Prepositions used with "choice"

of, by, for, about or in choice?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases choice of is used

It's totally a matter of choice.

That is my language of choice now.

Soccer became their sports of choice.

Thankfully, for now at least, I don't have to discard my email client of choice, Gmail.

With so much of choice you just need to pick the one that suits the style of your home.

Removing women's choice to protect freedom of choice makes as much sense as censorship to protect freedom of speech.

Doxycycline is recommended as the treatment of choice for patients who are suspected to have symptomatic HGA (A-II).

They also organise social events and activities for students so you'll never be shy of choice on what to do at Nido.

I like to claim that kangaroo has been the red meat of choice amongst the Australian dining public for 40,000 years.

In 9% of cases choice by is used

It is by choice and not by luck.

I am one of the 47%, but not by choice.

The gap is caused by choices women make.

Is that so wrong? Also, there's a stigma attached to people who are childless by choice.

He Jesus who is righteous by choice said, ' The only way I can stop sin is by Me becoming it.

A Christian by choice and willingness intends to do what's right unto God, others and for self.

Consent is defined as agreement by choice on the part of a person who has? freedom and capacity to make that choice?

You may say that you had to do something, or that you were forced to, but actually, whatever you do, you do by choice.

Women who wear the veil by choice are innovative, creative and able to tailor the hijab to suit their individual lifestyles.

In the Winter these people are becoming completely nocturnal by choice because nobody wants to work out less than a couple of hours before bed.

In 6% of cases choice for is used

Consumers and the ability for choice, their way.

Education For Choice's work is focused on the word choice.

Observing the problems of the recent past in the country, Imran is stuck for choices.

Here the listener is spoilt for choice and can choose freely according to personal taste.

Be warned, you will find yourself seriously spoilt for choice when choosing a dog collar.

Eating facilities excellent, but spoilt for choice by proximity of so many other eateries.

Today, the market's flooded with mobile apps -- we're so spoilt for choice! And it's not just games.

You'll probably be better off swallowing the shipping and looking to the US or Canada for choice pieces.

The losing factor is all the kids who already know they won't because their parents are not good role models for choice.

Yet, there is no denying there is already a big market where availability is concerned and consumers are not lacking for choice.

In 3% of cases choice about is used

It really is all about choices.

Remember its all about choices.

They are about choice, not decisions.

We have failed to teach them about choice and courage.

But let's stop saying we are sacrificing things when it is all about choice.

Romney disagrees with both, which is also fine since elections are about choice.

If I said the same thing about choice of television shows or music, would it be any more valid.

The Democrats say it is time to talk about choices and to put such choices about taxation and revenue raising to Australians.

For example, what providers other than Virgin might be an option for Surrey residents? After all, it's about choice, isn't it? The answer, again, is none.

Being a renowned producer/director with many actresses to make a choice from as a bachelor, how come you ended up marrying one who is not an actress? Chico: Life is about choices.

In 1% of cases choice in is used

Most pro-aborts aren't really interested in choice.

Independent research in Choice in 2000 found personal hands-free kits used normally with the earpiece cable hanging naturally from the ear, reduce exposure by around 92 per cent.

For example, hotel award stays count toward elite status in Choice Privileges and Hilton HHonors while most programs do not count award stays in your total stays toward earning elite.

In 1% of cases choice on is used

But Australia's success will be based on choice, not chance.

Prices enable us to focus on choices that are more realistic for our situation.

The emphasis on choice was something that was repeated ad nauseam by ministers in an attempt to sugar the bitterest aspects of the Bill.

There are five different endings but which one you get is entirely dependent on choices made in the last chapter so you can easily reload a save and see what changes if you so please.

In 1% of cases choice through is used

Unless you are a practising satanist through choice and beliefs than music.

We found it by chance surfing the net but would go definitely again through choice.

In 1% of cases choice to is used

It is not an easy to choice to make.

Her freedom to choice for her mate is considered immoral.

I believe in individual liberty, both when it comes to choices and economic opportunity.

Seatbelts could also be left to choice but it is regarded as more important than an individual right.

I think I'd in the transhumanist camp when it comes to choices, for I'd radically in favor for them.

Consumers have the right to choices, and they know what they are buying when they purchase Samsung products.

In 1% of cases choice with is used

Food aplenty here - with choice of local, fast food and cafe chains.

The desperate tricks taking place behind the scenes all have their roots in money and are nothing to do with choice.

You'll have most of the outdated toolbars together with choices anyone bear in mind just after putting in the amazing system.

With choice of tables inside and outside it is a perfect place to enjoy a meal, city skyline view and glorious Brisbane weather.

Ultimately, I think a lack of clarity on these points makes it harder for the old school movement to make its case and thrive, particularly in a hobby that's over-saturated with choices.

World Neighbors sees family planning as part of a wider program approach to reproductive health, with the emphasis on health and well being, providing people with choices and empowering women.

In 1% of cases choice without is used

The healthy have the luxury of a life without choices, a gift most people take for granted.

Because however good this kind of affirmation might feel in the short term, he senses that love without choice, and love without truth, isn? t really love.

It is inhumane to cause a child, without choice, to look for food or get a job rather than go to pursue an education and better themselves and follow a dream.

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