Prepositions used with "corporation"

of, by, for, in or to corporation?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases corporation of is used

Power of Corporation to make rules 44.

Imagine if 5% of corporations gave 1% of their revenue to help fight global issues.

Decisions taken in the meeting of Corporation and its various Committees are available.

Let our governmnet leaders walk out and learn the management of corporations in Russia.

His insights were sought by a range of corporations seeking to boost sales and profits.

Single payer would be better in that it breaks the bond of corporations providing coverage.

The crudest thing of all in this story is the tilt in this country in favor of corporations.

Are you a mod? Excellent suggestion from Philly on the Separation of Corporations and State.

And that itself may be what fuels the power of corporations in the first place--monopolizing poverty.

They are promoted to increase the power of government and the power and profitability of corporations.

In 15% of cases corporation by is used

Trends and megatrends are manufactured, engineered by corporations.

These resources are given by corporations that benefit from the party's guidelines.

These resources are given by corporations that benefit from the party's guidelines.

It was a feeling many celebrities had as their names were replaced by corporations at tournaments.

And also keep in mind that University studies are often funded by corporations like the Koch Bros.

Libel laws are used by corporations and associations to squash any criticism and manage their brand.

Testing, that is programmed by corporations (who also are making millions on the creation and giving of the test).

Other measures can include restricting borrowing by corporations so that only exporters can borrow internationally.

Phase 4 (2000 -- 04 ): The system again reached a crisis point due to the massive volume of excess debt held by corporations.

Risks once borne by corporations and the government, Hacker noted, like unplanned health costs, are now the responsibility of Mom and Pop.

In 13% of cases corporation for is used

What he is doing is admitting that he'll be working for Corporations.

What it really means is more freedom for corporations to make profit.

Attracts overseas business for corporations dealing with international trade.

But oceans and air and water and forests are not for corporations ' stakeholders.

Subcontracting is a classic way for corporations to evade responsibility and cut costs.

GOOD LUCK! NHS privatization is a symptom of how globalization is working for corporations and not for people.

AkzoNobel is leading the way for corporations to better take part in supporting students ' social practice activities.

There are ways to begin to fix this, eliminating tax cuts for corporations and upper 2% and major reduction in the DOD budget (it has ballooned out of control).

It has become easier for corporations to move their investments from one country to another, but in most cases this involves the active support of national governments.

In 13% of cases corporation in is used

However, the coalition's existing cuts in corporation tax are set to cost the country 2.

He was giving back less than 40% in corporation tax of what he took from the ACT change.

I know that ACT abolition was a yearly event but so was the reduction in corporation tax.

The cities were awash in corporations and merchants attempting to sell Olympic-related wares.

It found Starbucks had made over 3bn in UK sales since 1998 but had paid less than 1% in corporation tax.

ACT had a positive effect in the short run but the reduction in corporation tax was expected to balance this out over time.

We need taxes on dividends, higher capital gains taxes and a graduated increase in corporation tax whilst implementing structural reforms.

He decided to log into Facebook, which paid 238,000 in corporation tax in 2011 on UK revenue of 175m, to discuss the issues with his friends.

In 13% of cases corporation to is used

They sell high end technical goods and services to corporations and businesses.

Our government gives handouts to corporations that make promises and often don't keep.

Our government gives handouts to corporations that make promises and often don't keep the.

Tax breaks given to corporations and wealthy businesses have starved the government 15 billion.

If the power is taken away from you and handed over to corporations or international organisations.

Strangely, many (though not all) have no objections to corporations intervening in the marketplace.

Deliberate policy to disempower the working class and hand over the State to corporations and bankers.

Then awards were presented to corporations and individuals for their commitment to the fight against autism and PD.

But rather than leave it to corporations, the US government must take the initiative to prosecute future purveyors of violence.

I'd sure they'd consider selling off our roads and highways to corporations if they thought they could make a profit off of them.

In 3% of cases corporation from is used

The Council does not accept money from corporations or governments, and is sustained.

Tax Privileges and Planning Procedures DDDA is exempted from Corporation Tax under S220 and Capital Gains Tax under S610 of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.

Among them is a commitment to reduce corporation tax to 23% by April 2014 and exempting UK resident companies from corporation tax on all profits for their foreign branches.

In 3% of cases corporation on is used

The others all focused only on corporations.

They also support an end to the tax breaks on corporations.

If I remember correctly, taxes on corporations were considerably higher when those R &D; tax-breaks were most effective.

In 2% of cases corporation like is used

They are run like corporations, with pressures on getting the results up up up.

He also estimates how much additional tax revenue would be generated if religions were taxed like corporations.

Things like corporations being treated like individuals, animal rights, illegal foreclosures, no arrests for bank execs who did clearly illegal things, etc.

In 1% of cases corporation including is used

I suspect that there are many others, including corporations, feeling the same way.

The projects span virtually all continents and are being led by or involve a range of stakeholders -- including corporations, civil society organizations, and public authorities.

In 1% of cases corporation with is used

The conversation they've started with corporations in B.

Her group and others like it survive largely on government grants, with corporations, foundations, and individual donors filling in gaps.

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