Prepositions used with "bridge"

"of bridge" or "under bridge"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases bridge of is used

The partner was also mother of Bridge's son.

Lim serves as the Chairman of Bridge Alliance.

About 20 km out we had to pass over a number of bridges (and islands) to make it to Fredericton.

Orwell's Law of Bridge: All bridge hands are equally likely, but some are more equally likely than others.

You will safely pass through the beams, cross various types of bridges and two footpaths while moving along the rockface.

Much of our page 13 happiness depends upon the building of bridges between our own lives and those in our significant circle.

At the same time, a great friend of Bridges of Faith and of mine has spent time inside the State Department in Washington DC.

The role of bridge bonding in order to enhance the self-leveling / adhesive and the close integration of the grass-roots level.

As the rest of the group became involved in a game of bridge, the Governor and I sought out our spot by the corner of the cabin.

It's been reduced even further now by the construction, by the Japanese Government, of bridges crossing the rivers along the route.

In 16% of cases bridge under is used

Mr Cook has shown unequivocally you all up for the ugly under bridge dwellers you are.

Faeces is found everywhere, more especially around our water bodies, beaches, bushes, open spaces, gutters, refuse dumps, under bridges and channels, uncompleted buildings and backyards.

Some people in our country (and around the world) already have to by no choice of their own because they can't find work, and end up living under bridges, in old shacks, and under cardboard.

While I was here on the streets I was living under bridges, I was living under some really rough places where there have been a lot of people that just hang around for drugs and that and cigarettes.

In 12% of cases bridge to is used

The damage to bridges made much of the road system inaccessible.

One issue that policymakers should grapple with is: what is a need in terms of highway funding? Infrastructure repairs to bridges and roads are necessary.

From parking lots to park trails to bridges, these ubiquitous lights permeate our night lives and go largely unnoticed by the sustainability-inclined city dweller.

Here pilots reported destruction of a score or more trucks and a couple of tanks and damage to bridges and rolling stock, and described control procedures as varying from very good to very bad.

In 9% of cases bridge over is used

I'd very happy knowing I have Bridge, Flash, SMS over Bridge, and a couple other things I can do with the Playbook.

M5 J9 to J10 &; M5 J13 to J14Pier protection works to two over bridges on the M5 commenced 14 February for 6 weeks.

The Tree Top Trail, a canopy tour along a zip wire through woodland and over bridges, is designed specially for children but under 6s must be accompanied by adults.

In 6% of cases bridge by is used

Nendrum Monastic Site is a beautiful island accessible by bridges, with dry stone walls, heavenly views and a guide &; site display.

Many of the palaeoclimate studies by BRIDGE (one of my research groups) and others show that simulators do not respond much to change when compared with reconstructions of the past.

In 6% of cases bridge for is used

For Bridge, the early start means that the 2009 is, he says, maybe bit more old fashioned, with its big brooding tannins and muscular fruit.

For Bridge, it's the fastest growing Port category around the world, including in France (which market is well known for its love of entry level tawnies).

In 6% of cases bridge on is used

On bridges, it will be approximately 1.

In Cork city the Gourmet Burger Bistro on Bridge Street offers a 5.

On the east coast, on 4 July, Juneau and Black Swan worked up and down the shore between Samchok and Chumunjin, firing on bridges and on the coastal road.

In 5% of cases bridge At is used

At bridge 9, when you are still in open country, a sign instructs boats over 45ft to wind.

Where is everyone? No boats tied at Bridge 68, either, so we had a choice of mooring spot; we picked a straight stretch in the sun, opposite the pig farm.

This costs? 65 (? 100 for external candidates) and can be booked (and taken) at Bridge Mills Galway Langauge Centre at the time of registration for CELT TEFL courses.

In 4% of cases bridge from is used

You can also get electrocuted if you fly a kite or dangle things from bridges near the overhead power lines.

They can flatten a forest in seconds and the wind blast that accompanies them can rip the concrete from bridges.

In 4% of cases bridge with is used

But my spasmodic, lukewarm association with bridge or canasta in previous years had brought me little joy and my part- ners much pain.

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