica which is easily one of the most currupt countries on earth.

In 3% of cases judge against is used

There should be a similar commission for dealing with complaints against judges.

There is urgency to set up a mechanism where complaints against judges can be dealt with.

In 3% of cases judge among is used

A completely new awareness is developing among judges that they belong to an international judiciary community, as informal as it is real.

However, the Law Reform Committee's survey has shown considerable reluctance among judges to deal with these associated matters during domestic violence proceedings.

The judge who was reputed to know the most (among judges) about the internet appears to have stopped posting after he was caught out posting anonymously and defending his decisions.

In 3% of cases judge from is used

The verdict in the second trial, which began in April 2012, is expected from Judge Melvyn Green on December 4, 2012.

In 2% of cases judge as is used

We're acting as judge, jury and executioner now.

The winner is determined by a player acting as judge.

In 2% of cases judge in is used

In Judges, He gives power to fight battles.

His partners believed he got extremely lucky in judge assignments.

Guess what? Last week there was a hearing in Judge Karen Brown's U.

They also record depositions in attorneys ' offices and some conferences in judges ' chambers.

In the meantime, Interim Administrative Director of the Courts Jody Patel will continue in her current role to assist in Judge Jahr's transition.

Of this nature is the Word of God, the majesty of which has been recognized and revered not only by the pious, but also sometimes by the impious, as we read in Judges of Eglon, king of the Moabites.

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