Prepositions used with "box"

"of box" or "in box"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases box of is used

Right now we're just selling out of boxes.

Estimate the number of boxes for moving you will need by using a moving calculator.

Square arithmagons can be solved when opposite pairs of box numbers have the same total.

I for one have to completely agree and this is from somebody who is not a big fan of box sets.

The recommended minimum floor sizes for various types of boxes are: ponies - 3 m x 3 m horses - 3.

This property specifies the content width of boxes generated by block-level and replaced elements.

After all: I know what the cover looks like; -) Packing Upon Robin's return to San Francisco, a mountain of boxes greeted him.

And yet he's not remotely offended by the suggestion that they represent, in the nicest possible way, the sound of boxes being ticked.

At the end of the day, manufacturers want to see lots of boxes going out the factory door, ideally with a healthy profit attached to each one.

Task 11 Write and explain a rule to find the value of the circle number immediately ahead of the first box number in a sequence of box numbers, b1, b2,.

In 27% of cases box in is used

Sometimes at night I would pack them in boxes.

All dialog is shown in boxes overlaid on the comic panels.

Ship them in box cars (WLMR!) to the USA to work there as illegals.

Dark Knight and Avengers both made a billion dollars in box office alone.

The profile of a physician at high risk for suicide is shown in Box 2 21.

They?? re sitting in boxes on my office floor that occasionally call out to me.

I worked with an Agency, and they put my income in box 81 (though I paid tax/CPP etc).

I call it a box set, because it's all a bunch of master tapes in boxes at the moment.

Pack all frozen food in boxes beforehand, then place the boxes back inside your freezer.

Send is normally vision very important through commercial comprehension secured interior many in boxes.

In 8% of cases box at is used

First jthj did nt start good at box office.

At Box Hill on Saturday, I was a spectator in the tiicketed area.

Stein says that in 2009, he realized that Box was going to be a multibillion company.

For all the movie mentioned by Pinkvilla Boy which movie raked moolah at box office? **40;6055;TOOLONG.

For all the movie mentioned by Pinkvilla Boy which movie raked moolah at box office? **40;6126;TOOLONG.

He says that Box roughly phone screens 100 people to find ten to interview on site to make 1 to 2 offers.

Smith adds that Box also plans to build data centers in additional countries in the world, and sees international markets as a huge growth area for the company.

In Tinsel Town, moguls gnash their teeth and directors consult astrologers while investors shovel money at box office stars in a never-ending attempt to make their movies huge hits.

As Box's COO Dan Levin explains, the company needs to find people who are not only good at their job but also reinforce the entrepreneurial, product-driven, fast-paced culture at Box.

And that's exactly what Box co-founders Dylan Smith and Aaron Levie were thinking when they showed up to Mike's house in early February 2006 for the Naked Conversations TechCrunch Party.

In 7% of cases box down is used

When I then click on the top left button which brings up the drop down box.

This is the order that your typed in answers will appear in the drop down box.

When the ' My Account ' page appears you can select the appropriate account from the drop down box.

In 7% of cases box for is used

Kyle Cheney: Has looked a class above in every game this year for Box Hill.

At that point, it made sense for Box to raise another round, with this one totaling $81 million.

Yue Guofeng, said the solution for box calculation, APP Search function is to identify the user needs.

He had put up growth projections and goals for Box, and while Andreessen said this data was positive, he asked Levie a thought-provoking question.

From Research Paper To Funding The idea for Box originated from a research project that Levie, who was then a college student at USC, was working on in 2004.

If you have a ticket for the Road Race, go to the visitor information pages for Box Hill or The Mall When is it? The Cycling Road Race events take place on the first weekend of the Olympic Games.

In 5% of cases box to is used

In Surrey, the section of the route from Hampton Court to Box Hill (including the Box Hill loop) will close from 4am.

Turns out I alone don't share that opinion, because according to box office figures, The Avengers movie just grossed over $1.

If you're planning on going to Box Hill, please be aware that there is limited capacity so you may be turned away if areas are full.

The addition of admin controls and security played into the needs of big companies, and CIOs started to actually pay attention to Box.

More contentiously, Locog has decided to charge 15 for tickets to Box Hill for the main climb on the cycling road race, a major highlight of the opening weekend as Mark Cavendish aims for gold.

In 5% of cases box with is used

We end up with boxes, bins, and bags of paper.

Web sites abound with box office data, production costs, profit estimates etc.

The goal did little to open the game up, with Box Hill going to the first break without registering a goal.

Why do I say this? Rural health centers all throughout the country are supplied with boxes of condoms and pills.

Look in your garage -- a double garage is roughly a $25,000 structure, and people fill them with boxes of junk that might get a couple hundred dollars in a yard sale.

In 4% of cases box by is used

There is a # mark of course with this claim which reveals that this is cloud storage provided by Box.

She was surrounded by boxes that needed unpacking, and after the movers left, she was alone to unpack and organize her surroundings.

The Garden has a bamboo crescent as a backdrop representing a distant forest, with a giant bonsai tree in front to represent Mount Fuji which is surrounded by box balls, a low cloud.

In 4% of cases box up is used

Immediately you do so, a pop up box like the one in the image above will appear.

In the pop up box you have, play around with the options but make sure you have ' Preview ' checked so that you see the effects.

Swap over to the Border Tab in the say pop up box as we wish to keep it as easy as possible to find any CSS Style changes we are also going to create the border on B(i) cell.

In 3% of cases box on is used

Good luck making use of that 50GB storage on Box.

Check our Order Boxes page for information on box sizes and recommended loads.

It went back the day after the purchase and I explained there was fault on box, but I was told to go away as I just needed to get used to it.

The London 2012 cycle race, held on Box Hill, for example was discussed at the time because it is has a zig zag, winding road (with some high hedges preventing visibility and near 180 degree turns).

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