Prepositions used with "body"

"of body" or "in body"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases body of is used

This is the dance of body-image.

The number of bodies is immaterial.

It was like an out of body experience.

He also studied the movement of bodies in a resisting medium using Newton ' s methods.

As soon as I look at this guy, I have what I can only describe as an out of body experience.

There he (Lord Yamaraja) will decide what kind/type of body that the deceased should receive.

At least transverse seats can act like the old football terrace crowd barriers and moderate the piling up of bodies.

By week 10, the differences in measures of body weight, body fat, and waist size between the CQ-IG combination group vs.

She states: It is misleading, however, to focus exclusively on the physicality of bodies as the repository of violence.

In 17% of cases body in is used

Darth Vader in body and soul is gone.

That in body, soul and spirit they are His.

I feel renewed in soul, in body, and in mind.

Although the placebo group showed no change in body weight, the CQ-IG group lost 4 kg (4.

I'd still very fit in body and mind and the ICL and Stanford tournaments are ideal for me.

Faithfully minister in body and spirit to those in need, leading them to justice and mercy.

If a vehicle has any imperfections in body construction, assembly, paint or parts, it will certainly be discovered here.

Many workplaces test for an inactive THC metabolite that can be stored in body fat and remain detectable weeks after use.

Whatever bad deed one may do -- in body, speech, or in mind -- one can not hide it: an ascribed to one who has seen the Way.

We the people are thoroughly tired in body but fired up in spirit from being sold out by you to your other cronies in the 1%.

In 9% of cases body to is used

Individuals will not take time to body it.

The brain is extremely small in relation to body size.

Ordinarily, on a Monday evening I would go to Body Balance.

Remarkably, there exist simple scaling laws relating animal metabolism to body mass.

Fees framework for members appointed to bodies in which the Crown has an interest.

I'd trained to do this, but because I'd not a regular I'd relegated to body searches.

Just like men and women are considered to be from different planets, so are their differences when it comes to body language.

The hominin features of humans are: bipedal upright gait, arms shorter than legs, and a larger brain size relative to body size.

In 8% of cases body with is used

So many women today grapple with body image.

On the whole, women struggle more with body image.

The value is associated with body fat and health risks.

It flipped over in their living room! Filled with body parts! You reveal your own bias.

Formats Book Description Publication Date: November 12, 2003 So many women today grapple with body image.

I love it when cartoonists mess with body proportions it makes the character more appealing and memorable.

As with body weight, the placebo group showed no significant change in %-body fat after 4 weeks whereas the CQ-IG group lost 3.

The Mara of everyday language is conceived as a kind of monster with body, face, and eyes of repulsive and terrifying appearance.

He should serve him with devotion for getting one's position, ashram, caste and pray him with body, senses, money, son, wife, etc.

Pearson product moment correlation was used to determine associations among EATS-26, BSQ-16, and RSE and CES-D with body image perception.

In 7% of cases body for is used

Additional ships were also sent out to look for bodies.

Top Workout Formulas Intended For Body Builders By: Ted Jennette.

How To Make My Own Workout Routines For Bodybuilding? By: Lonnie Pannone.

Making these assumptions, freezing rates for bodies of simple shapes can be calculated.

Working outdoors and contact with mother earth, have also healing properties for body and mind.

This subconsciously highlights his genital region and says that he is virile! Watch out for body positioning.

Nicholas but the holy Christ Child gives us all good things for body and soul, and He alone it is whom we ought to call upon.

Whether you decide for body or facial one the secret to look confident is to know what your real purpose is with these accessories.

Neither is there salvation in any other - No kind of healing, whether for body or soul, can come through any but him who is called Jesus.

In 4% of cases body on is used

Invest in a decent book on body language to help you learn how to accurately read her.

Low doses, up to 60 mg/kg bw/day did not show any effect on body weight 21, 73, 76, 91.

Much of the city was created on bodies of water, much like certain parts of New York.

So far there has been a lot of focus on body shape and movement But like I said, things are getting more intense now.

Perhaps, she is yet to see the lifestyle benefits of controlling her weight, rather than just focusing solely on body shape.

It is accepted that it may not be possible for a member having worked 6 hours in one day on body business to return to other paid work.

Being the most powerful cricketing body in the world, it remains untouched and in a position to impose its views on bodies of similar if not bigger stature.

This emphasis on body parts such as the hip and the sensuality depicted in dancehall dance moves are linked to a longer tradition of dance in Africa and its diaspora.

Respiration was assessed using a flexible strain gauge that was placed on the chest or abdomen depending on body type in order to avoid interfering with the EGG electrodes.

In 3% of cases body about is used

Learn about body language and act and interpret accordingly.

We also started our new unit about body parts and the mosaic.

It's mostly about body toning, and some skin flaws like cellulite and stretch marks on my legs.

Don't worry about body pain, this flexible Vibram FiveFingers Classic shoe can stable body while tilted or rough sections.

The new PDF guide includes information about body cleansing the natural way to be used as one aid in pursuing healthy weight loss.

If we are going to talk about bodies, right off the bat we have to acknowledge a fundamental inequality present in these stories themselves.

But when we see the whole deal and can draw our own informed conclusions about body language and other nebulous aspects of a performance it's a different matter.

This piece appeared originally on Eat the Damn Cake, where I blog regularly about body image and other stuff I got married without reading up too much on the whole thing.

Inspired by Peoplewatching, a book about body language by British zoologist Desmond Morris, each track is linked to a quote from the book and intended to explore a different set of emotions.

In 3% of cases body between is used

It is a seamless interface between body and product, lifestyle and life, nature and artifice.

Therefore to differentiate between body, mind and soul, or matter and spirit, is the first step in yoga.

From this he deduced seven rules of motion which described how movements between bodies could be communicated.

Because speed can vary when travel is undertaken between bodies in the universe, time appears to be variable (relative).

The cross-sectional design of the study does not allow a temporal sequence between body dissatisfaction and unhealthy behaviours to be established.

By regulating the autonomous nervous system and governing energy and pulse, breathing forms a direct bridge between body and mind and may be utilized to keep the two in balance.

The efficiency of this barrier varies between body sites: the scrotum is particularly permeable, while the forehead and the dorsa of the hands are more permeable than the trunk and limbs.

In 3% of cases body by is used

The main objective of such weapons, the fight with the enemy, protected by body armor.

Multiverse is just multiple interpretations made by bodies and minds of the conscience (soul or singularity).

The distribution of boxing injuries by body region from the VPBCSB database is similar to the study on injuries in professional boxers in New York in 1988.

After that I did not tell my parents until a few days later and my Dad said it was just the blood circulation in my body cutting off that made by body feel weird.

In 3% of cases body from is used

Karma produces body and from body arises work.

I like the shift in your focus from body image and being thin, to being strong and achieving goals.

You will feel a tingling sensation in the body, as if the consciousness is slowly getting withdrawn from body.

The fact that not all body soaps are created equal is especially a problem for those who suffer from body acne.

It is believed that people who drink camel milk on a regular basis are less prone to suffering from body ailments.

Consideration should be given at the time of reappointment of members to the issue of continued absences from body business.

Payment for Consulting 118 The practice of members or other appointees receiving payments as consultants from bodies to which they are appointed must not take place.

The suggestion given by the Mandukya Upanishad is to take one's consciousness deeper and deeper into the very root of one's personality -- from external sensations, from body etc.

What connection does the body modification community have with the nascent sub-culture of biohackers? Biohackers aren't different from body modifiers at all -- they are a type of body modifier.

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