Prepositions used with "boy"

"of boy" or "For boy"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases boy of is used

In the night my boy's room smelled of boy.

It is about the horribleness of boys: all boys.

Over lunch, I explained to a group of boys that my father was a prince.

Parents of boys describe their babies as stronger, heartier, and bigger than parents of girls.

In a distant part of the building he heard the wild shrieks of boys in the twopenny plunge bath.

Whenever he passed a group of boys playing, he would stop and greet them, joking naturally with them.

They have been formed within specific social contexts - and the research largely undertaken in respect of boys and men.

That comes from a bunch of boys who are united, who are all as one, and who will do absolutely everything for each other.

Gurian, author of the 1996 groundbreaking book The Wonder of Boys and its follow-up The Wonder of Girls, is no anti-feminist.

The workload of FHHs has effects not only on the next generation of girl children, but often also on the next generation of boys.

In 28% of cases boy For is used

Makesue justice is served for boys.

Swishtail's famous school for boys.

Evening school for Boys from six to nine o'clock.

The shops were open 24 hours a day - a great thing for boys from New Zealand at that time.

Lisa says: November 9, 2012 at 2:47 pm Aren't names fun? Brennen? Brandon? Brendon? for boys.

He was removed by the US government because they found out about his perverted taste for boys.

Shopping for boys clothes is comparatively easy because you do not have to wrack your brains to find shades which are matching.

He received a normal education and after graduating, left to complete his military service (still compulsory for boys at the time).

There is a board book for boys and one for girls that talks about going potty and both my kids loved their gender appropriate book.

We have standards for what separates male and female, and it is now more subconscious than anything (GI Joes for boys, Barbies for girls).

In 11% of cases boy to is used

Posts Related to Boy George has been a spokesperson.

Portmore United are now on 66 points to Boys ' Town's 63.

Standing upright is among the best postures for having to boy.

Caffeinated drinks may help make her cervical oil finer hence or may help out or getting to boy.

There is anecdotal evidence that in practice it is usually given only to boys, but CP of girls is legal.

The show often mentions brainy daughter Alex's awkward approach to boys and lower chance of starting a family.

The percentage of girls to boys in senior secondary school enrollment in fact has now come to be skewed in favour of girls.

The relief in returning to boys ' clothes at Monday lunchtime was tempered by the teasing he continued to receive afterward.

Or marry the partners have not idea of tips on conceiving to boy by following different positions, they can search the internet about this.

It highlights that there are many varied reasons and theories to explain why girls do better in the educational system when compared to boys.

In 10% of cases boy with is used

The one thing he made a point of talking to her about was interaction with boys.

There should be some way to screw such ladies, who cheat husbands and go with boy friends.

I can not understand this obsessive fascination with a man who wanted to have sex with boys.

I also have not speculated nor taken the time to learn about his supposed ' obsession with boys '.

I spied a meme over on Love, Life and Living with Boys yesterday that took my fancy, Mummy Mugshot.

I was one of those girls obsessed with boys and Buy Global Delight Voila 3 MAC relationships and sex.

It is especially popular with boys around the age of four to want to be superman or another warlike hero.

You would form close friendships with boys in elementary school, friendships that were intense for any 10-year-old to have, let alone a male.

He said the couple objected to their daughter socialising with girls from the white community, wearing western clothes and having contact with boys.

For girls, it might start during teenage or even before, and with boys, it is most probably well-set in motion by the time they're in their twenties.

In 6% of cases boy in is used

I know she is interested in boys.

The momentum swung in Boys ' Town's favour as they.

This was frequently concomitant with hyperhidrosis as well as puberty in boys.

There is heaps and heaps of evidence for that, and none at all for his supposed sexual interest in boys.

Over time I got over my fears and now when I'd in boy mode I will tell SAs that I am shopping for myself.

Your dog is of course the 12th man in boys fuses chosen along with the business tennis arena of recognition.

Teachers need to have a higher index of suspicion around language competence in boys who display challenging behaviour.

After her mother's death when she was just 14, Teresa went through a spell of being very interested in boys and clothes.

Autism is four times more prevalent in boys than girls, however, it occurs in a variety of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.

Conditions that affect both sexes, but are more prevalent in boys, include congenital heart diseases, oesophageal defects and kidney cysts.

In 4% of cases boy on is used

Hopeful players knocked on boys ' soccer coach Youssef Darbaki's door throughout the day seeking an update.

Girls ' sports, for instance, are proliferating in the wake of legislation that requires schools and colleges to spend as much on them as on boys '.

Place value on boys ' interests and the knowledge which they already have by encouraging them to write about their hobbies, favorite topics or other activities.

I thought having a 6 ' 4? keeper took care of that, or maybe a few 6 ' 3? defenders, move on boys and stick a few in their goal area then convert them, fight fire with fire.

In 3% of cases boy about is used

Yeah, I write a lot of songs about boys.

To me, this merely adds QED to what I was saying about boys ' gangs.

An 18 year old singing about boys and the troubles they bring? Sounds like an instant gateway for a whole bunch of teenagers looking for a bit of comfort.

In 2% of cases boy between is used

The key thing we learned between boy 1 and 2 was to skip the little potty chair.

A bit later in development there are vast and robust differences between boys and girls, seen all over the world.

In 2% of cases boy by is used

The First Time lyric by Boys Like Girls also available after the jump.

In 2% of cases boy like is used

Like boys, girls should also be brought up and trained with pleasure and religious satisfaction.

Part of the time it makes middle school they looked like boy scouts! the teachers were yelling at them not to smile.

In addition to all the foregoing reasons, physical education has come a far way in Jamaica and we are fortunate to have a program in our schools and events like Boys ' and Girls ' Champs.

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