Prepositions used with "phenomenon"

of, by, for, behind or in phenomenon?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases phenomenon of is used

This kind of phenomenon never existed before the Gulf War.

Qualia The problem of phenomenal qualities has puzzled philosophers for centuries.

Any girls backpack/purse consists of phenomena in addition to kind as well as efficiency.

A child is born into a world of phenomena all equal in their power to enslave, Dysart says.

So no doubt, as our computing skills and speed improve, a lot of phenomena would enter the domain of ' predictable '.

I experienced this type of phenomenon many years ago, I was scared about it at first, just like everyone else who hits it for the first time.

Otto goes on to identify and discuss a series of phenomena he associates with the earliest expressions of the human predisposition for religion.

There is really no division between the inner and the outer world -- the self, existing in the world of phenomena, is but another phenomenon itself.

The type of condition known as insulin resistant diabetes is different from even this type of phenomenon, although it is still classed as a type 2 condition.

The crisis manifests itself, on the surface, in an entire range of phenomena which have already achieved the status of nationally acknowledged social problems.

In 5% of cases phenomenon by is used

Yet even with this considered, the best guess is that around 60 per cent of the decline over the satellite era is forced by phenomena outside the system - like anthropogenic emissions.

In the above problem, much of the noise is produced by phenomena known as vortex shedding caused by air flowing around the string, creating patterns of high and low pressure that produce sound waves.

In 5% of cases phenomenon for is used

In these domains you must account for phenomena such as self-fulfilling or self-cancelling prophecies.

In 3% of cases phenomenon behind is used

He wants to understand the universe; to get behind phenomena and operation and solve the logically prior riddles of being, knowledge, and value.

In 3% of cases phenomenon in is used

Scientists see patterns in phenomena as making the world understandable; engineers also see them as making the world manipulable.

In 3% of cases phenomenon to is used

We know that if we form attachments to phenomena, there really will be suffering.

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