Prepositions used with "book"

"of book" or "to book"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases book of is used

I'd in favour of all kinds of books.

People are getting rid of bookshelves.

You deserve a man who smells of books.

I had never heard of the book or the author prior to seeing the book in a stack of books.

I had never heard of the book or the author prior to seeing the book in a stack of books.

Full text online for a huge number of books, including such things as the World Factbook.

The involvement of the Mandalorians in the Legacy of the Force series of books has certainly been an interesting one.

Attendance improved or there was a marked increase in the number of books read; whatever was being paid for improved.

Patrick Jones often posts a list of books that make Quick Picks and BBYA saying those are the true cream of the crop.

The author shows that only 5 % of books from 2000-2009 were translated into Chinese (into Arabic is even more dismal).

In 24% of cases book to is used

I want to book a date/time slot.

It is essential to book in advance.

Be sure to book in advance as they re.

When it comes to books, we're talking about a professional polish and it having appeal.

There have been many other deaths in custody but no one has been brought to book so far.

A good place to start is to book onto as many training courses with your dog as possible.

Parking Limited parking spaces are available at HEAnet's offices at no charge, please call in advance to book a space.

First level status, Gold, allows members to book 50 days in advance compared to the normal 30 days (for stays in the U.

But in that case you have to book a cab ahead which will pick you up from Dalgaon (35 kms away from Holong) rail station.

The customer's time is valuable and by showing respect for their time, you'll have an opportunity to book another meeting.

In 11% of cases book in is used

In book one, Ramses is a teenager.

On the matter of perceived value in books.

On the matter of perceived value in books.

As a child, I was naturally literate in the symbols and imagery used in books and film.

She drew in books (OOPS ), and on comics, and on any odd scraps of paper she could find.

They say that something like only Share this: My taste in books is odd to say the least.

For the moment, it seems like many birders use either field guides in book form or both a book and an field guide app.

Highlighting And Short Notes While preparing for exams I am used to make short notes and highlight important stuff in books.

Highlighting And Short Notes While preparing for exams I am used to make short notes and highlight important stuff in books.

One can learn from octopuses in books and even on film, but it can never replace an encounter with a live octopus under water.

In 6% of cases book for is used

If there were a Spotify for books.

We do have our own awards, after all, especially for books.

He works in publishing and has a special affection for books.

Grocery store shopping centers are generally poor locations for bookstores of any kind.

I had been searching for books listed on the All-TIME 100 best English-language novels.

L ooking for books about teddy bears or rainbows or feelings? You're at the wrong place.

With such strict censorship in place, many mainland readers flock to Hong Kong for books they can not buy back home.

If you're a reader at all, you're it by now, and there is a kind of passion for books that readers have at that age.

For books, whose disappearance the digitization of La lyre exile seemed to presage, have played an immense part in my life.

Another justification for deacquisitioning is the need for space, not only for computer terminals, but also for books themselves.

In 4% of cases book from is used

The philosophy differs from book to book.

The secret - steal names from books &; TV.

Costs Costs vary from book collection to book collection.

Wang hopes to get inspiration from books that are forbidden by the propaganda department.

My niece (who was flower girl) was a great help tea staining the pages from books for me.

Do nt care for the movies made from books usually -so again, where do I fit in?? Im 42 and.

An increasing number of people are using Word to prepare material for all types of publications, from books to community newsletters.

This question is taken from book named -- A Self Learning Manual -- Mastering Different Fields of Civil Engineering Works (VC-Q-A-Method) by Vincent T.

The teacher assumes the role of a facilitator and guides the students to arrive at a conclusion by using the theories that they have learned from books.

So my conclusion is that: I'd like to think that I can learn all this from books or online, but in reality, what works for me, is learning from a real, live person.

In 4% of cases book with is used

That's a building with books in it.

She walked to the building with books.

D's are like a donkey loaded with Books.

I've filled it with books and it now adds a weight and more of a purpose to the room.

The trend was started in the 80s with books like In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters.

Immersion with other people? Immersion with books? Q : Immersion in terms of soaking up life.

What the hell do we need with book learnin ' anyway? Leads to socialism, the break up of families, and women in positions of power.

And, because the one joy in Josephine? s life is grammar, her library is filled with books on proper word usage, tense and spelling.

Today, there are a plethora of theories and strategies for reaching excellence, and business libraries are filled with books about them.

The car was packed to the gunnels with books, goodie bags, raffle boxes, tins of sweets and more, with just enough space for a few clothes.

In 2% of cases book about is used

And the cool thing about books is that they enjoy tremendous economies of scale.

Because she's engaged, effervescent and 110% passionate about books, writing and publishing.

Forget about books on dieting, home economics, and etiquette; these just don't do well in used book stores.

We sat ' near ' each other for lunch and I thought he was very generous with his tips and information about book writing and blogging.

And when asked about books that inspire them, they cite writings that are practical, at times poetic, and that beckon them to rescue the land.

Since the turn of the century, many citizens continue to hear about books, and some people even own them, but this is generally for decorative purposes.

One of Booked Up ' s successes has been stimulating excitement about books, encouraging library use and helping with the induction to reading at secondary school level.

At Least You're In Tuscany (Gemelli Press) by Jennifer Criswell Why am I writing about book set in Tuscany on a site dedicated to Abruzzo? Well it's set in Montepulciano.

In 2% of cases book on is used

Books are also stacked on the floor and on book trucks.

Save money on books by waiting to buy books until class starts.

NO VAT ON BOOKS!!! And publishers/authors need to be less greedyi.

Seriously, get me started on books and you will not get me to shut up.

A catalogue card is an information system of cards on books or journals.

On each side of the corridor, there exists a cabinet box for catalogues on books.

For UK and EU customers prices are subject of VAT at 20%, except on books and children items.

This is the place to share my thoughts on books I read, and to reflect on my writing process.

If you put free books outside, cookbooks will be gone in the first hour and other non-fiction books will sit there for weeks.

Mrs Simpson Miller: Mr Speaker, the tax on computers and on books sends only one message to the youth of Jamaica and their families.

In 1% of cases book at is used

Look at books with your toddler often.

He will like looking at books and have the ability to turn the pages himself.

Throughout the proceedings, the government was able to acquire the companies ' landholdings at book value.

She consulted me to learn how to speak with ease and confidence about her work at book launches and networking events.

At book's end, she briefly -- and with great dignity -- touches on her cancer and how it changed her perspective for the better.

And then Rachel (A Home Between Pages) posted a fantastic pre-election reading guide over at Book Riot, which fueled my politic junkie fires even further.

Even if you go the way of a traditional publisher they are only gong to spend so much money on promoting a book before is shows up in the remainders section at Book Expo.

Do not allow the child to look at books that contain love stories, stories that are contrary to the Shar? ah, stories that are obscene or that have no benefit, love poems, etc.

Or is it? Having thought that I had finished this series at book 15, it seemed a little daunting to start book 16, but I've made it my mission to finish this book as soon as possible.

In 1% of cases book through is used

And it has a heavy resonance through book #4, Season Of Mists.

While I can learn through books, I learn best through hands on training.

Sometimes I didn't buy a thing but just browsing through books was very much like finding a hidden treasure.

I remember how as a kid I would pore through books and if a particular fish caught my eye, I would try and get it.

And at the rate I'd going through books now, I think this is something that I can definitely accomplish without a hitch.

The writer had effectively projected the sequences in the film through book, but somewhere somehow certain part were stretched.

To be able to connect with another culture -- through books, newspapers, TV, websites and, of course, through conversations, can give you a lot of pleasure.

Keep expanding as a particular person via reading through books, sharing tales with liked types or taking pleasure in a excellent previous motion picture now and then.

Looking through books on poetry technique one will see examples of alliteration and repeated vowel sounds (the mournfulness of long ' o's or ' u 's, the precision of ' t 's).

Thursday was International Library Day, where we got to learn about 22 different countries through books and interactive stations set up by the parent community in our library.

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