Prepositions used with "brand"

"of brand" or "For brand"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases brand of is used

Selection of brand unattainable.

It can become the same kind of brand.

Chairman of Brand Wicklow, Joe Murphy.

In marketing terms, Obama appeared a ' fresh ' brand against the ' dullness ' of Brand Romney.

Understand the role of brand management Expert brand management is essential to any business brand.

Most probably you had never heard of SCA but you must have used some of their products, they have hundreds of brands.

This substance can often cause irritation for many women, but there are a lot of brands that do not contain this pigment.

Awareness of brand standards would finally improve return to brand category and can be obtained as stated in the action plan.

Here then is the flesh-made word; the visceral, original meaning of brand presented to us by Melbourne artist busa<>aat.

In 21% of cases brand For is used

Now is the time for brands to make their land grab.

This lack of choice can be extremely restrictive for brands.

There is lots of creative potential for brands in the new Timeline format.

Also it'd be better for brands to evoke conversations rather limiting the response to a Like button.

It's not surprising then that Media Mind also argue In-Stream video's usefulness for brand advertisers.

For Emirates it is an extremely cost-effective way of maintaining worldwide exposure for brand Emirates.

The prime task is to brand Bangladesh among the Bangladeshis first; and this is the toughest job for brand strategists.

How to get the word out and acquire more users to download and keep using it are critical issues for brands and agencies.

In terms of fashion watch retailing, SunVic is responsible for brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Jennifer Lopez and Anne Klein.

As such, although a small audience, Smart TV owners are important targets for brand owners and for creating brand partnerships.

In 11% of cases brand with is used

The strategy they have adopted with brand Key is working very well for them.

Consumers still like to connect with brands but just a few brands are actively monitored.

Mom bloggers are much better established in the blogosphere, with brands, and among themselves.

What about the four stripes? To someone over-familiar with brand names and marks -- wonky charm.

I've worked directly with brands, their agencies and publications (print and digital) since 2007,.

How? First, recognize the mood of your users and how it affects the modes in which they relate with brands.

Conversion rates are correlated somewhat with brand perception and the graphic below sums the theory up nicely.

Guberman's vocal gymnastics (the only phrase that does justice to what he does) melded well with Brand's trombone.

Web users in fast-growing markets are more open to engaging with brands on social networks, according to the survey.

Thanks to the Internet, we're getting used to being on a first name basis with brands like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

In 6% of cases brand about is used

It's all about brands here, and the bigger and flashier the mall the better.

A further 60% did not agree that social networks were a good place to learn about brands.

People of more than 45 years old and people with monthly income of less than 1499 yuan don?? t care about brands and are sensitive to price.

Conference topics will reflect the theme, including conversations about brand mobility, business mobility, content mobility and cultural mobility.

We welcome new information regarding changes in ownership, but please remember that headline stories about brands being sold do not usually give all the details of the deal.

We could eventually see the arrival of new financial model systematizing word-of-mouth by rewarding consumers who talk positively OR negatively about brands or local merchants.

What about you? How do you decide which airline to fly? Price? Points? What about brand loyalty? It's something I haven't even mentioned which affects a lot of flyers ' decision making.

We set up embassies on Facebook or Twitter and we have people talking about brands and we are driving conversation and we are also a point at which people can come in and complain, but it's 24-7.

In 6% of cases brand on is used

I fail to understand the notion behind spending a lot of money on brands.

By the way, that medication costs $350 a month because he has to be on brand name.

His work on brands including MiWadi and Club Orange are two good examples of his approach.

I think it'll be games like Farmville, but based on brands, and instead of microtransactions you buy the products to level up or whatever.

The project had moved far enough along that there was staff that worked on brand strategy, advertising, retail planning, and partner marketing.

Great article! We completely agree with trying to research Fan VIP's (or those who engage heavily on Social but also purchase/use product or have high NPS scores on Brand).

Read More Monday, Sep 17, 2012 The challenge of newness - In today's fast-paced world, the pressure on brands to introduce newness to consumers is more apparent than ever.

In order to take a position in the international market, enterprises should increase market share of their products, at the same time, they should beef up investment on brand casting.

In 5% of cases brand to is used

According to SATISFACTION TABLE Return to Brand falls in red zone which means that it needs improvement.

The report's findings indicate there are strong commercial benefits to brands being seen to act responsibly.

Globalisation has led to brands constantly demanding the next big thing, and they want it yesterday morning.

Brazil's emerging consumers will be loyal to brands and products that cater to their unique needs and norms.

Had I won that when I was leading with a few laps to go, I'd be going to Brands Hatch eight points in the lead.

Today, we look at why people buy Smart TVs, and why the characteristics of Smart TV owners are advantageous to brands.

Although they have both declared that Anurag will never direct Kalki again by mutual consent, she renders the glamour touch to Brand Kashyap.

Smart TV owners are more likely to be AB and younger Some of the characteristics of Smart TV households and owners are advantageous to brands.

In 4% of cases brand at is used

Gordon's never won on the Grand Prix circuit at Brands Hatch.

Gordon Shedden with the BTCC trophy at Brands Hatch Shedden again looked to have missed the boat when he was without a drive in 2005.

He was one of the fastest drivers in the field, finishing the season fourth in the championship with two victories at Brands Hatch GP circuit and Silverstone.

The cycling events, rather than take place in Box Hill, Hampton Court and the streets of London and Surrey countryside, will take place at Brands Hatch in Kent.

In addition to great deals on discount designer handbags, bargain hunters may also discover discounts on famous designer apparel and other accessories at Brands Boutique.

Shopping wise I would suggest The Americana at Brand -- Saks, Free People, Sephora anything and everything you could want with a very European ambiance it's actually quite lovely.

At Brands Boutique, bargain hunters have found excellent discount prices on classic handbags including the Gucci vintage aqua blue Jackie O shoulder bag -- the coveted red Birkin bag.

It was a company founded by 1959 and 1960 World F1 Champion Jack Brabham and it was Denis Hulme who gave the new marque its first win with victory in a Formula Junior race at Brands Hatch in 1961.

In 4% of cases brand by is used

But you can't just shop by brand.

Beer should be described by brand, container type (cans, bottles, draft glasses etc.

So considering marketing by brand or other forms, you need to know what your marketing goal is for your site.

However what's even MORE outrageous is that it almost took a year to conceive by brand consultants Wolff Olins.

These new features from Facebook will increase interest and use of social marketing apps by brands, and help them engage with their fans and complete holiday sales within the newsfeed itself.

In 4% of cases brand in is used

As a customer, my belief in brand Vodafone is now weaker than it was before.

If we thought they were, we might be inclined to get ourselves jobs in brand consultancies.

The team's championship aspirations were not fully secure until the final weekend of the season in Brands Hatch.

As participants in Brand Israel, they become complicit in the preservation of the occupation and Israeli apartheid.

In the next part, we'll look at the role of advertising in brand building and why communities is the next logical direction for brands.

Perhaps Google has gotten to the point where it wants to lock in brands and provide the fastest access to them through the sub-links under the first result.

In 3% of cases brand between is used

Couplings are used in a variety of shapes, brands and styles, all of which may vary between brands and seasons.

Conclusion As we move to a converged media world we are now presented with a number of ways to attract new connections between brand and consumer.

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